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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Day at Panasonic Beauty Cafe

Last Thursday was a day well spent at Beauty Cafe by Panasonic Beauty Malaysia. Yours truly along with more than 20 over female bloggers were invited to experience a beauty journey with Panasonic Beauty products. 

Knowing that it was going to be an all-female event made me real excited cos I knew I would be introduced to lots of new beauty innovations by Panasonic, meet many familiar faces and lots of beauty pampering time!

Upon arrival, we were ushered by the oh-so-pretty Panasonic usherettes to take photos at the photo wall, which they printed right away for us to insert into our very own 'Passport to Beauty Journey' booklet! The deal is that once we completed our visits to all 4 stations on Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care and Mobile Beauty, we would be given a mystery gift! 

So prettyyyyyy.

Could this be the mystery gift? We'll see ;)

There were special Panasonic Beauty coffee art served along with juices and a host of finger foods and desserts, all girls' favourites!

"Panasonic Beauty is designed for the active and busy Asian women on-the-go. Easy-to-use and convenience was what we had in mind", said Mr. Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

An array of beauty products such as Panasonic hair dryers, hair straighteners and curlers, epilators and many more were on display at the Beauty Cafe, where we got to feast our eyes on! As a frequent user (make that daily user) of a Panasonic hair dryer, I must say that I have been a huge fan because they're truly reliable! Speaking from personal user experience.

Wet/dry epilator! How useful! Using it with foam would lessen the pain and I think it's an amazing idea!

It was really sweet of them to display beauty inspirational quotes all across the room :)


I believe so too, Audrey!

So, let's move on to the stations and discover what they have in store for us!

Station #1: Body Care

At the Body Station, we were introduced to the Wet/Dry Epilator I mentioned earlier.

 There was a demonstration done by one of the Panasonic ladies by pouring shower gel onto the epilator...

Dip into the water, and use it with the foam! The wet shaving feature rocks!

I really really want this!

Station #2: Face Care

At this station, we were introduced to the Panasonic Face Steamer which produces nano-ionic steam that penetrates into the skin for deep moisture retention. The ways and methods of using the Facial Steamer was being demonstrated with key highlights on convenience removal of eyeliners! 

The Panasonic beautician drew both my hands with an eyeliner. She put one of my hands in front of the Panasonic Face Steamer for about a minute or two, and used a cotton pad to remove the eyeliner from my hand. Only with one swipe across my hand was the eyeliner effortlessly wiped off! 

On the other hand (literally lol), she used a cotton pad with makeup remover to get rid of the eyeliner and with more than 5 strong swipes did the eyeliner fall off. I was truly amazed by it. Other than to easily remove makeup, it's good to use it for skin and also hair hydration! Super useful!

I want oneeeeeee!

Station #3: Hair Care Station

This was my personal favourite station because I love playing around with my hair! I can never leave my house without making sure that my hair is in good shape, that is, properly washed, blown with a hair dryer, and if my ends are not behaving themselves, I would curl them in for a tidy, polished look.

I didn't know we had the privileged of getting our hair done by the professionals or else I wouldn't have arrived with my hair done at home! T-T

Nonetheless, my hair stylist, Sebastian still had the power to work magic on my hair firstly with the new 2000W Panasonic EH-ND62VP hair dryer!

The hairdryer was simply powerful! 2000W lets off some serious high pressure air which allows quick drying, equivalent to huge salon hair dryers WITHOUT the bulkiness and heavy weight that comes with them.

The powerful and compact 2000W Panasonic EH-ND62VP hair dryer is lightweight and foldable, made for travelling convenience and comes together with a diffuser too!

I'm soooo glad that we're bringing this baby home! Thank you Panasonic Malaysia!

After blowing my hair with the 2000W Panasonic EH-ND62VP hair dryer, Sebastian used the Panasonic Nanocare straightener/curler to straighten and then curl my ends!

A two-in-one straightener/curler! Now I don't have to bring both my straightener AND curler while travelling anymore. Sooooo convenient!

And we were done! :)

Station #4: Mobile Beauty Station

Last but not the least, the Mobile Beauty station! There were professional manicurists present to paint our nails and groom them with the Panasonic Nail Care set, which includes filers, polishers and cuticle care tools, demonstrating how nail care can now be done even in the comfort of our homes.

Those were not my nails hehe. I had gel manicure on so I couldn't participate :(

But I did manage to explore with some of the Panasonic 'on-the-go' beauty tools!

Electronic portable toothbrush never looked so good.

Nail filer!

Portable shaver!

Rotating lash curler!

Eyebrow shaver!

Besides that, we were also introduced to a range of new Panasonic Beauty products that have yet to be brought over from Japan! One of our favourites was the Thermal Esthetic Roller, amongst the rest such as Scalp Massager (OMGGGG yesssss), Eye Warming Massager (super nice OMG), Oral Irrigator and Rechargeable Toothbrush (say whatttt). Let's hope they bring all of them in soon!

So, as promised, upon completing our rounds at all 4 beauty stations, we were entitled to a special Panasonic Nanocare Face-Hair Ioniser YAYYYYY! Now I can have super hydrated face and shiny hair easily with this one here! Thank you Panasonic Beauty Malaysia! :)

Selfie with the sweetie, Chenelle.

Groupic with the girlies!

Ending the post with my outfit of the day: 
Upcoming Cut-Out Maxi Dress from

That's all from me!
Til' then.

love, Careen

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