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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scholl Velvet Smooth: Importance of Foot Care Rituals

Helloooo guys I'm back! 

One of the many things I'd been up to recently would be a project with my mummy for the Scholl Velvet Smooth campaign. I'm truly blessed to be selected as one of the bloggers to test out the amazing capability of one tiny but powerful machine! You'll see what I'm talking about shortly :)

This was one of the Behind-The-Scenes photos taken during the video shoot day. I really love love love this shot! Taken during a break in between scenes.

One of the scenes featured in the vid! In the video, I'll demonstrate how this tiny, powerful machine called Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi can so very effortlessly remove dry, hard skin/cracked heels in a matter of seconds! It'll be released soon, will keep you guys posted on it! :)

Apart from having lots of fun during the shoot and having some precious mother-daughter moments, my eyes were opened to the fact that foot care rituals are actually so important.

I'll be honest and admit that prior to the shoot, I had never really paid much attention to foot care. Yes, I do take personal grooming very seriously, skin care rituals like cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating are all taken care of, as well as body care rituals such as moisturising with body lotion, hand cream, manicures and pedicures. However, as the saying goes, 'Out of sight, out of mind', whatever that is not directly in our sight, we tend to forget and neglect, and a classic example would be our FEET.

Seriously, unless I get mosquito bites on my feet (which I HATE arghhh), I don't usually take a good look at my feet. Yes, the bottom of my feet. And because I think I don't see it, no one else would, which I am so mistaken. With cracked heels, wearing footwear that exposes the back of my feet would not look good anymore. 

Dry, hard skin on the feet and cracked heels are serious problems faced by many people, male and female alike. This is because we rely on our feet so much all day, everyday, and the weight on which we put on our feet takes a toll on the skin, especially on the balls and heels of our feet.

I am no stranger to cracked heels. Not because I have them (not yet, and not anymore now with Scholl Velvet Smooth!), but my mum and grandma used to have them at some point of their lives. They would tell me how thick the cracked heels would be that they no longer feel anything on their heels, and that it is painful when the hard skin peels off. If you're not familiar with cracked heels at all, this is how they look like.

Photo source:

There are far worse scenarios but I didn't wanna scare you guys here so if you wish, you could google 'cracked heels' and see for yourselves! Thankfully for me, regular trips to the nail parlour for manicure and pedicure have given me rather okay feet. 

Howeverrrrrrr, *jeng jeng jeng* though my feet look okay in this photo, there are still much improvements to be made! To truly take good care of the feet, one needs to regularly file them. Here's when I introduce to you the powerful machine that makes foot care rituals oh-so-easy!

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi! Instead of waiting for a whole month before my feet gets some pampering at the nail parlour, I can now treat my feet to my personalised home foot spa anytime I need/want!

There's so much to share about this powerful foot care tool, so I decided to separate it into two posts and shall wait til the next one to show you the unboxing of this amazing beauty product, and the Before and After shots too!

Stay tuned to launching in August for all you need to know about the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi!

Til then!


love, Careen

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