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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Food Review: Shabu Ten, 1 Utama

Being a huge Shabu fan, I've been meaning to try this relatively new restaurant for the longest of time. As a frequent shopper at 1 Utama, I always pass by Shabu Ten but never got a chance to try it since it opened its doors in November 2013. So when I got the invitation to dine at Shabu Ten some weeks ago, I was really excited!

I'm sure this scene is familiar to most of you who frequent 1 Utama Shopping Centre. It's located on the first floor of 1 Utama's Rainforest section. It's a pretty huge outlet so you'll be able to spot it pretty easily, both from inside the mall and from the Rainforest section outside.

Shabu Ten is suki-shabu on conveyer belt restaurant concept introduced to Malaysia by The Barbecue Plaza (M) SDN. BHD, the same company that runs the popular Bar.B.Q Plaza restaurant chain. 

Which is why even though Shabu Ten is a Japanese Shabu Buffet restaurant and Bar.B.Q Plaza a Thai Barbeque restaurant, they have one signature thing in common. I'll get to that shortly ;)

Japanese-inspired interior and decor.

Just like every other buffet, they separate the prices into two sessions- Lunch and Dinner. If you're wondering why the dinner session is RM10 more expensive than lunch, that's because food such as tempura prawns, salmon sushi, fresh oysters, and some types of agemono are served only during the dinner session.

With only RM10 extra, I would strongly recommend you to go for the dinner session instead seeing all the extra, quality food that they offer :)

I must say the price at Shabu Ten is reasonable and suitable for students, young working adults and families looking at a place for casual dining, birthday celebrations, or just a yummy comfort meal at the end of a hectic work day. Shabu is really my best comfort food :))

Do note that every session is limited to only 2 hours, and any additional time spent dining in the restaurant after the 2-hour mark would be charged separately. This is usually enforced in every buffet restaurant to ensure that customers wouldn't camp there for a whole 6 hours, and also to be fair to other customers who wishes to dine in as well. But trust me, I'm a huge (and slow) eater, and although I take much longer than any average person to finish my meals, I never needed any more than 2 hours to have my stomach stuffed! So 2 hours is actually really sufficient.

Oh yes, before we move on to the yummy part where I show you all the pictures of food they offer, here's something that might interest you too!

Good news for all Hong Leong Bank customers who pay with a Hong Leong Credit/Debit Card- for every 2 paying adults, 1 kid gets to dine for FREE! This deal is perfect for families! 

Secondly, there's an ongoing Birthday Week Promotion happening! Just flash your IC and get a 50% dining discount on your actual birthday, or 3 days before/after your big day! :)

And last but not the least, Shabu Ten is giving every customer a Complimentary Seafood Platter worth RM13.80! This offer is for a limited time only so do check out Shabu Ten soon while the offer still stands! :)

Shabu Ten is indeed one of the biggest Japanese Shabu Buffet place I've visited so far. Many Jap Shabu restaurants offer either personal hot pots style only (picture below) OR shared tables and hot pots (picture above). But for Shabu Ten, they have both! Catering to customer who prefer personal hot pots and also the ones who prefer to share a huge pot together-gether. Customers love choices these days. So THAT is something which I think is pretty awesome.  

Was there on a Wednesday night around 8pm, and to my surprise, it was full house! Usually restaurant owners would tell me that mid-weeks are the lowest in traffic, but apparently not for Shabu Ten! Customers include gathering of friends, couples on dinner dates, business partners on a business meeting, and even families with young kids! Sure felt like a weekend that night hahah!

Here are the foods served on a normal dinner session at Shabu Ten:

A good variety of sushis. All the foods are on a rotation basis, so if you're lucky, you get to have the types of sushi that you love on your visit!

Agemono counter with lotsa deep fried Japanese dishes such as squid kaarage, chicken wings, gyoza to tempura prawns. Kids would love these!

Veggie lovers would be delighted at the good selection of veg at the counter.

Was so happy when I saw this- Chawanmushi + Dimsum corner!

Pre-mixed salad bowls.

Selection of fruits (picture above) and pudding desserts (picture below).

And everybody's secret favourite at every Japanese Shabu Buffet- Ice Cream Machine!

They serve Vanilla or Green Tea Ice Cream on a rotation basis, and we were lucky that evening to have been able to try the Green Tea flavour! 

Pretty, yummy toppings.

I must say the Green Tea Ice Cream did not disappoint :)

Free-flow, refillable drinks.

Now, on to MY favourite part. The Shabu!

The conveyer belt is really cute and one of a kind! Don't see the usual 'belt' anywhere, do ya? That's cos it's magnet-powered! I stood there wondering for quite a while how that worked. Hahah #bimbomoment.

You know how some Jap Shabu Buffet disappoints you with their conveyer belt selection of ingredients? Don't know about you, but I sure did not pay a good amount to have cheap, low quality ingredients. It matters a lot to me that I'm paying for food that is worth my money, and I was pretty pleased with the conveyer belt food selection at Shabu Ten. 

The food was fresh (utmost importance), and they were of good quality. From the shrooms, tofu, pumpkins, to even scallops and prawns. They were all clean and fresh. Which is a major plus point.

Meet Sharon, fellow lifestyle/food blogger who was my good company that evening. Bloggers being bloggers, we went around taking pics of everything before we actually sat down to have our meal. So when we actually sat down and ready to eat, we were super hungry! Hahah

There are three selections of soup base: (1) Chicken, (2) Tom Yum, and (3) Pork Bone Soup. We had the Pork Bone Soup and Tom Yum soup base that evening. The Tom Yum soup was a tad too spicy for me, so I stuck with the Pork Bone Soup the entire meal :P

I would highly recommend that you take the Pork Bone Soup for just an extra RM5.90. With corns and red dates boiled together, you can expect a very yummy soup.

I was a total rebel that night. The word DIET vanished from my dictionary. Couldn't stop myself from indulging in all the fresh seafood they offer!

For fresh slices of meat, they offer pork, chicken, beef and lamb. I was on pork and lamb all night long- two of my favs!

And the prawns! The prawns were really fresh and crunchy! 

Redeemed our Complimentary Seafood Platter worth RM13.90! 

It comes with a crab, prawns, oysters, scallops, and salmon. All super fresh!

Definitely a steal! *slurps*

Oh, remember I mentioned earlier that Shabu Ten has one thing in common with its sister company, BAR.B.Q Plaza?

It's THIS:


It's of course a different sauce from the one at BAR.B.Q. Plaza, but it's equally good! It goes with anything at all, from fresh sliced meat to seafood, to even agemonos! This sauce is seriously the star of the show. MUST TRY!

We ate nonstop from 8.30pm til they closed at 10pm. Hahaha it was a really nice meal. Was super stuffed by the end of the night. Comfort food fix- checked!

Overall, I would say that Shabu Ten is a good place to dine, especially for Shabu and seafood lovers who like the idea of free-flow fresh sliced meat and seafood. The price is reasonable for all the good stuff they offer. I would definitely come back with my family the next time around :)

One tip though, save your stomach for the main star- the Shabu! Everything else is supposed to be an add-on to your meal, so manage your expectations on the selection. You'll be happy with the freshness of the meat and seafood, especially the sauce ;)

Details on Shabu Ten:

Location: Lot 337 & 338, 1st Floor Rainforest (New Wing), 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun from 11am-10pm
Phone: 03-74922148 / 012-2326844
Facebook Page [click here]

That's all from me! Til' then :)

love, Careen

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