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Friday, June 6, 2014

Bangkok's Hidden Gem: The Book Shop Bar

Hello readers! After a series of travelling and nonstop working, I'm back! In my absence, the husby came back from offshore and we went for a short 2D1N trip, just because. It was a pretty ad hoc food trip just to getaway from the city a bit and hunt for awesome food in Penang! Then, that weekend itself we went to our second home, Bangkok. We both love Bangkok A LOT, and coming back just gives us this homey feeling every time.

There's so much to share with you guys from these 2 trips alone (don't get me started with my pending vacation posts from Melbourne, Sydney, Osaka, Kyoto and Perhentian!), so I figured I should start with the most recent one, and also the most interesting one :)

When I posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook about this place, a lot of people were asking about it and they loved it at first sight...of the photo. Hahah! That was what happened to us too which was why we told ourselves we HAD to visit this place no matter what.

The Book Shop Bar @ Sukhumwit Soi 38

How we found out about this place because Gladys the sis googled, 'Hidden Gems in Bangkok', and The Book Shop Bar appeared! We read some reviews and decided to head here on our last night in Bangkok.

To get here, it's really easy. Take the BTS to Thong Lor station, make a mini u-turn from the stairs and turn left, walk all the way straight pass all the food stalls on the streets for about 5 mins or so, then you'll see this!

Morph 38

You'll be able to spot the Ashton Condominium and its signage from quite a distance away anyway, so it's really no problem getting here by BTS then on foot.

Thong Lor is apparently a higher class area, somewhat like our Bangsar, Damansara Heights and Mont Kiara. Plenty of nice cars, posh condominiums here. And one of them is Ashton Condominium where The Book Shop Bar is located.

Here are the rates for Sale and Rent, signage placed right outside of the condo. Paying RM4,000/month for a condo, that must be a nice one ;)

Taken right outside of The Book Shop Bar.

What could those odd, flying furniture be? 

We'll see.

Ladies and gents, step inside a magical library.

Where you'll find books and bookshelves hanging off the ceiling, writings on the walls, and staircases leading to more books!

When we entered into the bar, we had to take a moment to sink in that we're surrounded by so many hanging objects! Hahah the interior is nothing short of extraordinary. It was designed by Ashley Sutton, the very designer behind the popular Mr Jones' Orphanage cake shop.

It is a cozy, magical little space. After we let our feelings of awe and curiosity sink in, we went around snapping possibly every little fascinating thing we saw.

The books on the bookshelves were actually real books! With the comfy, plush velvet seats, one could actually sit there, read a book and enjoy a drink for hours.

Open kitchen with writings on the walls. 

What truly impressed me was that everything in the bar was so well thought-out. Every single item from the decor to the walls, the furniture to even the serviette holder was in sync with the theme!


We went there around 8pm after desserts at Mr Jones' Orphanage (will blog about that one too!), so by the time we arrived at The Book Shop, we were craving for some savoury appetisers.

Take a look at their menu!

They categorise their food menu to different types of books- Adventure, Chick Lit, Short Story, General Fiction, and Classic. I didn't take a photo of their Drinks Menu, but they were so, so cute! I'll leave you to check it out yourself when you head there ;)

The food price was ranging from 150-290 baht for appetisers, and 250-550 for mains. You would think that foods served in bar would be mediocre, but you'd be so mistaken. 

We had The Book Shop Sandwich- 260 baht (approx. RM26)

And the Grilled Portobello Mushrooms- 190 baht (approx. RM19)

They tasted so good. *slurps*

All the lovely company.

The drinks were good too! I had a Lychee Martini, while the rest mostly had Singha cos they said we were at the land of Singha so gotta have their beer. Hahah I'm not a beer fan so, lady drinks for me! Gladys had this non-alcoholic cocktail which was real nice too!

I looked really tired cos I was...after a whole day of shopping and eating and walking super a lot. 

We did a little photoshoot there, since we were the only customers there hahah. Told you it was hidden gem ;)

Quite happy with this photo I took of Gladys. :))

Dancing on the stairs, leading to nowhere.


After chilling and being sucked in by the comfy seats for almost 2 hours, we left for our much-anticipated massage day 2. But before that,

Gladys posted this pic on her Instagram and everyone thought I was smelling my own armpit. -.- Come on, guys.... #misunderstood

This is definitely a different kind of bar altogether. I love concept cafes/restaurants, and to see a concept bar was just refreshing. We don't really have something like that in Malaysia yet, but I sure hope to see one someday soon.

It's a must-see when you come to Bangkok. Do go when it's at night for that mysterious, magical feeling. And do visit before this hidden gem becomes commercialised and too packed to be enjoyed peacefully ;)


Opening Hours: 11am- Midnight daily
Location: Ashton Condominium, Sukhumvit Soi 38
BTS: Thong Lor station

The Book Shop Bar Facebook:

Til' the next post! ;)

love, Careen


  1. the next time we plan a trip to bkk, i'm going to ask my boy friend if we can go away for a whole week! i somehow think just a weekend in bkk is far too rushed. love love sukhumvit but things do seem a tad steeper in that part of town! lol.

  2. Thanks for sharing babe! Will definitely pay a visit on my next trip! :D


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