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Friday, May 23, 2014

Sony Alpha 5000 Review

Hey guys! In this post, I'm gonna be sharing with you some photos I took with my brand new Sony Alpha 5000, and all the various functions and features it offers! For more story on how I got my hands on this powerful machine, click HERE :)

So yes, with a brand new Sony Alpha 5000 now in my hands, you would have guessed what 
I've been carrying in my bag ever since! Love that it is so light and easy to carry around! It isn't too bulky too so I could just place it in my bag along with a hundred and one other essentials hahah.

Here are some shots I took in the recent places I've been to. The photos below were all taken with the Sony Alpha 5000, non-edited. Just a note though, this isn't a fully technical review, but a friendly sharing of some personal photos and honest feedback :)


Explored the 'Toy Camera' effect which is one of the many effects available should you want to get creative with your photos. This created a soft feel with shaded corners and reduced sharpness to shoot this Salmon Scramble at my favourite cafe to date- Wood & Steel.

The interiors are super artsy! I love the vibe there.

Recently went to IKEA to get some new furniture for the family. 
What a great place to explore the camera!

The Partial Colours feature highlights only the colour chosen! There are 4 colours to choose from- Yellow, Blue, Green and Red as seen in the image above.

Mum and sis, Gladys in Partial Colours mode.
To explore the different picture effects, go to 
Menu - Camera Settings - (4) Picture Effects

Picture Effect: Toy Camera

Picture Effect: HDR- this created an image with enhanced colour and details like a painting

Picture Effect: Watercolour- this creates an effect as if the photo was painted using watercolours!

Picture Effect: Watercolour

Picture Effect: Illustration

Picture Effect: Rich B&W

Picture Effect: Soft Focus

Picture Effect: Miniature


Been walking around exploring my family's new neighbourhood a bit these days, and shot these beautiful images below!

Picture Effect: Rich B&W

Picture Effect: High Contrast B&W

Picture Effect: High Contrast B&W

Picture Effect: Toy Camera- even leaves on the ground can look artistic with the application of the picture effect!

Picture Effect: Toy Camera

Picture Effect: Toy Camera

Picture Effect: Toy Camera

Picture Effect: Retro
Picture Effect: Watercolour

The Picture Effects are super fun to shoot with! But even without any effects, the photos captured in the normal mode are already very beautiful! I particularly love the powerful focus feature! It could capture even the tiniest details!

Some little lalang found in the neighbourhood park. Was surprised that we could capture it so sharply.

Even the tiny ant is being captured!
These photos were taken with the Sony Alpha 5000's kit lens itself!

I love how I can easily achieve this with the 'Manual Focus' feature! It's just that simple, really. You can easily set the focus point to anywhere on the screen and the camera will focus on it. 

Then I can even adjust the amount of "background defocus" I want with the special feature that adjusts the amount of background clarity with just a twist of a dial to achieve that professional-looking photo!

Now you know why I'm so in love with the powerful focus of the Sony Alpha 5000? :)

Zoom: Before & After

Aside from that, it boasts of a 16-50mm power-zoom kit lens that could capture a far distance clearly!

Photo Source:

Another feature that captures my heart is the 180-degree tilting LCD that flips forward for easy self-portraits. Best part is that there's a self-timer that automatically comes on when we take a self-portrait, so that we have a few seconds to get ourselves ready! How awesome! :))

Sisters excited that they could see themselves in the LCD display!

And last but definitely not the least, the super awesome Remote Control feature by using my smartphone to control the camera! 

I now can have total control on when to snap my self-portraits! No more long arms in selfies and super close ups of our heads! 

Now I can just place my camera at a spot, and determine the brightness and focus on my smartphone. 

When I'm ready, I just snap the photo by pressing a button on my phone, and viola!

Isn't it just awesome? 

I was just thinking to myself some weeks ago, how nice it'd be to have a camera with built-in Wifi (with NFC) so that I could then post up high quality photos onto my social media platforms, instead of having to make do with low-res photos taken with my limited smartphone camera.

And now, I'm having one DSLR quality right here with me, and I cannot be more blessed. Thank You for fulfilling my heart's desires, always.

The Sony Alpha 5000 is available in Malaysia from 21st February 2014 onwards with the suggested retail price:

- Single Lens Package (Body with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Lens): RM1,999
- Twin Lens Package (Body with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Lens + 55-210 f4.5-6.3): RM2,799

Head on over to to find out more about Sony Alpha 5000. 

You can also find out more at Sony Malaysia's Official Website and Sony's Facebook Page.

If you're looking for a new camera, seriously, look no further! I'm totally in love with my new Sony Alpha 5000, and I cannot ask for more. Well, except maybe a new 50mm lens? :P *hint hint*

Til' then!

love, Careen


  1. Hi, would like to ask about the camera when hand shake a bit the picture is it will blur ?

  2. Hi, careen... Would like to ask, how about this camera take night scene,the lighting everything okay and when you during take picture time hand accidentally move, the picture is it will blur ?


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