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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Povy Teng's 22nd Birthday Bash- #povy22colorpop

Birthday parties are awesome because we get to celebrate the special day of our friends, and at the same time, it's like a major reunion with other guests who are also all friends!

Attended Povy dear's 22nd birthday party a while back, and it's one of the most colourful birthday parties ever! It's partly because the dress code was 'colour pop' so everyone dressed in brights!

It was held in Container Hotel, an eco-friendly hotel at Jalan Delima, KL. The design is actually super minimalist, which is really cool. Somewhere to consider if you plan to hold a party in the future :)

Blogger babes in a row:
Casey, Maggie, Povy, Jacklyn, Chenelle, Karen and Bell.

And of course, my amazing husby who accompanied me throughout the night though he only knew like, 10% of the guests in the party :') *muah*

Of course, what's a birthday party without lotsa selfies? And what better way to selfie than with Wowbooth! It's seriously the best Photo Booth service I've seen so far. They provide props according to your birthday theme and set up everything nicely for you so that your guests can have fun while you focus on entertaining your guests. 

We could have all our photos printed out for keepsake, and we could also request for them to email the picture to our email accounts right after the photo was taken! How thoughtful :)

There were glasses by Ellui Accessories prepared for us to use during our Photo Booth session too. Love all the shades!

Lotsa beers for the happy guests courtesy of Kronenbourg and Asahi.

And there were bean bags everywhere! 

I love bean bags, especially these ones from Freasy
Might consider getting one for my own crib :))

View from the top floor. Plenty of space for all guests to hang out, from the ground floor to the top floor where the photo booth was. Only thing is that the place isn't air-conditioned, in line with their eco-friendly concept, but it was in the evening so it wasn't too hot. 

All (female) guests were given a little door gift courtesy of Mivva Beauty Box! So sweet of them!

Macaron cake for the birthday girl. 

It was so difficult to get hold of the birthday girl for a photo! Glad we managed to take one together before we left :) Thanks for being such a sweet blogger friend, Povy! Appreciate ya! xoxo

View more pics at #povy22colorpop

Til' then!

love, Careen

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