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Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Labour Day

First of all, Happy Labour Day to all who labour! ;)

When I was still a little child with no commitments aside from finishing my homework before school the next day, Labour Day meant another public holiday, so it was always a happy public holiday, just like Agong's birthday, Hari Raya and all the other public holidays. 

Growing up into uni years, Labour Day meant someone gets married (yes, many people get married on the first of May). So for those few years, Labour Day always meant attending weddings, both Holy Matrimony and then dinner, which takes up a full Labour Day. Don't get me wrong, I love attending weddings and I have zero issue with attending weddings on Labour Day. Just stating a fact ;)

I always imagined how working adults feel about Labour Day. It sure sounds like a real well-desereved break for all who work a 9-5 every weekday! So I told myself, I would eventually know how it feels like when I start working a full-time job.

And guess what, the day still hasn't arrived. Not that I haven't been working, it's just that I haven't been having a full-time, conventional desk job since my 2-month internship stint with a PR and events company. This is the second year running that I graduated, got married and worked full-time on my blog, Chiq Fliq, and emceeing/hosting. It may sound like a simple, easy job cos well, how hard can it get to blog and just sell clothes right? Well, it's my pleasure to enlighten you that nope, it really isn't as easy as everyone thinks it is. 

On some days, I have the liberty to spend the whole day meeting friends and socialising, but on most days, I work more than 12 hours. Aside from doing the actual work, every waking moment is spent thinking on what I can do to prep for another blog post, should I dedicate today to have a "photoshoot" for the stuff I'm blogging about, for my OOTDs, should I start prepping for my vacation posts, when can I slot in a personal blog post in between advertorials, etc. If not, I would brainstorm about what to post on my personal and Chiq Fliq's social media, when to schedule my posts, when to schedule for my next release, what I should call my next release, whom I should approach to collaborate with, etc. Work is always on my mind, and there is no complete off-day in my life. Even on vacations, I still reply work emails, draft blog posts, attend to customers' emails and enquiries, etc. I try not to work on vacations, but if I have to, I would. Because the business is mine, and I am fully accountable and responsible for it.

Thankfully, I have a very understanding and supportive husband and family who knows exactly what I have to deal with in my line of work. Blogging is a modern career, only made possible for full-time in the recent decade or so. Not many people can grasp what exactly we do for a living, and how we make money. But, I would be more than happy to enlighten anybody about this because it's better for them to understand what we do than to assume that all we do is to type a few words, post a few pictures on the blog and that's it :)

And to think about it, if everyone takes off on Labour Day- shopping malls and restaurants all release their employees and stop their operations for a day- it wouldn't really be a holiday anymore, would it? Everyone will need to cook their own meals and find things to do at home instead of going out hahah! So yeah, I guess Labour Day isn't labour day for everyone.

So for these two recent years, Labour Day meant another labour day- literally. But you know what, I'm okay working on Labour Day. It's not a dread, but it's become a lifestyle that I enjoy. My holidays may not be one which everyone enjoys like Labour Day, but the good thing is that I get determine when my off-days and holidays are which allows me to go on vacations during the oddest of times. I guess being an entrepreneur makes us different in this and many other sense, but I'm happy where I'm at.

I fully believe that it's better to have work than none at all. So, busy is good.

Busy people change the world! *inserts biceps emoji*

Have a good break, everyone! :)

love, Careen

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