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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mothers Appreciation Day with Borneo Soap at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton KL

Few weeks ago, I received an invitation to celebrate Mother's Day in advance with my mum at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton. The generous organisers behind this were none other than Borneo Soap!

I was really excited upon receiving the invite as I could imagine just how happy my mum would be to  have a pampering day just chilling and getting a 5-star spa treatment at Spa Village, after working so hard day and night taking care of all 7 of us every single day! A little time away from all the cooking and cleaning and just relax is something that every mum would greatly appreciate.

Every blogger received a welcome gift of customised cupcakes by Cake-in-Cups. How thoughtful! I got a camera icon, must be cos they know I love to take photos and, er, selfie :P

We were introduced to Borneo Soap that very same day, a new range of luxurious 100% natural handcrafted soap made from the gems of Borneo rainforest.

Amin from Borneo Soap giving us a thorough sharing about the product.

Borneo Soap is inspired by conventional wisdom, fuses time-honoured tradition with modern bath and beauty elements. Individually crafted (yes, each soap is 100% handmade, no machines), Borneo Soap skin care products are made from natural ingredients native to the rainforest of Borneo, enriched with Goat's Milk and vitamins to provide a luxurious cleansing experience, making them rare gems to be treasured and enjoyed daily.

We were given a quick demonstration of how Borneo Soaps are made. Basically it goes through a few steps of:
(1) Blending and Mixing, (2) Drying, (3) Shaping and Stamping, (4) Packing and Storing.

Borneo Soaps are made of Bario Rice, Barley, Sago, Oats, Pepper, Kaffir Lime, Betel Leaves, Honey, Luffa, Dabai, ingredients heralded for their healing, therapeutic properties and long used by the indigenous people of Borneo in their bath and beauty rituals.

And some of the different Borneo Soaps are Barli Sarawak (body bath), Dabai Sawarak (facial bar), Beras Bario (body bath and facial bar), Sagu Mukah (body both and facial bar), Lada Sarawak and Luffa (body bath), Madu and Gandum Borneo (body bath), Limau Masam Borneo (foot and body bath), Daun Sirih Sarawak (feminine wash). Each soap is made for different needs of the skin and body.

Every mother was given a lovely bouquet of roses and carnations. How thoughtful :)

We also had some really fun activities before our lunch and spa! Before the event, each of us had to pick a song from a list provided. Then, we had to randomly pick an item from the box, and then only we were told that we had to come up with a creative slogan for Borneo Soap with our song picked earlier incorporated into it, and then strut down the red carpet with the item that we chose from the box!

I chose a masquerade mask!

We only had 5 minutes to get it done, so me and mum delegated our responsibilities. I was in charge of writing, while mum was the artist. 

My song was 'The Look' by Roxette, so I decided to go with this!

Our Borneo Soap logo was quite cacat la...cos we were rushing so it wasn't a perfect job, but still, well done to my creative mummy!

After everyone strutted down the runway, it was then time to announce the winners. Little did I know...

That I would be the first prize winner! O.O

Mother-daighter team FTW! Woots!

Thank you so much judges from Borneo Soap for picking me! Walked home with a real pretty power bank in pink! Major love!!

A group pic of all the bloggers and peeps behind Borneo Soap before we headed for lunch at Shook! @ Starhill Gallery.

Super love this salmon rice! It's really, really good!

Details of the salmon rice hahah. It's so good and filling, that I only had this and desserts!

Yummeh buffet spread at Shooks!

Next up, it's Spa Time!!

Guess what, we were lucky enough to be in the same building as a VVVVVVIP. I'm gonna leave you guessing (hint: someone very important and prominent came to Malaysia for a visit a couple of weeks ago), but yea, entering Ritz Carlton felt like going through the airport! Tight security. Guards and security and personnels in suits everywhere in Starhill and Ritz. T'was quite an experience ;)

After placing our handbags for scans, we were declared innocent people who just wanted a spa. Hahaha! The surroundings of Spa Village was lovely! There were two separate pools and I was soooo tempted to jump right in!

There were day beds outside too. Plus the weather was real nice that afternoon. Cloudy and windy day :)

I was overall very impressed by the service provided by Spa Village and its masseuses. They remembered me and my mum by name, and were extremely friendly and gentle. 

And of course, the facilities were nothing short of 5-star.

We had a two-bedded private room equipped with an outdoor shower and jacuzzi in the garden, private washroom, a dresser with huge mirror for us to tidy up after the spa complete with hair dryer and the likes.

The one and a half hours felt like I was taken to another realm. A realm of peace and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustles of the city. It's amazing how we could feel so rejuvenated right in the heart of KL itself. A much-needed relaxation after a week long hard work and deadlines. Truly appreciative for the generous treatment by Borneo Soap.

And of course, we got to experience for ourselves the amazing Borneo Soap during our shower after the spa. The texture is super smooth and I must say, that it felt different from other soap bars that I've used before. It's soft on the skin and at the same time cleanses thoroughly. And it smells lovely!

After the spa, we were treated to more desserts by Cakes-in-Cups!

It was truly a memorable Mother's Day celebration, with all the right activities- FOOD & SPA! We both felt soooooo good after the whole day, and we're real thankful to Borneo Soap for organising such a lovely event for us bloggers and our mums! :)

To top it off, we were given 4 precious bars of Borneo Soap each for us to be pampered even in our own homes! Been using it and I LOVEEEE!

Wanna experience the same treatment that I got from Borneo Soap? Now you can!

Borneo Soap is running the Borneo Soap Mother's Day Instagram Contest for the general public! Here are the simple steps to join the contest:

Step #1: 
Follow Borneo Soap on Instagram- @BorneoSoap

Step #2:
Take a nice photo with your mother

Step #3:
Explain in your caption What Your Mother Means To You. Remember to hashtag #lovemummyborneosoap + #fromborneowithlove

Step #4:
Upload your photo and share!

Step #5:
Winners selection. Stay tuned to the results on @BorneoSoap Instagram!

Winners will be selected by Borneo Soap based on creativity of the slogan and poses of the photos submitted.

ANDDDDD, the prizes are:

2 Grand Winners will get to receive the following-

Luxurious massage session (1/2 hour full body scrub and 1 hour full body massage) at Spa Village, Ritz Carlton for 2 pax + A Borneo Soap Gift Bag

10 Consolation Prize Winners will receive a Borneo Soap Gift Bag each!

Contest duration: May 1- May 25, 2014

Click HERE to view more info about the contest!

You still have time to submit your photo! Don't miss this opportunity to win yourself and your mum a spa session and Borneo Soap products! Trust me, it'll be the best Mother's Day gift ever! ;)

Aside from that, all my readers and followers will be entitled to a special discount! Get a 10% discount by entering the code [borneosoap-Careen] upon checkout at! This discount voucher is valid only from May 1- May 31st.

Borneo Soap is also having a Buy 2 Free 1 promotion at its website- Buy any 2 Borneo Soap products, and get Beras Bario Body Bath Soap for FREE! No coupon needed for this. Valid from May 1- May 31, 2014. 

Click HERE to find out more about the promotion!

Borneo Soaps retail at RM94-RM184. You can also find Borneo Soap outlets at theSkintopic at The Curve.

For more info on Borneo Soap, stay connected with them at their:

Instagram: | @borneosoap
Twitter: | @borneo_soap

Go go participate in the Mother's Day contest now! All the best, guys! :)


love, Careen

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