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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What's in a Month?

I did it. I officially have not blogged for one whole month. 
And I'm not at all proud of it :(

To all my readers who kept coming back to a non-updated blog, I wanna sincerely apologise. It's not that I've lost the passion to blog. I absolutely haven't. In fact, I missed blogging so much that I feel so horrible every time I think about not having the time to blog. The pinch is just bad. It never fails to make me feel guilty every time I think about it.

I guess bloggers who are in the same shoes as me would sorta know what I'm talking about. Here's why I haven't been blogging. 

The number one reason is of course, Time.

And why the lack of time
Increase of commitments.

The increase of commitments come from? 
Being married hahah (no, seriously) and doing better in life (more work).

Do I wanna stay married and keep doing better in life?

So yeah, the sole reason for the lack of updates isn't something that I can change or wanna change. Being married now means that we both have two families. Plus, our cell group, that will be 3 families. Weekends will be fully occupied by family commitments usually. Dinner with the in-laws on Saturdays, dinner with my family on Sundays. Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons will be with the cell group. Church commitments every other few days in a week. Slotting in cleaning and cooking and just being at home, we don't really have much time left to think about anything else. It's great that we have families that we're very connected to, and friends that wanna hang out as often as possible. But at times, it does become tiring and it takes a toll on our own married life. We don't really have time to just purely spend with each other, doing things together, dating each other. This is what I mean by the increase of commitments being married

Sure, I can always sleep later and stay up to blog, which was what I was used to do back in the uni days, before I got married. Even after I got married, I still do that at times. Staying up til 2-3am to draft a blog post, and the husby would just watch his series with his earphones (cos I need silence to focus on writing haha) and he'd end up falling asleep on the couch. That's not really what I want cos he needs to wake up at 6am for work everyday while I have the luxury to sleep in til I hit my 8-hour sleep quota.

So, blog in the morning. But by the time I woke up, it's work + house chores time. We do laundry once in every two days. So every single day, it's either we have laundry to wash, or to fold, or to iron. So I usually slot laundry in between my work. As for work, my workstation is my laptop where I answer e-mails for my blogging engagements and Chiq Fliq's customer e-mails and enquiries. I'll process all orders and proceed to ironing the clothes, packaging them, and send for delivery before the cut-off time. Go do some groceries shopping at the neighbourhood Jaya Grocer for fruits and daily necessities, and then it's back home for more work. Come 5.30-6pm, it's then time to fetch the husby from work. All in a day's job. It doesn't sound like a lot of things to do, but it is. And once in a week or two, I'll slot in brunch/lunch catch up with friends. So yeah.

For me, I always believe in delivering quality blog posts that are sincere and have contents that are worth reading. So that's my problem there. Many people tell me to just throw in some short and brief blog post every other day to keep the blog going, but that's really not how I wanna do it. Cos that's not even why I started blogging in the first place. And personally, I really dislike reading blogs/articles (that everyone circulates on FB these days...materials from Thought Catalogue, Elite Daily, etc etc) that fool you into reading them cos of the catchy titles. But when you start reading, you know it's just a short, same old copy paste thing from other articles, or blog posts that only have a few words and a few pictures with no solid content. I really dislike it. I can even say that I hate it. It's such a short cut. I feel that it's like cheating your readers' feelings and just want having a trap to drive traffic to your blog. That's not what I wanna do.

Therefore, when I can't find enough time to sit down and draft a good post, I wouldn't even start. Same goes if I'm feeling too tired or uninspired. Being too busy robs the creativity and inspiration out of you. Blogging is a very personal and (I daresay) sacred thing to me, because I'm very open about my life and feelings on my blog. I guess that's also the reason why you come back time and again to read, because it's real and personal. Been blogging about my life for almost 8-9 years now (2 years on which has closed down haha), and it's become like my mini life diary. Wouldn't wanna do it any other way. This will be something that I will keep doing until I'm a great-grandmother of 30-50 great-grandkids. Which by then I'll get them to type for me. Hahaha!

Okay emo ranting and explanation done. 
So what's been up with me for the past one month?

Let's recap the busy month of March.

The husby gave me a surprise homecoming on March 7!!! :))

This sneaky boy told me that things offshore got delayed la...and that he can't come back until March 17. He asked me to keep March 17-19 free cos he'll be back on one of those 3 days, so I did. He also said that there's some problem with the Internet on the barge, so they'll be fixing it for 2 days, which will halt the Internet connection and we wouldn't be able to chat for 2 days. That was a really sad news for me cos 2 days of not being able to chat is so tough! 

But for some reason, I still went to our chat to see his last seen timestamp on Whatsapp (we agreed to always leave our timestamp on cos we wanna know if the other is safe. if my last seen was a long time ago, he'll usually call to check on me, vice versa), and realised that his timestamp had been turned off! If the Internet wasn't working, he would be last seen hours ago and not have zero timestamp. That's when my suspicion kicked in. Could he be up to something? But at the same time I didn't wanna risk disappointing myself, so I brushed it aside.

Then randomly, his sister Vern May messaged me on that same day asking if she could borrow some dresses for a last min work event outstation the next day. Which is unlikely cos knowing her company, there isn't really last min events. And she's in the event planning dept so why would it be last min for her? Hmmmm again. She said that she'll go collect the dresses from me in church at night after her work. I said I could drop by at her office to pass it to her, then she said her meeting is in KL. In KL? Hmmmm unlikely...

In the end, she said she'll pick up the dresses from my condo, where I waited for her in the car for 15 mins or so. Usually knowing my sis-in-law, she wouldn't trouble people or make people wait. All those while, I was whatsapping Boon. He said the Internet was fixed quicker than expected and he started messaging me about 8-9pm, so I didn't really suspect anymore. While waiting in the car and messaging, suddenly a random man walked up to my car and knocked on the window. For a moment I thought it was some hamsap rapist cos he looks so different! It was actually him, with super long fringe after not cutting his hair for a whole month -.-

Then I punished him for scaring me and putting me through so much emotional imbalance (hahaha) the entire day by bringing me to have Nirvana banana leaf at Bangsar for supper :P

I was just so glad that he's back. The feeling of having him back is just indescribable. Like a whole weight is off my shoulders. I can switch from my iron woman/independent/workaholic mode to my soft manja princess mode now. I can relax and let him take the driver's seat while I take my shoes off and cross my legs on the passenger seat. It's just nice to have the husby back :)

After that, it was a series (and no, i'm not kidding) of church events, family celebrations, family commitments, birthdays, etc etc etc happening week after week! 

No you did not see the typo...

CHCKL's Family Day/Walkathon!

Each cell group managed a booth, and we made Chrysanthemum Tea! Sold out in 2 hours!

Our zone theme was Nerdy, and I came as a nerdy good girl/valedictorian. Those nerdy specs that I bought from Osaka was finally put into good use! RM10 only!

Here's my nerdy cell group. Not everyone is here though.

Our little photoshoot :)

Then it was Papa Tan/warlord (he calls himself warlord hahaha)'s birthday!!!

We brought him out for a shopping spree. Daddy NEVER buys anything for himself, out of wants and even out of needs. All these while, he's been giving and giving to the 7 princesses and 1 queen of his life, and now, it's time for us to reward our daddy back! It was a fun celebration :)

Remember the husby asked me to keep Mar 17-19 free? That's cos he secretly planned a surprise vacation to Pulau Perhentian! He told me he wanted to just pack for me and bring me there as a surprise, but knowing me, he knows that I would wanna pack my own bikinis and clothes cos he might pack ugly clothes that don't suit the occasion hahaha. So he told me about it hahaha. He knows me too well :P

We went to Perhentian Kecil, and the waters were really blue! 
Will blog about it in detail in another post.

Then, it was back to Boon's maternal hometown in Sitiwan to attend his cousin's wedding. My first time attending a wedding in Sitiawan. It was quite a different experience! That was a whole weekend.

The following week, I followed the husby for work at JB. 

Breakkie for one.

We stayed at Renaissance, and I must say that it has one of the best hotel breakfasts I ever had. Pretty wholesome! Best one is still Grand Hyatt, Singapore for me so far.

Breakkie for two!

The only disappointment was...the pool was mehhh. Really mehhhh.

Oh we tried the much talked about Roost too! There were two, we went for Roost Juice and Bar instead cos we wanted to eat. Quite a cool concept cafe in JB. Will blog about it in detail in another post.

Felt a bit weird drinking from a toy pail haha. But it was cute!

Came back just in time for Povy's birthday. Had lotsa fun with the familiar faces again! Always good to catch up :)

Oh, we bought ourselves a set of Rainbow Cleaning System!

It's a water-based air purifier and vacuum cleaner! We can really see a difference in our home now. Less dust, air is cleaner. The husby has asthma and sinus so this would really help him. It costs a serious bomb, but we feel it's an investment worth making.

Then, it was down to the week to prepare for a bazaar Chiq Fliq participated in. The #360BazaarKL!

 Aside from my existing pile of work, I still had to get our clothes ready for the bazaar, and I'm just so thankful to have a supportive family and sisters who came by my place to help me sort out my inventory and packing for the weekend. Couldn't have done it without them!

The night before the bazaar, husby went out to buy dinner. He took about an hour to come back, and I was so worried I called him twice haha. Turns out, he went to Fugu at DJ to get my favourite Scottish Roll for me. So toucheddddddd. T-T

Decided to sell off my own pre-loved/brand new clothes to make room for new ones hehe. I'm not a hoarder, but like most girls, our clothes have sentimental values. Many of the clothes I couldn't bear to throw or give away cos I wore them during special occasions, like on my dates with Boon aeons ago kinda thing. So every time I clear my closet, those clothes would be kept year after year. I finally decided that they should go. Having those clothes in my closet wouldn't make our love life stronger also so never mind la ahhaah! And there were many that I bought impulsively but never worn. Then I got fatter. Then cannot wear edi. Seriously very sad.

But I'm glad my customers loved my pre-loved that half of it was gone at the end of the bazaar! Thank you for your love for my pre-loved! Time to go shopping again hahaha :P

This was our booth! I have my sisters Gladys, Serene, and Loveen to thank for helping me man the booth that I had the time to go around and buy food, PR with customers and entertain my friends. And our manly men Boon and Sung who came to set up and tear down the booth for both days. So blessed to have men like them in our lives *shy*

Meet Natalie Chai & Jing Xiu! So happy that they dropped by for a surprise visit! And to all my other friends/family members who dropped by to show your support, and to all our regular customers who came all the way just to shop, THANK YOU!!! I felt your love T-T

Heeee here are some photos my talented sis Gladys took *shy*

In between, I squeezed in some time to cook some healthy home cooked food! We've been eating too much interesting yummy food outside, that I felt it's time to deposit some boring (yummy) goodness in our tummy too!

I know shopping at Jaya Grocer is more expensive than in hypermarkets like Tesco and Giant, or even at the wet market, but shopping at Jaya Grocer makes cooking such a pleasant experience. Everything is fresh, of good quality, carefully handpicked, cleaned properly, portioned just enough for a small meal for two. Plus, I don't have to worry about paying parking and robbery cos there's always enough parking there (if not they let me double park too), and there are at least 3-4 guards especially for Jaya Grocer. And I don't have to fight with kiasu aunties and endure the bad smell of fresh meat at wet markets. I know, I'm a spoiled housewife.

If you're wondering which branch I'm referring to, it's the one near Tropicana Golf and Country Club, on the way to Ara Damansara. It's not as huge as Village Grocer/Cold Storage, but good enough for what I need. And it's less than 5 mins from my place! Can try going there if you live nearby too :)

Yes, we squeezed in some time to go loco with our friends too! 

By going loco I don't mean going clubbing and drink our livers off, but just visiting a nearby cafe and do silly things among ourselves and laugh at ourselves. Like this.

And this.

We always yumcha but never taken any photos. One of the rare times and it turns out like this.

Oh and I finally, FINALLY tried the femes My Burger Lab! I'm not one of those who chase trends. I have no problem being the last to know or try new things. So here I am, after like a good 1-2 years of their opening, I tried it. It's so good. Not a huge fan of burgers, but it has everything that I love about burgers.

I ordered the Kaiju Beef, some Japanese inspired burger with beef patty, mentaiko sauce, fish roe and all that. It was good! I liked it, but in the end I stole the hussy's Elvis (beef patty, peanut butter!!! cheese!!! blueberry jam but it went so well together!). The bread is soft, the patty is juicy, and it all just gels so well. No wonder they're femes.

And yes, it was at Ming Han's birthday semi-surprise! Semi-surprise because he knew there was a mini celebration but didn't know who'll be turning up hahaha. Thanks Lihren and My Burger Lab for the treat that night! So generous of you! Had a great night with these awesome people.

And I met up with my childhood friend whom I haven't meet for aeons a few days ago! :)

 She used to lead our little tambourine dance team in church and we used to sleepover at her place super frequently. She moved to Melbourne about 10 years ago with her family and now she's back to start a business of her own! If your company/your friends are looking for uniform manufacturers, shirts for events/retreats/camps/team-building, look for her! 

Here are her contacts:

Sarah Chee
no.: 03-92102258

And lately, I'd been having cravings for sushi A LOT. More than ever. And I've been frequenting Sushi Zanmai A LOT.

These are my staples.

Salmon Sushi and Tamago Mentai.

Those pics are two separate occasions btw. And that's all I eat for lunch. It doesn't make me super full though. I can set a few more plates but I had to controlllll. I know I'm boring. Once I love something, I'll stick to it every single time. Loyal eh? hahaha

Anddddd, here's how I look like these days!

Holla! My hair is getting longer wheeeeee!!!

Sorry for the blur, pixelated photo. Why it's pixelated is because I used my iPhone front camera without sufficient lighting. Without sufficient lighting because it was already in the late evening. In the late evening because that was the only time I had time to selfie so too bad for me. Booo :(

Wow. First time blogging about everything (highlights) in a month. 
Feeling quite proud of myself :))

Let's keep this momentum going! Hope this long blog post compensates the absence :(

Have a great weekend, all!

love, Careen

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