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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Think Green, Think sloggi: My New Eco-friendly Lingeries!

I always admire brands that have a strong CSR (corporate social responsibility), constantly making an effort to reduce carbon footprint in their productions. One of the brands that do just that would be sloggi

sloggi recently launched a new line of eco-friendly lingeries- The Love Cafe collection! They're made out of recycled coffee ground fabric! Seriously, this has to be the coolest range of lingeries that I have ever heard of!

I got myself a pair in support of the eco-friendly collection. They have a few colours to choose from, and I chose the baby blue set instead of orange pink cos I already have many pink/red lingeries :P Something different this time!

I love how bright the colours are!

The Love Cafe collection are made using a highly innovative yarn produced in an energy-efficient way, each chemical-free fabric delivers truly amazing benefits.

Some of the benefits of the Love Cafe collection are:

It is quick dry

Maximizes UV protection

Minimising body odour

Helps us stay icy cool, which is perfect for our sunny, tropical weather! It lowers the human body temperate by up to 2 degrees!

The Love Cafe collection also carries the sports bra range!

The retail price for are RM129.90, RM37.90 and RM129.90 for bras, briefs and sports bras respectively. You can check them out at any sloggi outlet!

Apart from the Love Cafe eco-friendly collection, sloggi 'walks the talk' by showcasing the collection with a fashion parade that encompasses the 3Rs just last Saturday at The Central Park, Desa Park City!

Brought the little sisters along and we all turned up in green!

Megan from 8tv Quickie was there too!

Megan with the fellow bloggers- Nana, Daphne, Ashley and Cherrie.

Guess what they served the guests at the fashion parade?


Photo by the little ones. They insisted to take a photo for me and it turned out to be not too bad! *inserts obama meme*

This was the moment we all waited for. Presenting Malaysia's first mobile fashion runway!

Remember I mentioned that the event encompasses the 3Rs?


Instead of building a stage for the runway, sloggi conserved resources by recycling its mobile runway. The runway only unfolds when models strut down the green carpets that are rolled out simultaneously. Short carpets were 'reused' and placed in tandem to create a simple yet interesting moving stage while also symbolising perpetually forward-moving eco-consciousness.


The beautiful sloggi models wore the Love Cafe lingerie made out of recycled coffee ground fabric!


Accompanying the models were beautifully decorated bicycles, demonstrating sloggi's support in reducing carbon emission.

Love the whole set up and idea behind the fashion parade! The whole event was something really fresh and creative :)

Cherrie's green hair matched the theme super well! First time meeting her in person, and I've gotta say that she's just as pretty in real life! Love her style!

Look who I bumped into! Daniel who was there with the 8TV crew.

And of course, the lady and her team who made it all happen- Elaine! I love attending sloggi events because the people behind it makes me feel comfortable and at home all the time. Thanks Elaine for having me on board again! :)

Group pic! Love the whole green, floral setting!

All of us at the event made our pledges to do our bit in keeping the earth green. It can be the simplest thing such as declining the use of plastic bags at supermarkets, and carry a recycle bag instead.

I decided to pledge to turn off the water tap every time I ain't using it. It may seem like a small effort, but a little bit goes a long way. If everyone does the same, we could save A LOT of water! And you know how water is so precious these days especially with the water rationing happening all over Selangor. So, let's do our bit!

You can be a green advocate too!

Pledge your commitments and remember to hashtag #sloggithinkgreenMY on your Instagram and Facebook posts, and stand a chance to win a 2D1N staycation at Sekeping Serendah Retreat!

We've all pledged. Have you? :)

Submit your pledges now! For more info, check out sloggi Malaysia's Facebook page-


love, Careen

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