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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our LEGO Treehouse from!

You know how they always say, it's so much easier to buy gifts for girls than guys? 
It is very, very true! 

For girls, you can just walk into any girly accessories or clothing store, and you'll be able to walk out with something that can easily make a girl happy. For the guys, the options are limited, and they're is always only these few: shirts, caps, bags, neckties, (these days guys don't really wear them anyways), wallets, watches (the good ones are really expensive!), gadgets ($$$) and toys!

In these 10 years of us together, I have officially exhausted all the possible gifts to get for Boon. I've bought formal shirts, semi-formal shirts, casual shirts, caps, bags, watches, shoes, neckties, wallets, handmade gifts, and a few different Gundam models, all on occasion like Valentine's, birthdays, monthsaries, anniversaries, and on random days as surprises. Sometimes, I literally run out of ideas!

But there was still one thing that I know he LOVES that I hadn't bought for him yet, and it's none other than his all-time favourite toys- LEGOS! :))

I recently found out about this really cool website based in Malaysia selling LEGOS online that carries various series of LEGOS called Brickplay, and I had been stalking their website for the longest time, trying to figure out what the husby might like :P

Brickplay was founded by two good friends who go by the nickname, Shaoz and Sze. Being passionate about LEGO bricks, they decided to start an online webstore dedicated to bringing LEGO goodness to their customers.

What sets Brickplay apart from other LEGO stores is that they carry a HUGE selection of LEGO sets, one of the largest in Malaysia. They're also a bunch of passionate LEGO lovers who are here not  just to sell but to also educate customers about LEGO. 

I've personally spoken to the founders of Brickplay about LEGOS before, and their passion and love for the toy is just contagious! I've always thought that LEGOS are just toys that we play in our childhood, and it stops there. But after talking to them, I came to realise that there are many male AND female adult customers who purchase from Brickplay, and they are avid LEGO collectors! :)

So that sort of got me thinking of getting a set for the husby since he loves LEGOS. Got him to go to the website just to 'check it out', hoping to get some tips on which series he prefers. In the end, I found out that he likes everything LEGO -.- So I decided to pick one that I like instead la hahaha :P And I picked this!


I got the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Tree House (RM144.90)

The great thing about getting LEGOS from is that they offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders above RM50, and their price is super reasonable. You can practically stay in the comfort of your home, make a few clicks on the website, and get your favourite LEGO sets delivered right to your doorstep :)

I was really hoping to get Wyldstyle in our LEGO Minifigures Pack, so that Emmet and Wyldstyle can live happily ever after in their new tree house :P

But we got the pandas instead! Initially I was kinda disappointed, but after playing around with the pandas for a while, we really fell in love with them cos they're just soooo adorable!

Sooooo cuteeeeeee!

Guess what, it's a panda suit!! 
But the little panda is a real panda. I mean, a real LEGO panda haha!

Front view

Back view

Side view

Happy boy is happy!
Now, let the adventure begin :))

Priceless expression captured. It's been ages since he last built a LEGO, so he was really reminiscing about his childhood days hahaha!

He was like, "Hey! I found a little frog inside!"

The great thing about this LEGO Creator Treehouse set is that it is 3-in-1, meaning with the same set, we can build 3 different models of treehouses!

3 different models of treehouses!

Currently, Brickplay has a special promo for the 3-in-1 LEGO sets! You can get all 3 sets of the same series at a special price. This is so that you wouldn't need to build and then dismantle the same set to build another model with the same bricks. By getting 3 sets of the 3-in-1 LEGOS, you can have all 3 different models at the same time!

And Brickplay is the only webstore that offers such a special promo! Wouldn't be able to get this promo elsewhere.

The 3 different models of treehouses have different levels of difficulty. And of course, we chose the Advanced Build cos it's the prettiest and most challenging of all! ;)

Advanced Build Treehouse

First things first, categorise the LEGOS according to colours! We did things the 'engineer way' ;)

While the husby was all focused on building the treehouse, I decided not to disturb him so I entertained myself with this little froggy here! I don't usually like frogs (in fact, I can say I hate frogs), but not this one! This is just so adorable!!!

And lookie at the details on each LEGO piece! Quality assured, seriously. That's why LEGO is still such a hit until now, because their quality is really another level. Along the way, you get many counterfeit "LEGO products" in the market, but you'll be disappointed at the quality. They're flimsy and sometimes they don't even fit properly! Make sure you get your LEGOS at a trustworthy store/webstore!

Here are some work-in-progress shots! :)

Every page on the instruction manual shows you what to do and where to place the bricks. It's foolproof, really!

And in less than an hour, our very own treehouse was complete! :))

This treehouse is super fun cos it has so many special features! But first, let me tell you the story of this treehouse :P


Emmet lives in this treehouse with his pet dog, Korgi, and his panda, called Little.

Emmet's favourite food is pizza, and he buys it back on a trolley every single day. Korgi and Little would be very excited because Emmet being the kind owner, would share his meals with them.

Emmet is always on full alert, watching over his treehouse because he has a very valuable item that he hides in a secret location, somewhere in the treehouse. What could it be?

Always on the lookout.

Aside from being a cute pet, Little the panda watches over the treehouse when Emmet is asleep. Every evening, Little would be on a close watch, but nothing much happens. It was always going to be an uneventful, peaceful evening.

But one day...

Korgi suddenly barked fiercely, which was really unusual because Korgi never barks! He only eats and sleeps!

Now that alerted Little, and he immediately wakes Emmet up!

Emmet rushed to his telescope, and he found someone suspicious, out to steal his secret treasure!

And it was a mysterious panda! 
Could he be related to Little? What was he trying to steal?

The mysterious panda headed straight to the tree. He knew that something was hidden there.

He pulled up the lid and found a secret compartment!


It's a...treasure map??

Emmet is here to make sure that no one steals his secret treasure map!

AH-HA! Caught you red-handed! 
Why was this mysterious panda out to steal a treasure map?

First things first, Emmet had to find out who this mysterious panda was. 

After a rough and tough fight...

Emmet finally managed to remove the mask, only to find out that it was his best friend, Benny!

Benny immediately surrendered and pleaded for forgiveness, asking Emmet not to report him to the city police. 

He quickly flees from Emmet after telling him the truth. The reason why he wanted to steal the treasure map was because, the very map leads them to Wyldstyle, the girl of their dreams. It turns out that Emmet and his best friend, Benny were both in love with the same girl! 


Filled with guilt, Benny told Emmet that he could have Wyldstyle, as he could not bear with the foolishness of robbing his best friend's house. Since then, Benny retreated to a cave in China to reflect on his purpose in life.

The End.

*applause* :')

Hahahaha it was fun coming up with this story with the husby. We hope you enjoyed it too lol!!

Oh yes, remember I said that there are a few special features of this tree house? One of it is the well

Emmet has a small lake at his porch where he draws water from every single day.

And sometimes, Little would do a bungee jump from the pail into the lake!

The special feature is that you can actually turn the lever and draw water to the treehouse!

Aside from that, another special feature is the foldable ladder! :)

This is to keep the bad guys from climbing up the treehouse! >:)

And guess what! The generous peeps at Brickplay decided to give my blog readers/social media followers a special treat! :)

Get 12% DISCOUNT for your first purchase at Brickplay

Simply enter the code 'BPCAR0012' upon checkout.

After adding items to your Shopping Cart, click: 
View Cart > Use Coupon Code > Enter 'BPCAR0012'

Aside from that, Brickplay also rewards their members! You'll be entitled to a RM12 Cash Voucher when you sign up as a Brickplay member!

Note: The 12% OFF and RM12 Membership Discount are to be used on separate purchases. 

Now that we have a treehouse, we can't wait to get more LEGO sets to build a beautiful neighbourhood for Emmet and Wyldstyle! Hopefully we can get Wyldstyle on our next purchase! :)

We might be getting our next LEGO set sooner than you think! Haha stay tuned ;)

Have fun shopping at!

love, Careen

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  1. Some people like me still dream of having a tree house. Interestingly, people in some countries don’t see tree houses as exotic, but as every-day parts of their lives.


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