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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sony Alpha 5000 Bloggers Preview @ Carcosa Seri Negara, KL

This is one blog post which I'm very excited to share about! 
You'll find out why soon enough ;)

Was invited along with the other MHB bloggers to the Sony Alpha 5000 Bloggers Preview at the beautiful Carcosa Seri Negara in KL. Felt truly honoured to be among one of the first nationwide to try out the brand new addition to the Sony family, a week before the official launch in Malaysia! Thank you Sony Malaysia for the invite!

The Sony Alpha 5000 replaces the Sony NEX 3 and Sony NEX 5 series with what Sony proudly announces is the lightest interchangeable lens digital camera, featuring a 20.1 mega pixel Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor and their latest BIONZ X processor. It is compatible with E-mount lenses and has a sensitivity of up to ISO 16000.

The Sony Alpha 5000 also features a pop-up tillable flash and 180 degree tiltable LCD screen for shooting self-portraits! One thing amazing about it to me is that when the tillable LCD screen is up for self-portraits, it immediately activates the timer so that we have time to adjust our hair and strike a perfect pose! SO AWESOME! :O

And of course, it has built-in NFC and WiFi for One-touch Sharing which enables me to immediately transfer photos from my camera to my smartphone and upload onto my social media accounts instantly! It also acts as a Remote Control for our self-portraits. No more long hands in the frame holding camera for group shots! ;) It supports PlayMemories Camera App and additional Photo Creativity options which help make my photos beautiful!

This powerful machine produces DSLR quality images! You can view them all in the following images in this post.

Had a great time listening to the Sony team giving their presentations on how three of the Sony Photoriders travelled all over Malaysia on bicycles with just the essentials, as well as the trusty and lightweight Sony Alpha 5000. The shots they took with the camera were breathtaking, which inspired me a lot and made me real excited to start playing with all the functions, especially the focus feature in the Sony Alpha 5000!

Was so engrossed in exploring the camera that I didn't even touch the food! When that happens, you know I'm really focused. Hahah!

And yes, the Sony team dropped us all a big surprise! After the presentations, we were told that we'd be having a special bloggers photo competition. We were given 1 hour to capture images in the ballroom, and submit our best photo to the organising team! And guess what, the winner gets to bring home a brand new set of the Sony Alpha 5000! :O

Everyone was super surprised and pumped up for the competition because who wouldn't want to win the Sony Alpha 5000?? Plus, if we won, that would make us the FIRST owner of the camera in the whole of Malaysia!

So yeah, when the time started, all of us got straight down to business and started shooting up, down, left, right, finding the best objects to capture!

Love this candid taken by Andy Kho! I look a bit chubby here but it's still a nice photo and I love it!

Here are some of the images captured with my Sony Alpha 5000. I used the 50mm lens for this and the results. are. FLAWLESS.

 Made use of the special 'Manual Focus' function to point the focus to my desired spot in the frame, snap, and there, my photo turns out to be just as I imagined it to be. Makes me feel like a total pro photographer you know what I mean??

I asked one of the Sony trainers in the ballroom, Danny on how to achieve top-down shots as the ones below. I had that image in my mind but I didn't quite know how to achieve it, and he taught me how to use the 'Manual Focus' function. And here are the results.

I focused especially on the feathers and subsequently blurred out the face and body of the model, and it turned out to be so beautiful.

In the end, after lots of deliberation, I decided to submit this particular photo below! It's my favourite and after asking a few people for confirmation, I submitted it and just hoped for the best.

So while waiting for the results to be tabulated by the judges, I went around taking more photos with the Sony Alpha 5000.

Went back to my table to eat after walking around to take photos for an hour! So excited I forgot that I was hungry! Which is usually impossibruuuuu.

Took the time to take an ootd shot too!

Top and bottom both upcoming items at! Can't wait to release them soon! :)

After a while, it was then time for the announcement of winner for the bloggers photo competition. I didn't have my hopes too high because first of all, I didn't see any of the photos by other bloggers so I don't know where my chances stood. Secondly, I hardly have the luck to win competitions so I learned to keep my expectations low hahaha!

But sometimes, the unexpected comes true. When they announced that the first owner of the Sony Alpha 5000 in Malaysia and flashed my submitted photo on the screen, my mind went black for a moment. I just kept looking at the photo and wondering why the heck it was on the screen hahah. Then I heard the girls at my table saying, "OMG Careen it's your photo! You won!", only then I realised that I was the winner!

I couldn't believe it! Still feeling so surreal until today! What I brought home wasn't just any camera, it was Sony (my favourite camera brand! been a loyal user of the Sony RX-100), and secondly, it's the brand new Sony Alpha 5000! It's a super powerful camera and the best part is, that made me the first owner of the model in the whole of Malaysia. Cray cray stuff there OMG!! Thank you Sony Malaysia for choosing my photo T-T

Gotta give credit to my gorgeous model, without whom the shot wouldn't have been possible. She was super accommodating and best part is, I showed her the photos I took and she suggested on different poses to make them look even nicer. She's amazing! I heard from the Sony team that her name is Lydia. Would love to pass her photos to her!

Wheeeeeeeeee! Sure was a great start for the year :))

Group photo with the babes from MHB. I looked like a midget beside these ladies! Dahlah I'm the shortest, I still chose to wear my shortest heels on that afternoon. Hahaha!

The Sony Alpha 5000 is available in Malaysia from 21st February 2014 onwards with the suggested retail price:

- Single Lens Package (Body with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Lens): RM1,999
- Twin Lens Package (Body with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Lens + 55-210 f4.5-6.3): RM2,799

Head on over to to find out more about Sony Alpha 5000. You can also find out more at Sony Malaysia's Official Website and Sony's Facebook Page.

All in all, it was a great afternoon that ended with a pleasant surprise! Still can't believe that the Sony Alpha 5000 sitting in my handbag is mine to keep! It's an awesome camera and I cannot be more happy with it. Thank you, Sony Malaysia! :))

Will be sharing all the photos that I took with my new cam soon!

Til' then!

love, Careen


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