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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet 2014: 6 Tips You Should Know

The Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet is back!

Time flies so fast! Felt like it was just yesterday when I woke up early on a Saturday morning to get myself ready for war, I mean, Clothes Buffet at The Crib, KL! 

ONE. YEAR. AGO! Time flies! :O
This time around, it's bigger, better and will be held at Syopz Mall at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. Going to bring back so many memories of my uni days. Been so long since I stepped into Taylor's!

So, what happens at Clothes Buffet?

It's simple. What happens at a food buffet is what happens at Clothes Buffet! You pay an entrance fee, eat all you can within a specified amount of time, and bring all the yummy goodness home in your tumtum.

For Clothes Buffet, you pay a total of RM60 and you'll be given a ziplock bag and 15 minutes to grab all the clothes you can! There will be more than 50,000 pieces of fashionable items to be snagged away by the end of the weekend, so go all out and grab all the good stuff! ;)

The ziplock bag is 9 x 14 inches

Bag on left: 4x dresses
Bag on right: 1x dress, 4x skinny belts, 1x clincher, 1x pair of stockings

The highest record of the most items stuffed and brought home was 16 pieces! Are you game to break the record? #challengeaccepted ;)

So, from my experience last year, I learned a couple of things that can help me be better equipped for this year's Clothes Buffet.

Clothes Buffet Tip #1: Be Early

Yes, be as early as you can. If it starts at 10am, be there by 10am, if possible. Be one of the first because the queue only gets longer and longer as time passes. I'm sure they have planned on releasing different batches of clothes at different timings and on different days, so no worries about having the clothes being taken by the first day. But you wouldn't want to waste your time queuing, so, be early!

And you wouldn't want to waste your time queueing up to buy tickets, and THEN queue up again to go enter the area. So what I suggest is, better to get your tickets online before going there. Saves you time, and you'll be able to go there and shop with no worries cos everything is already set :)

You can purchase the tickets via Clothes Buffet Facebook App HERE.

Clothes Buffet Tip #2: Grab with class.

Last year, they had what was called a VIP session where all the bloggers/participants who paid early were entitled to the first session of the day, and we were given 1 hour instead of 20 mins! #score

But, though we had 1 hour, it was still pretty war-like in the room hahaha! Girls will be girls. Everyone was pretty much squeezing together trying to get a glimpse of the clothes available, or trying to grab a hanger before they're all gone from the rack. But, most of the girls were pretty polite! Whenever we accidentally pushed someone or stepped on their foot, we'd nicely apologise and whenever any clothes fall off from the hangers, we would put them all back. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was so nice and calm (though the squeezing together still happened, but nothing much could be done about it haha). It could be due to the fact that we had 1 whole hour, but the niceness of everyone made my experience so pleasant!

This time around, there will be more people, in a bigger place, with more clothes. AND, there will only be 15 MINUTES. Though we only have such a short time, let's shop like true ladies, shall we? Be nice, be calm, be classy. It makes all the difference :)

Clothes Buffet Tip #3: Quality AND Quantity. 

You must be thinking, with just 15 minutes, it's either we simply grab and go (and regret later), or bring home only a few (but good) pieces that we can truly love and are able to actually wear. Well, I believe that as much as it's difficult to score both QUALITY + QUANTITY, you still can!

The key is really to know your STYLE, and know your SIZE. Last year, they had sections for smaller sizes and plus sizes. Look out for those signs and head straight to your section so you won't have to waste any time! Plus, girls usually have this powerful prediction that when they see a particular item, they'll know if they can fit into them without having to try them on. If that's you, you've won half the battle. Just scan and grab.

And if you're also one of the girls who are able to scan through racks and immediately filter out clothes that suit your style, then you've ready to bring home MANY NICE CLOTHES from Clothes Buffet! ;)

Clothes Buffet Tip #4: Wear LIGHT.

Wear your lightest, most comfortable outfit because you wouldn't want your clothes to restrict your movements! It'll be squeezy, you're gonna have to rub shoulders (literally) with other shoppers and the last thing you want is to wear something super long and thick, and then sweat like mad.

I'm gonna be wearing super casual, like a basic tee and shorts. It's war time baby! Gotta dress ready :P Nah, not so serious...just be comfortable :)

Clothes Buffet Tip #5: Bring a friend.

Last year, I didn't plan with any friend to go for Clothes Buffet. The husby accompanied me and of course, he didn't participate so he was ready to wait for me outside the room. But, I bumped into my friend, Michelle who also brought her bf, Adrian along (who also planned to wait outside) who also went for the VIP session! You cannot imagine how happy we all were! The girls get to shop together while the guys went for coffee hahaha. In the end we took only 20 mins to be done but that's besides the point.

The point is, bring a friend...a friend who is also participating in Clothes Buffet. Having a shopping companion is so much more fun than shopping alone. Besides that, your friend could be of great assistance in helping you pick the clothes you shortlisted! 

Clothes Buffet Tip #6: Bring some cash.

I didn't bring much cash with me cos I thought, well, everything was already settled so I just gotta go there and grab the clothes and leave!

Little did I know that there were small bazaar booths set up outside the room, and I ended up buying like, 10 more pieces of clothes (with the husby's money heh).

RM10/piece. WHATTTT.

And you gotta pay for parking and your own food/drinks too so yeap, just bring some extra cash for all of these, and in case of emergency *wink*

These were my Clothes Buffet haul last year! Managed to stuff 9 pieces of tops and dresses into my bag! Though it's far from 16 pieces but I was still very proud of myself :D

Here's the map to Syopz Mall @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus. 

For more details and updates, head on over to:

Clothes Buffet's Facebook Event Page (RSVP to get the latest updates from them)
Clothes Buffet's Official Facebook Page

Remember: "If you can zip it, you can keep it"

See you next weekend, ladies!

love, Careen

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