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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sydney Trip 2013: Sydney Fish Market

FINALLY I'm blogging about my Sydney vacay in November 2013! Sounds like a long time ago but fact is it's only been 4 months hahah! But yeah I've been real busy since and been pestered to update about my year end trips so to get the ball rollin', I shall blog about one of my favourite, most memorable part of our Sydney trip: The Sydney Fish Market. *inserts heart-shaped eyes emoji*

During our trip in Sydney, we travelled mostly on foot cos transportation was just pure mad expensive there! The cabs cost a bomb and the busses...well, we didn't actually consider busses so, nvm. And since it was end of Spring in November, the weather was chilly enough with sufficient warmth from the sunlight, so it was a good season to walk around the bustling city.

We went to both Sydney and Melbourne last year, and as usual, people will ask us which place we prefer. My answer without a doubt would be Sydney! Reason being, I love cities. I'm a true blue urbanite and I love the hustle and bustle in cities. I love the fact that there's always something happening, people are on-the-go, and the vibe is just very inspiring for me, because I, for one, am always on-the-go.

And Sydney was a lovely place to be in. Aside from the high cost, we enjoyed everything about Sydney, especially after we visited the much talked about Sydney Fish Market! *inserts heart-shaped eyes emoji again*

We stayed at Capital Square Hotel (which was so not worth the money. booked it last min and had no choice cos no other hotels were available) which was approximately 20 minutes walk from Darling Harbour, and I don't know where we got the impression that the Sydney Fish Market was near Darling Harbour. So we walked all the way there, looking for the signs of Sydney Fish Market, but to no avail.  We turned on our Waze and Google Maps but they led us to a weird place. Asked passers-by and they all led us to different places. So after a good whole 1 hour plus of getting lost, we finally made our way here. -.-

And when we arrived, we didn't know where to head to next as there were many shops all around. So we just tembak and went into a place that looked like this.

Errr okay. I knew it was a market but I didn't know that there wasn't any tables and chairs provided...and that we were only supposed to buy raw fishes and...take away?


So we went out and saw that there was this other (bright) side where people were congregating. Felt super dumb there and then but the thought of eating fresh sashimi and oysters made us forget about feeling lousy hahaha.

Andddddd here we were! It was an indoor street with shops everywhere selling fresh seafood, BBQ grill and all the yummy stuff!! So excited we didn't know which shop to go for!

But the more important question was, "Where to get a seat?" Everywhere was full though it was a random Friday afternoon. So the next best way to choose our restaurant was the one with the available seats!

In the end we went for Peter's Grill, which wasn't such a bad idea after all! 

We found a seat at some corner! Felt super lucky cos the whole place was packed like crazy!

Super fresh salmon sashimi! I think this cost about AUD7 plus, which was about RM21? I think it's really worth it for the thickness and freshness!

The fresh oysters cost about AUD8 which was approx RM24. RM24 for 6 super yummy fresh oysters, I think it's really worth it. Yummiest oysters I'd ever tasted until today T-T

The husby had fish and chips, which cost around AUD9/RM27. It was yumz, but not as life-changing as my salmon sashimi and oysters!!!

Other stuff that were sold at the market!

Don't they look so freakishly unreal??

Satisfied customers!

Top & bottom from

As you can see I was very pleased heheh.

We couldn't stay for too long cos we had to rush back to get ready for our friend's wedding at the Sydney Opera House (saving that post for another day!) which was in the evening. But I was very sure that we would be making another trip here before we left Sydney!


True enough, we managed to squeeze in some time to visit the fish market again on our last day in Sydney before we flew to Melbourne. Wheeeeee! This time, I knew exactly what I wanted to order. And made sure we got the fresh juices and ice-cream sandwich that our friends talked about too! 

We headed back to Peter's...two days later. Hahah!


Meet Joel and Michelle! Boon's bestie/best man and his pretty fiancee! 

Guess what we had again. hehe

Grilled seafood which was yumzzzzzzz.

Same old again hahah! The tuna was amazing.

We managed to find some juice/fruits/yogurt corner righttttt at the very end of the fish market. Make sure you walk all the way to the end cos they've got quite a few good shops along the way.

Our orange juice cost about AUD5 I think. About RM15 for a full bottle of fresh orange. It was legit.

Kill me also I won't! So super annoyed with them!

It was even more packed than our previous visit on Friday, and we were lucky enough to even find a spot on the grass. It was nice sitting on the grass to eat, cept' the fact that we had to watch out for annoying seagulls.

The whole time we were there, we had to protect our food cos these annoying seagulls were relentlessly trying to get a piece of our meals. I admire their persistence. But I really disliked them!

And then they decided to fly towards me. Great :/

After we finished our super satisfying meal, we went to hunt for the said yummy ice-cream sandwich. Finally found it in some shop inside the fish market! Woohoo!

Pat and Stick's!

AUD5.5/Approx RM16.

Verdict: Super good.

Ever since that day, I'd been craving for fresh sashimi and oyster and ice-cream sandwich like a crazy!!! Cravings were satisfied for a while when in Osaka at their fish market in December, but after that it's back to more cravings hahaha!

When we made our booking to Sydney for Hillsong Conference in coming June, I was over the moon cos I'd been wishing to attend the Hillsong Conference since forever, and secondly, I get to go to the Sydney Fish Market again. This time, I'm gonna order so much more and make sure I take away too! Ahhhhh only 3 months away!!! :))

The Sydney Fish Market is definitely a must-visit while at Sydney! You won't regret it :)

More info on Sydney Fish Market:

Pyrmont Bridge Rd,
Pyrmont NSW 2009,

Opens 7am-4pm daily (except Christmas Day)

Sydney Fish Market Official Website

Til then!

love, Careen

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