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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sydney Trip 2013: Pancakes On The Rocks

Wheeeee I'm just so glad to be able to sit down and pen down my travel posts again! Took lotsa photos during all my vacay trips but never got the time to even look through since. But now that I'm blogging about it, I'm forced to take a good look at all the photos taken, and I'm glad that we took lotsa photos. All the spamming on my shutter was worth it. Looking back at the pics really brings back so much memories :)

So we spent 5 days in Sydney before moving on to Melbourne last November, and I've got to say that it wasn't enough. Due to the lack of time there, we slotted in a few activities and must-do's in a day. Shall separate them all into different posts ;)

Blogged about my favourite place in Sydney- the Sydney Fish Market just two days ago, and my post today will be about this really lovely area in Sydney called The Rocks.

You'll be greeted by this pretty dome upon entering The Rocks.

Taken with the iPhone heh.

It was towards the end of November, so everyone was getting ready for Christmas!

Their architectures were so pretty. Every door is different, every door is pretty :')
I don't know, I had such obsession with all their doors that I had to control myself not to take photos with every single door I see. Hahah

It was a Saturday afternoon, and they had this Market @ The Rocks where they sold fashion items, arts and crafts, and FOOD!

The gowns were so pretty! But everything was too big on me :')

Sooooo tempted to buy baby clothes every time I see one. I already warned the husby that I'll be one crazy mama always shopping for pretty clothes to dress our kids next time :P

Oh, and ALL THE FOOD!!!

This stall selling german sausages was particularly memorable because it smelt SO GOOD. Wanted to buy but we were heading towards the much talked about Pancakes On The Rocks, so we wanted to reserve our stomachs for that and maybe have this afterwards. Too bad, when we finished our pancakes, all the stalls were already closed T-T

So gonna make sure we have this in coming July!

Super love this stall! Too bad we didn't have enough space to bring anything extra back T-T

So wanted to buy for our future kids OMGGGG. 
Can you imagine how cute they'll look snuggling in these?? :))

Very cute wine glass holders.

We spent most of our time looking at maps. Hahah thank God we had data so when all else fails, Waze and Google Maps to the rescue!

So yes, the entire reason why we made our way to The Rocks was to try the much talked about Pancakes On The Rocks. They had one at Darling Harbour which was much nearer to where we stayed, but we (or rather, I) die die also wanted to go to the one at The Rocks cos I heard that it's much better (or original) here. Kiasu tourist I am. But yeah since we were already there, why not go for the best right right?? :P

After strolling along the streets outdoor, we finally found Pancakes On The Rocks inside!

By then, we were so friggin' hungrehhhh.

The pancakes/crepes cost an average of AUD12-18 each depending on the speciality of it.

All the 7 different branches of Pancakes On The Rocks.

Being the sweet-tooth and Banana lover that he is, the husby went for Bananarama.

Bananarama- AUD12.95
Buttermilk pancakes with grilled bananas and homemade butterscotch sauce, topped with cream and vanilla ice cream. All his favourite stuff!

I, on the other hand am all for savoury foods! So I chose one of their signature savoury crepes in Seafood flavour!

Seafood Savoury Crepe- AUD15.95
Fillets of fish, scallops, mushrooms, and spring onions in a creamy white wine sauce. Served with a lemon wedge, hollandaise sauce and seafood cause. ALL MY FAVOURITE STUFF!

Best pancakes we ever tasted. The ones we had before were good, but this was REALLY good. The pancakes had a significant buttermilk taste and they were really rich, instead of some of the pancakes that are dry and easily fall apart when you cut into them. As for my savoury crepe, it was so soft and easy on the mouth with generous servings of different types of seafoods. Will definitely go back there again!

For more info, visit Pancakes On The Rocks' official website HERE!

After our yummers meal, we strolled along The Rocks and soaked in the sun. 
It was a lovely weather.


Door again.

It was pure bliss just lying on the bench (actually, lying on the husby's lap when he was sitting on the bench hahah), feeling the cold breeze whilst soaking in the warm sun. What a combo.

And the fact that no one cared about what anyone else does, it was even more freedom! I could lay there for hours, and when I looked left, this was beside me.

The majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Photo credits to some very kind stranger.

Photo credits to my wonderful personal OOTD photographer ;)

Stood at a place where we could see both the Sydney Harbour Bridge AND the Sydney Opera House! LOVED it.

One successful shot out of many failed attempts of our panorama shot hahah!

Photo credits to another kind stranger :)

Blogging about Sydney makes me miss it even more. There's just something about Sydney that charms me. Can't wait to go back again.

More updates on the trip comin up!

Til then!

love, Careen


  1. You look like you had a lot of fun! Very beautiful photos as well.

  2. The Rocks area looks awesome! And I can't blame you for wanting to take all those pictures with the doors, they look great.

    How much time did you spend at The Rocks?

  3. I do not have a thing for doors but I definitely share your love for pancakes and savoury crepes. When we visited a storage in Sydney earlier this year we did not manage to try Pancakes on Rocks due to the long wait. Hence, we decided to buy the ingredients and made our very own buttermilk blueberry pancakes with butterscotch sauce. I do not know for sure if it could be on par with the restaurant’s standards but I have to say they were pretty darn good for a beginner. Anyhow, wish you bon voyage on your next upcoming trip!


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