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Monday, February 24, 2014

Two Solo Weeks

Hello peepo!!!

Can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last update! Reason for my lack of updates is because...

...the mister has been offshore again. That's right :(

The last time he went offshore for work was in the beginning of October last year. That was the first time he went offshore after we got married, and it proved to be so, so, so tough for us to be apart. You can read all about my emo-ness here and here.

This time around would make the second offshore trip since we're married, and guess what? It is still equally tough. It has not gotten easier for us to be apart from each other, and knowing that we'll not be seeing each other for a month just really sucks big time. I guess it is a good thing that after 1 year and 3 months of being married, we're still stuck like glue? Hahah

So yes, for the past two weeks, I had been pretty uninspired for anything. All I planned to do was to wake up late, sleep early, and do everything slower in pace so that time seems to fly by faster and before I know it (yeah right) I can get my baby back!

But, my plan didn't quite work out as well. Tried to not pick up much or do much this one month but things just seem to come my way to make me real busy!

Sales have been pretty good for Chiq Fliq, photoshoots for the upcoming releases, weddings, events, church and cell group commitments, family-time, friend-time, and all these have been keeping me pretty busy! I guess God doesn't want me to be miserable and lonely. So far I've been coping pretty well. Thus, you don't really see any emo posts on the blog or even on my social media platforms. There's some improvement! Less tears this time around :P

First photo of 2014. When the clock struck 12.
For the previous trip, what kept us sane and anticipating was our upcoming vacations at the end of last year. We had Bangkok + Sydney/Melbourne + Osaka/Kyoto all planned out, so whenever we felt down, we would always remind each other about our upcoming holidays. Researching about these destinations really keeps us excited and less emo.

It really helped, so this time around, we're doing the same! :P So far we have Hillsong Conference Sydney planned out in June/July, and we're looking for a good beach destination to go to before that! We're considering Boracay or Koh Pha Ngan/other Koh islands. If you have any good suggestions, please do let us know! :)

Having said that, I still miss the husby loads. and loads. and loads.

He knows how much I love watching The Return of Superman which we dubbed, 'baby show', that he's willing to sacrifice his plans just to watch baby show with me...even if it means he's asleep half the time :')

Still waiting for the husby to be back to continue where we left off!

By the way, watching show on the TV is now made better with my new Pioneer home entertainment system! The audio quality is so much better, and now I can watch DVDs straight from my new DVD player instead of connecting via my laptop! So much more convenient nowww.

You can read more about my new Pioneer set HERE!

Still got lots to get done before the husby comes home, so ain't nobody got time to be emo. Which reminds me that I got lots of vacation posts pending! Will be blogging about em soon since I'm less emo now :P

So, does absence make our hearts fonder?

Yes, it does. It helps us treasure each other better, and realise just how different and sucky it is to celebrate special moments without each other. It helps us realise how we impact each other's lives in even the smallest ways. It teaches us to not take each other for granted. We both think t's good to be apart sometimes. Just not for too long because we'll go crazy hahaha.

Counting down: 10+ days or so (?)

Til then!

love, Careen

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