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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Santa Bloggers Christmas Party

I know I know, Christmas is longggg over and all that's playing on the streets now are Chinese New Year songs. The switch from merry jolly sweet-sounding Christmas carols to loud, trumpet-y CNY songs always makes me feel slightly down. 

Because that means one thing: Christmas is over. CNY is here. Time to give angpow.

Haha just kidding :) CNY is awesome but it'll be different this year without my grandma. So, kinda not really looking forward to it.

Anyways! Was busy celebrating Christmas with family and friends that I didn't have the chance to sit down to blog about all that happened! Which is a good thing I suppose, cos that means that I'm truly enjoying my time with the loved ones.

Christmas this year was kinda special as for the first time ever, I joined some 9 other bloggers to have our self-organised bloggers Christmas party! Melissa came up wit this fun idea to gather the girls just to have some Christmas fun, have a meal, catch up and as usual, photo sessions hahah!

It was held at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid. And guess what, after passing by this place countless of times in various malls, this was my first try at the restaurant. Povy and I shared the grilled lamb chop and it was AWESOME! Especially loved the mashed potatoes! The menu is slightly pricey, but our dish was kinda worth it :)

Before I forget, I accidentally deleted all my photos from this party on my camera cos I thought that the hubby had saved all the photos on our camera, and he thought that I was referring to our vacation photos alone, so in the end...

I have no more photos left from this party on my camera T______T

The photos below are from the lovely Jessica Chaw's blog. Thanks for sharing your pics with me babe T______T

Instead of just us having fun, some generous sponsors gave us our Christmas pressies too! One of them was Vanity Trove. They were reallyyyy generous! Just look at the number of beauty products laid out on the table! We were able to pick whichever we wanted, and that's like beauty buffet for us girls. We almost went crazy!

Vanity Trove is no stranger to most of us. They allow customers to customise their beauty boxes at their website! You can get a special discount by mentioning SantaB15 upon checkout! :)

Another sponsor was Twenty First Qi Pastries who gave us all yummy macarons! If you're a macaron fan like me, you gotta check them out.

And of course, the thing that occupied almost all of our time.

Wow Booth!

Seriously, photobooths are life of the party these days! Especially when it is automated and user-friendly like Wow Booth. They gave us unlimited shots and photos for the day so you can imagine how busy we were at the photobooth!

We could choose if we wanted our photos printed in our preferred filter or the original colour, and guess what, we picked both cos both also nice!

Top photo: Sepia
Bottom Photo: Original

The awesome thing about Wow Booth is that it produces really high quality photos and are printed within 10 seconds! We could also delete the photos that we didn't like and not have them printed out too. They also have functions like instant share to e-mail, and we could also request for the soft copies of the pictures after the event!

For us, they were mostly posted up on Wow Booth's Facebook page anyway. You can have a look at the photos here: :)

Here are some of the photos I took with the girls. The rest of them were well, deleted T___T

Taken with Povy's cam!

Dress I wore was from Chiq Fliq

Chenelle and Povy. Love these girls. They're so young and full of energy (yes when you hit 24 you be feelin old when you hang out with those below 22).
The lovely Jessica whom I met in person for the very first time!

We all went home with so many Christmas pressies!

My customised beauty box from Vanity Trove :)

I couldn't fit everything inside the box! Too many goodies. 
Can't wait to try them out one by one! :))

Sweet macarons from Twenty First Qi Pastries!

And last but not the least, lots and lots of photos from WowBooth!

Oh yes, we had a gift exchange amongst ourselves, and here's my gift from the very pretty Lumi!

A pink mini power bank!!! I fell in love with it at first sight! 
What a lovely gift. Something that I will really use a lot. Thanks babe! :))


Christmas is now over, but the spirit of giving remains! 


I'll be giving away 1x WowBooth RM500 e-Voucher to my readers! All you gotta do is:

#1: Take a funny photo of yourself/others
#2: Post it on your Instagram account
#3: Tag me at @careentxy, and hashtag #wowsome and #santacareen

Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC so that I can view your entries and then choose you as the winner ok! The photo that cracks me up the most, WINS! :)

The winner will be announced on my Facebook fan page by 29th January 2014 (before CNY).

Go snapping and posting now! RM500 WowBooth e-Voucher is waiting for ya ;)

Finally, a group shot with the lovely girls. What a Christmas :)

Hope to see your entries soon!


love, Careen

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