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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New Sound

Prior to our engagement, the husby (then bf) and I always loved to visit stores like IKEA and Harvey Norman for no particular reason, just to look around and occasionally chat and discuss about how we would want our future home to be like. There was always such feelings of anticipation and excitement about buying furniture and electronics for our then future home. Our ideal home was always so complete with everything- huge refrigerator, stoves and microwave for cooking and oven for baking, juicer to make healthy morning breakfasts, home entertainment systems, etc.

Fast forward to our engagement, we made trips to stores like these even more frequently! This time, not just to window shop but to seriously consider what we wanted vs. what we could afford. Striking a balance between what we wanted and what we needed was kinda challenging. Many things that we wanted to buy were slowly stroke off one by one, and ending up getting only the things that we truly needed. Appliances like microwave, oven, juicer and home entertainment systems were things that we put on our 'Delayed Gratification' list.

Right now, we are a year plus into our marriage and things have slowly settled in. We have gotten used to this new home and our bank accounts have also slowly recovered over time. So these days, we can now consider the slightly finer things in life. And one of the things that we so wanted to have was a complete set of home entertainment system!

While we were still considering which type to get, I got an e-mail from Pioneer Malaysia saying that they would love to sponsor yours truly a brand new set of home entertainment system! You can imagine how thrilled me and the husby were!! :)))

Spot our new addition to the family! :) 

I love how everything is so sleek. We live in a condo unit and because of the lack of space, all of our furniture and appliances are space-saving and thin/small/sleek to fit nicely into our cozy little home. And look how well our new home entertainment systems have fit in!

We received the X-HM21V-S DVD/CD Receiver System Featuring iPod/iPhone/iPad Playback. This couldn't have been more useful for our home as since we moved into this new crib, we have been using our laptops to watch DVDs, and to connect our lappies to the TV using HDMI cable which is pretty troublesome -.- 

Yeap, we've been living like this for a year now. Newlywed life. Hahaha!

But now, it is just so much more convenient! No more moving our laptops here and there, and we can now watch our DVDs anytime of the day on our TV :)) Not only that, it has so many other functions and features! One of it is that it has an FM function which allows me listen to the radio while working at my desk or doing laundry. Hahah housewife life made awesome!

The tech noobie me usually has trouble using most electrical appliances. You won't believe it took me so many months to realise that I could turn on my TV by touching some invisible button on my TV. When the husby found out about it he was dumbfounded because I've been under-utilising my TV. Hahah!

But with this new Pioneer home entertainment system, I am proud to say that I have absolutely no problem operating it cos it's just so simple and user-friendly! Just take a look at it- minimal number of buttons, straightforward and easy to use! This is really my type of electronics hahah!

And of course, girls being girls, we love all things pretty. The X-HM21V is a real beauty to me. I love simple, basic and clean designs, and this home entertainment system is just that.

If you're looking at getting a new home entertainment system for yourself or as a gift, I can say that Pioneer really worth considering. Having been in the market for decades, they're a brand that we can put our trust in for quality products.

For more info, you can head on over to Pioneer Malaysia's website at, or their Facebook account at!

Thank you, Pioneer Malaysia for the wonderful new year's gift!

love, Careen

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