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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Love Your Skin with ENCHANTEUR Paris

The first month of 2014 is almost coming to an end! 
How have your first 28 days into the year been? :)

I guess many of us are still trying to adjust into writing 2014 on our dates (it's almost autopilot for me to write 2013!), trying to figure out our New Year's Resolutions and getting into the drill of classes and work after the holiday season.

The start of the year always gives me good vibes! I'm always hopeful about new years because we are given another year to better ourselves, and fix all the things that we did not manage to in the previous year.

For me, one of the biggest regrets was that I became lazy and took my skin for granted. I take good care of my face and have a disciplined skin care regime, but when it comes to other parts of my body, I admit I took them for granted. I used to religiously apply body lotion every single night before I go to bed, and finish up bottles and bottles of body lotions, month after month. But, I got busy last year and all I could think about at night after a long day's work was to bury my face into my pillow and catch a well-deserved shut eye. 

I've always had smooth, moisturised skin, so I thought that I was born with it and it never crossed my mind that skipping the application of body lotion would actually damage my skin. After the first three quarters of 2013 without applying body lotion on my hands and legs, I started seeing fine cracks on my skin close-up, and that scared me! For the first time ever my smooth baby skin was gone. And that hit me real hard that I had indeed taken my body for granted.

Since then, I got back into the routine of applying body lotion before bed, and experimented with a few different brands to see which ones suit my skin the best. It's been so far so good, skin's healing pretty quickly thanks to the moisturising powers of body lotions.

One of the brands that I personally love is the new range of ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Serum and Body Lotion

ENCHANTEUR Paris shouldn't be a stranger to most of us. Using the ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Serum and Body Lotion range have been a real pleasant experience for me as I LOVE body lotions that smell great. Now I get to have my skin cared for and moisturised while smelling great at the same time! ;)

The ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Serum and Body Lotion range comes in 4 different types catering to the needs of various women today. All of have different skin types and have different needs for our skin, so you may want to read on to find out which ENCHANTEUR Paris body lotion suits you best! :)

#1: NEW ENCHANTEUR Paris All-In-One Body Serum with SPF 24++

We, females try to stay out of the blazing hot sun for fear that we would get darker, spot uneven skin tone and lose our skin's moisture. We take preventive measures such as staying indoors as much as possible, wear long-sleeved clothes and hide under the umbrella whenever we're out. While many girls are willing to make the sacrifice by skipping outdoor activities for the sake of their skin, I, on the other hand find it a real challenge as I LOVE the sun and the outdoors! Bring me to a beach under the warm sun and I'll sun bathe for hours! I love the feeling on sun on my skin :))

Thankfully for me, my skin isn't completely hopeless as with the NEW ENCHANTEUR Paris All-In-One Whitening SPF24++ Body Serum, I no longer need to worry about my skin. It is a multi-benefit body serum which gives me sun protection, whitening and 24-hour hydration for fair, beautiful soft skin.

It contains SPF24++ which helps protect my skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays that causes skin darkening and Licorice concentrate to lighten and even out skin tone. It is also enriched with Hyaluronic Hydration, a well-known moisturising ingredient normally used in facial care products which is now added into the body serum for the first time, providing 24-hour long-lasting hydration for the skin!

#2: ENCHANTEUR Paris Triple Whitening Body Lotion

All of us girls dream of beautiful, fair and even skin but the truth is that all of us have some parts of our body that are darker than the rest especially areas around our knees, allow and the back of our neck. If you have the same woe as me, then this could probably be what you need!

The ENCHANTEUR Paris Triple Whitening body lotion is filled with benefits of 3 effective ingredients of Sakura Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate, and Vitamin B3 that work together concurrently to perform 3 whitening action and even out skin tone for fair and radiant skin.

Vitamin B3 helps in stopping the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation and the Sakura Concentrate works against tyrosinase activity to even out skin tone, while the Licorice Concentrate prevents the formation of dark pigments from the exposure to UV rays.

#3: ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm & Repair Body Lotion

With our hectic and stressful lifestyle these days, we often do not get the amount of sleep that our body needs which leads women all over the world to have premature ageing skin that looks dull and saggy.

The ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm and Repair body lotion is a nourishing lotion enhanced with Micro-Collagen and Swiss Edelweiss which help improve skin elasticity and repair damaged skin overnight.

Micro-Collagen is known to strengthen and firm up body tissues, keeping the skin firm and youthful-looking, while the Swiss Edelweiss protects skin against free radicals generated by UV rays and works actively overnight to repaid damaged skin.

This fast-absorbing formulation comes in a pampering scent that helps you relax and wake up to skin that is healthy, youthful and supple.

#4: ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion

One of the reasons why I only apply body lotion at night and not in the day time is because I dislike how some body lotions leave my skin feeling extremely sticky and icky, which makes me feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Now with the ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh body lotion, I can wear it out even in the day because it is a fast water-based lotion with a non-greasy finish, providing great comfort and allows me to stay fresh throughout the day.

It is formulated with Licorice Concentrate which whitens skin, UV screen for sun protection as well as Aloe Vera Concentrate which moisturises skin.

Let me demonstrate just how fast-absorbant this water-based lotion is!

Love how I don't need to apply a huge amount, unlike some body lotions that I tried before. Just a moderate amount is enough to cover and moisturize my skin.

It is smooth and easily spread out to the other parts of my skin.

After a few rubs on my arm, and it has been quickly absorbed into my skin! It felt as though I didn't have any body lotion on cos it's lightweight and water-based. Which is awesome for all-day wear! :)

I've been applying these 4 different products of the NEW ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Serum and Body Lotion range, and I must say that they're one of the best that I've used so far. My favourite part of it all is that they're smooth and easily applied, and they all smell amazinggggg.

We girls love smelling good all the time and it'll be ridiculous to wear the perfume to bed, so great smelling body lotions are the best alternatives to go to bed with ;) Plus, ENCHANTEUR Paris has 4 different scent for 4 different body lotions, so you can choose one that best suits your preference and personality!

And guess what ladies, we don't have to burn a hole in our pockets to experience the amazing ENCHANTEUR Paris goodness! 

ENCHANTEUR Paris All-In-One Whitening Body Serum with SPF24++
RM11.50 (135ml bottle) | RM19.90 (275ml bottle)

ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh, Triple Whitening, and Form & Repair Body Lotion
RM8.90 (150ml bottle- the one in all of my photos!) | RM14.90 (300ml bottle)

You can get the ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Care range at any major hyper/supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide :) 

ANDDDD, especially for my dear readers, I will be hosting an ENCHANTEUR Paris Giveaway just for you on my Facebook page, so stay tuned and you might win yourselves exclusive products from the ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Care range! :) :)

For more info, check out ENHANTEUR Malaysia's Website and Facebook!

Let us start the year right by caring for our body. Learn from my mistake and never take your skin for granted! How we care for our skin now will determine how it'll look like later in life, so let's start early ;)

That's all for now!

love, Careen


  1. man, enchanteur's been around forever :'D hahaha. i still remember using all the toiletries in my grandma's bathroom & they've always been enchanteur

  2. Thanks for sharing on this. It helps me to choose the right one to buy for my girlfriend. Probably, it will be more helpful if you could list down some of the prices as well, to help your readers to choose. Nevertheless, it was a nice and detailed post. Nice photography skill as well!! Great post!!

    1. Yeah the prices where listed in the post too! Glad it helped :) Thanks for reading!

  3. hi ...for the all in one body serum, can i apply it on my face too ? :)


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