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Friday, January 3, 2014

First Post of 2014

Oh my, what a boring post title. 

Up til this point I really can't think of anything creative anymore. It's the first official working/schooling day for all today, and work load's pilled up like crazy already! Not gonna complain because it is all good. Work is good :)

By the way, HAPPY 2014, MY DEAR READERS!!! :))

We have entered into yet another year. A new beginning to redeem ourselves from what we did not manage to achieve last year, which I can assume is quite many cos I've never met anyone who achieves all their new year's resolutions hahaha!

This year's pretty special. Usually by now I would already have a full list of new year's resolutions to kick start the year with. But now, I just feel rather happy without one...yet. A lot of times we come up with an overly ambitious list (like how I do every year), and not achieve them in the end. So this year, I think I should set more realistic goals that I could actually fulfil, and one which is well thought out.

One of my new year's goal is definitely to be more hardworking as a blogger. I have this thing about blogging a worthy post for my readers to read so that they won't feel cheated by coming over to my blog to only read something short and half-hearted. And because of that, I'd rather not update cos I always felt short updates weren't good enough.

But, that's not what the husby and many people tell me. They say that I gotta just keep blogging and keeping the blog alive cos my readers are here to read about my life, and not how long and complete my blog posts are. That short updates could be interesting too.

I don't know, what say you? Would you like to see this blog updated more often even if there are short updates like this one here?

I'd love to hear from you about this! Please talk to me I feel like I'm talking to my computer screen hahahaha :')

Okay I think I'm tired and running out of good stuff to write. Before more crap comes out, I shall leave you with some of my shameless selfies from today.

Happy 2014!

Be back soon :)

love, Careen


  1. Yes! More updates! More updates! short updates are better than no updates!!

  2. Yea.. more updates :) pls blog abt your vacations!

    1. Yes! So many vacay posts still pending! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. yes more updates pls.. even if it's short it can be interesting too :)

  4. More updates!! :)

  5. More updates pls babe! still waiting for your wedding post!

    1. OMG yes it's been foreverrrrr! I'll get it done!

  6. waiting for your sydney post!! :P


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