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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My SK-II Video Tutorials + SK-II Pitera™ Essence Set Giveaway

Happy December, people! 

It's the last month of 2013 and soon it'll be Christmas (best time of the year), and then 2014 arrives. Many people feel sentimental and sad that the year is coming to an end, but I always feel excited about year-ends. Because looking back, so many amazing things have happened in this year, and they get better each passing year. So I really cannot wait to see what He has planned out for me in the coming year! :)

One of the best things that happened to me in 2013 was to be chosen as one of the 
Clozette Beauty Ambassadors for SK-II on! To be picked out of so many other female bloggers makes me feel extra honoured and humbled at the same time. 

Go to and view all the fantastic fashion and beauty tips they offer, as well as the profiles of all the other Clozette Beauty Ambassadors! :)

This is my very own profile on Follow me and take a peek into my closet ;)

As I shared previously on my blog post HERE, the awesome Clozette team flew me over to Singapore for a day shoot with SK-II. These are some of the BTS shots of the videos I did! :)

If you wonder what those snapshots were all about, wonder no more because all 3 videos that I shot are now out on! :))

Video #1: 
My Short Hair Styling Routine & Healthy Hair Care Tips

Many of you have asked me how I usually style my short hair, and what my hair care regime is like. This video would answer all of your questions! If you have any questions or comments, do post them up below the video at!

Video #2:
Will You Be My Bridesmaid? DIY Guide To Creating A Surprise Gift Box

Now that I'm married, I can share with all the brides-to-be out there about how to prepare for the big day! I am a firm believer that wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, thus, giving your 101% to prepare and make it the most beautiful day for yourselves and also the people around you is important.

Your wedding isn't only a special day for you, but the many people around you who are also rejoicing together with you. A group of special people who deserves lots of love and appreciation apart from your family members would be your bridal party!

This video would show you what you can do to make your bridesmaids the happiest ones on the planet! Many people tend to take their bridesmaids for granted as if they owe you their lives to be your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids will be of great help to your wedding, and the least that we as brides-to-be can do is to ask them nicely if they would help make our wedding beautiful. Yes, a bridesmaid proposal!

Watch and find out how you can reward and appreciate your bridesmaids :)

Video #3: 
Bride Special: Wedding SOS Kit

I am more than happy to share this video with all you girls out there. Whether you're getting hitched soon or not, this video will (hopefully) help prepare you for your big day!

Someone once said, "Anything that can go wrong on your wedding, will go wrong". That is sadly true to a certain extent. The weather, sound systems, wardrobe malfunction, accidental trips on the aisle could all potentially happen. Yikes!

Having said that, since we know that anything COULD happen, the least that we can do is to do all we can to prevent them from happening, especially for the bride herself. Having a Wedding SOS Kit would help you fix any potential wardrobe, skin and makeup malfunctions, while giving you a peace of mind that even if anything unpleasant happens, you have what it takes to fix them!

Watch the video above and share it with your bride-to-be friends! :)

So there you have it, all 3 videos that yours truly shot some months ago with SK-II and! Really hope they would help you in one way or another! :)


AND, great news to all my lovely blog readers! Thanks to SK-II and, Christmas is coming early for all my beloved followers! Yours truly have been given  TWO SK-II PiteraTM Essence Sets to giveaway to my readers!

All you gotta do is simply answer this question below:

"What are the hair tools required to achieve a full curl-in hair look?"

If you watched my videos above, you would know the answer! ;)
Follow the steps below to WIN!

Step #1:
E-mail your answers to with the e-mail subject title: "Win SK-II from Careentan's Blog!"

Step #2:
Include your full name, mobile number and e-mail address in your e-mail to

Contest Period: Dec 2-16, 2013
TWO lucky winners with the best answers will be chosen by

Don't miss this chance to win the much coveted SK-II PiteraTM Essence Set! So wish I could join this giveaway too hahaha!

That's all from me today! Hope you enjoyed my video tutorials and learned a thing or two somehow :) Do share it with the people whom you think could benefit from the videos too!

Looking forward to hearing all your answers for the giveaway! ;) 
Good luck, ladies!


love, Careen

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