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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LIPTON Masterclass with Chef Nik Michael Imran

Prior to this event, I admit I had very limited knowledge about tea as well as how tea can be used in cooking. So when I got invited to the LIPTON Masterclass with celebrity chef, Nik Michael Imran from Masterchef Malaysia to learn a thing or two on how to cook and make special drinks with LIPTON tea, I was thrilled as it was definitely something very new to me :)

The masterclass was held at the very nicely equipped Starhill Culinary Studio, where yours truly along with members of the media and some fellow food and lifestyle bloggers were invited to watch Chef Nik demonstrate 4 new refreshing tea drinks and a tea-inspired appetizer using LIPTON tea. 

My complete kitchen work station!

This was my kitchen work station! Seeing all the ingredients and utensils prepared for us made me feel really excited to start learning about today's recipe! ;)

Introducing the chef!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, was our chef of the day! Chef Nik Michael Imran is no stranger to most of us food lovers especially, as he is the host of the new AFC (Asian Food Channel) Original Production, Tea Twist in collaboration with LIPTON, and also recently opened a restaurant called Picknik in Publika. 

I know, I know...he looks more like a model than a chef. Hahaha and he's really friendly too which made us feel really comfortable learning from him!

First off, we were taught how to make the Tea-crusted Prawn, a crunchy and mouth-watering appetizer!

Prepping toppings

Chef Nik demonstrating while explaining the easy step-by-step guides!

Cutting onions like a real pro! 

Mix em' all up!
Spreading butter onto toasts before sending them to the oven

Fresh prawns!

Adding some salt

Soaked in flour

Jazzing them up with LIPTON tea!

The interesting bit was that he cut open a tea bag, and mixed the tea leaves into the flour. Hence, the Tea-Crusted Prawn! It really never occurred to us that we could include tea leaves into our cooking!

LIPTON tea leaves mixed into flour

Stir them together!

Chef Nik explaining how adding LIPTON tea leaves can give an extra aroma boost to the dish

Boiling hot oil!

First, soak the prawns in the egg mix

Then to the flour + tea mix

And here's yours truly getting some hands-on session. It actually wasn't as difficult as it seems! :)

Focused chef :P

Deep fry!

After dipping the prawns into the eggs and flour, it was time to deep-fry them in the boiling heat!

Deep fry for just about a minute, until they turn golden brown


And there you have it, Tea-Crusted Prawns for ya!


Together with the topping we made earlier...

Toasted breads in progress

...and the toasted breads,

Tea-Crusted Prawns, everybody!

the yummy Tea-Crusted Prawns were finally ready to be served!

Mineeee :))

I had a portion cos I was the kitchen helper hehe yayyy! :D

Karen & I

Guess what, all of us were given a chef hat for the day too! Here's Karen and I posing with them #macamyes

But we didn't wear them throughout cos they were a little too big for us and kept falling off our heads :P

And thus began our tea-making sessions!

Tea Drink #1: Honey Lemongrass Tea

DIY drinks from scratch!

We had a step-by-step guide for each tea drink made with LIPTON tea, and it was fun to make as all the ingredients we needed were provided, and all we had to do was just to mix em' all up together! With the right measurements of course ;)

Step-by-step guides

Lemongrass, tea and honey

Hot Water + Sugar + Lemongrass + LIPTON Tea + Honey + Ice Cubes = Honey Lemongrass Tea


Easy-peasy! Love the combination of LIPTON tea and lemongrass. I've already loved lemongrass and tea, so combining the two together was a great combo for me personally :)

Tea Drink #2: Paradise Sunrise

Chef Nik demonstrated the Paradise Sunrise

For the second tea drink, we were taught to make the Paradise Sunrise, which is a mixture of LIPTON tea, orange juice and lychee. Tea, orange and lychee were all my favourites!

L-R: Orange juice, orange slices + lychee fruits, lychee juice

Before adding ice cubes. Almost done!

Hot Water + LIPTON Tea + Sugar + Orange Juice + Lychee Juice + Lychee + Ice Cubes = Paradise Sunrise


Oh by the way, I know I looked like a banana that day due to my dressing hahaha! But that's cos I dressed according to the LIPTON brand, which is yellow, and didn't know that we would be given yellow aprons for the day too. So yeah haha!

Oh my yellow peplum top is an upcoming piece at! :)

Tea Drink #3: Lovely Berries

Thick berries mix!

Those were fresh strawberry mix by the way! 
Not chill paste though it sure looks like it in the photo :P

Lovely berries, almost done.

Lovely Berries was basically a strawberry tea drink. Super easy to make!

Lemon added to jazz up the drink!

Hot Water + LIPTON Tea + Sugar + Fresh Strawberry Mix + A Slice of Lemon + Ice Cubes = Lovely Berries

Tea Drink #4: Mo-Tea-To

Lime + mint leaves

Mo-Tea-To was a Mojito drink minus the alcohol. Hahah!

Pressed mint leaves

Main ingredient: Lime and lots of mint leaves!

Let them soak!

Hot Water + LIPTON Tea + Sugar + Mint Leaves + Lime + Ice Cubes = Mo-Tea-To

DND: Chef at work ;)

Since my cooking skills are still developing, I now have something else on my plate that I can impress my guests with ;)

Andddd, it was done!

This one was my favourite as it was truly yummy and refreshing! The next time you want to make a refreshing drink at home on a hot, sunny day, you can try any of these recipes coupled with a bag of LIPTON tea! 

Adding tea into your drink would give you a refreshing sensation like no other. In fact, tea has been proven to uplift one's mood. So, try it for yourself! :)

Group pic!

It was indeed a fun, casual and relaxing masterclass. Learned so much within just 2 hours. It truly changed my perception about tea and now I know how versatile tea is for both drinking AND cooking too!

Thank you LIPTON, Asian Food Channel and of course, our handsome and fun guru, Chef Nik for the fruitful sessions! Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I'm sure the rest would agree with me as well :)

Chef Nik and I

Here's a photo of me and Chef Nik to make all you girls jealous :P
Just kidding :)

Oh yes! Starting from the 5th to 24th December 2013, LIPTON is having Malaysia's first mobile LIPTON tea bar! The mobile tea bar will travel all across Malaysia, bringing LIPTON tea drinks to brighten anyone's day. For the festive month of December, all drinks will be complimentary!

It will be easy to spot the bright-painted and cheerful-looking mobile LIPTON tea bar which offers 4 types of freshly-made tea drinks which were the same ones we were taught during the masterclass- Mo-tea-to, Paradise Sunrise, Honey Lemongrass and Lovely Berries!

Be sure to catch the mobile LIPTON tea bar! You can check out their schedule HERE :)

That's all from me!

love, Careen

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