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Friday, November 29, 2013

Grooming 101 For Men: It Starts With You

Most of us girls would have been thrown this question at least once in our life before:

"What type of guys do you like?"
"What are the characteristics that your future husband must possess?"

Sounds familiar? For me, I've thought about it and been asked these questions so much that I have some standard answers that I keep in my pocket (in case of emergency).

Answering these questions are hard. We could go on and on about what we love about men and our other halves, and Top 3 characteristics that our future husbands should have? Come on, give us Top 20 at least!

It would be must easier if we turn the question around. 

"What do you NOT like about the opposite sex?"
"What are the things that turn you off the most?"

For me, the one thing that puts me off the most about the opposite sex (be it my other half or just friends) are guys who do not take care of themselves. 

Guys who can't care less about grooming- hygiene like taking good, regular (daily) baths, brushing teeth like, at least twice a day (my gosh I have smelt bed breaths from guy friends wayyyy too many times. We have noses. We can smell you), wearing fresh, clean clothes (some guys NEVER change their clothes. They hang it behind their doors and wear them again whenever necessary. The smell is horrid), and guys who just don't know how to care for their looks- facial care like the very basic cleansing, toning and moisturising, as well as clean shaving. Scarce facial hair is not cool. If you wanna keep your facial hair, do it full fledge and keep them trimmed with style.

So yeah a little bit of rant on my end and maybe (hopefully) some advice and hint to perhaps, some of you guys who have been taking your grooming lightly.

I'm lucky that my husband is a very well-groomed and hygienic person. Heck, he's even more hygienic and "clean" than I am! He takes multiple showers a day, has to wash his feet (and forces me to wash mine) the moment we step into our house, and many others that might make me look really embarrassingly unhygienic. Sometimes his antics irk me, but I guess I better be thankful that he is obsessed with hygiene than being absolutely ignorant about it.

This is my man :)
He has really nice skin too. Hardly ever gets a pimple on his face like, ever!

Perhaps me occasionally putting facial masks on him helps ;)

For a guy, he has flawless skin. And you do not get that kind of skin if you do not make the effort to care for yourself.

There's a massive difference between proper grooming and being overly obsessed with how handsome you are, by the way. Taking care of your skin with basic facial care isn't vain, but taking hours and hours staring at yourself lovingly and flirtily in front of the mirror IS vain. And girls cannot stand guys who spend more time in front of the mirror than they do. It's just...unacceptable.

Making the effort to care for your looks and groom yourself properly has a lot of perks, because first of all, that shows that you know how to take care of yourself. I am a firm believer that if you cannot even take care of yourself, you wouldn't know how to take care of your other half. It's as simple as that.

Taking care of yourself is the most basic thing that you can (and ought to) do. When a girl sees that you can groom yourself well, she would have more confidence in you to take care of bigger and more important things in life (like money, your home and your future kids). 

And comparing a shabby-looking, unshaven messy-looking guy wearing torn tees, shorts and slippers to a groomed, refined man in fitted suit and tie, hair styled tidily and shoes shined, guess who will get the girl? It's a no-brainer.

So yes, my point is, it is important to take care of yourselves, guys. Not only does it do you good physically, it also opens doors for you- you would most likely get the girl, your dream job, and have more friends because you don't smell. It sounds very realistic, I know. But people honestly don't like to hang out with people who don't consider the welfare of others (like not brushing your teeth in the morning before meeting other fellow human beings who can smell with their noses).

If you love your partner and the people around you, the least favour that you could do for them is to groom yourself. It really isn't too much to ask for.

Now you guys know girls like me prefer men who take care of themselves, it's time to make a small difference in your life, start to look and feel good, and let the girls come to you ;)

The most basic step to get a great looking and non-oily complexion is Cleansing. Cleansing is important because it unclogs all dirt, oil and impurities from your skin. It also refreshes your skin and makes you look AND feel good.

One of the men's facial care range that you could consider is the Nivea Men Total Anti Acne Mud Foam. It contains 0% harsh ingredients (i.e.: Salicylic Acid) and uses natural Magnolia Bark Extract that is gentle, yet effectively combat 10 acne signs without causing skin to get dry, red and easily irritated. The 10 signs of acne include bacteria, blackheads & whiteheads, blemishes, dark acne spots, red marks, enlarged pores, acne scars, oiliness, dull skin and uneven skin. With proper cleansing, your skin is clear and acne-free, which is a major confidence booster.

NIVEA MEN. It starts with you.

For more info on proper skin care and what NIVEA MEN can offer, visit their website: or their Facebook Page HERE.

Hopefully I helped some of you shed some light on one of the more important (yet often overlooked) matters in life ;)



love, Careen

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