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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Favourite Snapshots from Sydney 2013


Feels so good to finally have some time to blog about stuff that I've been meaning to for the longest time! Came back from a 2-week vacation to Sydney and Melbourne with the husby about 2 weeks ago, and been busy busy busy ever since!

Finally found some time to sit down and place all the holiday photos into different albums, and there I found some of the many, many shots that I personally love. I lost count on how many photos we took in total! Just like any tourist, we didn't hold back and really just snapped snapped snapped whatever we thought were photo-worthy :P

Let's start with Sydney first shall we? 
Here are some of my favourite snapshots from Sydney 2013.

Those were all we travelled with. Not bad for a two-week holiday right? ;)

I personally felt quite proud that I managed to bring only what I needed. But it turned out to be quite a bad idea cos who knew Sydney and Melbourne were much, much colder than we expected! And the husby said it wouldn't be cold cos it was end of Spring already, so I brought mostly small and thin clothes, and 2 jackets. BUT, it was freezing on some days due to the crazy wind! And I had only just enough (of mostly thin clothing) for the entire 2 weeks!

Lesson learnt: It's okay to bring more than you need.

This was where we had our first meal- Grill'd Healthy Burgers!

We had Baa Baa Burger which was too awesome! Went back there for a second round a few days after :P 

The day we landed was also my birthday too. It was nice spending the birthday in a different place for the first time :)

Visited a few famous parks. This one was at Hyde Park. Loved their parks. So clean, cool and serene. People would just pack lunch and eat there, while reading a book or listening to their iPods. I'd go there everyday if I lived in Sydney.

Beautiful architectures were everywhere. This is the St. Mary's Cathedral. My first time in a huge cathedral. It was such a great experience. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed, which was also a blessing in disguise as we got to really enjoy the experience without any "pressure" to take photos. 

The Hyde Park Barracks. I love how square and neat everything was.

More parks!

The beautiful Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens. It was so huge we only managed to cover a portion of it! Partly also because we kept stopping to take pictures :P

Check out the blue skies and enormously tall tree!

During the whole trip, I was obsessed with the unique (and some, weird) plants we encountered. Some were pretty. Some were just weird!

Sydney grass is different. It calls out to you to lie on them. Such a conducive place to fall in love, really. So many couples just lying on the ground, staring into each other's eyes, cuddling, making out. And...taking selfie shots. That would be us, the tourists. Hahah!


See what I mean by weird trees?? They're so adorable! 
Boon didn't understand my obsession with them.

One-eyed koala.

Sunny, windy day at the Sydney Opera House.

Christmas sparkles at Queen Victoria Building.

Sydney Wildlife Park. Koalas were our favourite!
They had a cafe where visitors could have a cuppa while enjoying the koalas.

Most adorable animals!

My favourite place in Sydney- The Fish Market!!!

 Am a sucker for fresh salmon sashimi and oysters, and they truly didn't let me down. Too good! And they're affordable too! Addictive stuff!

During our friend, Evelyn and Kevin's wedding. The first wedding we attended overseas, on a pontoon! We sailed from Sydney Opera House to Darling Harbour, back and forth the entire evening while dining and celebrating. What an experience!

The night view of the Sydney Opera House on the pontoon. It felt magical, especially when you enjoy it with your loved one.

Dress I wore is an upcoming piece at :)

I also became the boss of Barrack Obama for a day.

And the real queen too ;)


Felt emotional seeing my man in real life for the first time. Knowing that all the vital stats of the wax figures were of their real stats made me extra emotional about Heath Ledger. I spent the longest time there with him. Touching him here and there ahhahaha. His face, his face don't simply think!

The reason behind Bieber and Selena's split ;)

Katy's new backup dancer!

Yeap, those were from Madame Tussaud's!

The oh-so-famous-everybody-says-must-try Pancakes on the Rocks! We were so kiasu that we had to go to the one at The Rocks though it was quite a distance away, just to taste the real deal.

Well, it sure didn't disappoint! I had the seafood savoury crepe!

From Kirribilli to Circular Quay. Enjoyed the morning boat ride.

I want to own one of those Kirribilli, North Sydney houses one day! Too beautiful!

Our second round at the Fish Market before we flew to Melbourne. The satisfaction of having my salmon sashimi and oysters one more time was just so amazing. I missed it immediately after I left the place :')

I miss everything about Sydney. Except...

...those seagulls.

Of course those were not all that we did on our trip. There were lots more sight-seeing, eating, eating and eating! Hahah will update them on separate posts the next time! :)

I'm glad we made the effort to take nice pictures while we were there. It's easy to just laze and not be bothered to take photos, really. But these photos are precious memories that will last a lifetime, and I'm glad we have them with us now. Looking back at them makes me smile :) And they were all not edited too! No filters, straight out of the camera. Quite happy with how they turned out to be :)

Now, time to look at another bunch of Melbourne photos! 

Oh, you can see our real-time Sydney and Melbourne 2013 photos at my Instagram hashtag, #careenxaussie. Creating a hashtag for your trip makes things so much easier! The next time you wanna look for a photo from your trip, instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom of your Instagram to look for it, you can simply view them from your hashtag :) 

#traveltip #dontbeshytocreateyourownhastag #youwontregretit

That's all for today! Be back with more soon!

P/S: Every piece I wore on this post are upcoming pieces at Chiq Fliq. If you like em', stay tuned! :)

love, Careen

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  1. Awesome photos.. :) Careen. Both of you look great in the photos.Your Sydney trip was pretty cool.
    It describes the enjoyment you did in your trip.
    Looking forward for more trip photos of you.
    Happy Traveling.


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