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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tom Hiddleston's Best Fan Comments

If you've been following my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you would have know that recently, I just became slightly insane. 

It all happened while watching Thor 2, where something came onto me and I suddenly felt stupid for realizing that Loki/Tom Hiddleston was actually such an insanely gorgeous human being ONLY NOW. Who have I been focusing on all these times watching Thor and The Avengers??! Robert Downey Jr. is no competitor any longer.

Awww, Tom!
Stop making things so public :X

Since when bananas look good as a prop? Only with Tom Hiddleston.

Along with millions of other female species all over the world, parts of us died when we realized that there's this rare, perfect human being called Tom Hiddleston who stole all of our hearts. and ovaries, away.

So I was listening to this some time yesterday (not the first time, shy), and had it still on my tabs. And this morning when I turned on my lappie, this video played automatically which gave me a bit of shock and a lot of hearing pleasure. Hahaha if you haven't heard this before, let me warn you:

It's NSFW (not safe for work).

I don't even know where and how to begin describing what goes on inside of me when I listen to his voice. His voice is just so...I don't why, the word sexy is underrated. It's beyond that, it tickles, it melts, it zaps, it electrifies, it melts, it zaps, it moves, it consumes (wow big word. but yes it's that big). It just makes me all weak inside. *ahhhh so shy*

I have a hard time expressing my feelings for him and his voice and this poem and his perfection, but some girls just have the best expressions ever. Some of them really spoke my feelings out loud and clear, which I'm too shy to admit :X

These are some of my favourite comments from this particular Youtube video. Ok, not some. But I really enjoyed reading through all of them and I won't deny laughing out loud alone in my living when I read them hahaha.

Good things are meant to be shared so have fun reading through them. But before that, I suggest you to take a listen if you haven't yet. Then you'll understand the cries of these vulnerable Tom Hiddleston victims.


The ultimate:

There are just so many other Tom videos that makes me smile like a silly girl each time I watch them, and when I read articles about him. Anything that is Tom Hiddleston related would make my day :))))

Really must control and cannot watch and read too much about him as it affects my focus and daily productivity. Man, this is some serious epidemic. Never have I fallen so hard for any male celebrity! I thought my crush on Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon Lewitt was hard but THIS. THIS is NOT A CRUSH!

Ok back to reality. Tonnes of work to be done. No more Tom for the day (I will try).


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