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Friday, November 8, 2013

Our First Wedding Anniversary Celebration

One year. It's been ONE YEAR. WOW.

Never thought that I'd be writing a blog post about our first wedding anniversary THIS soon. Time seriously flies wayyy too fast! We were just enjoying our honeymoon in Bali at this time last year, and now it's story from a year ago. Crazy! Speaking of which, I haven't even blogged about our honeymoon yet! Hahaha but I promise I will, someday soon :P

In the midst of filtering photos for our wedding day blog post too...wayyy too many photos that I want to post up but I know if I post everything up, you guys would probably take an hour to finish reading my post. So let me go through a few more rounds of filtering :P 

I also wanna really take time to sit down and recall everything that happened on our wedding day too. Don't want to just come up with a half-hearted blog post for it. This would be the post that's most important to me which my children and grand and great grand children will read in the future. So gotta make sure it comes from the heart. But, it'll be up next week I promise!!

Anyways, it's been one great year of marriage with my best friend, buddy, love of my life. People always say that the first year of marriage is the toughest as it is where our eyes are opened to the different sides of our partner that we've never seen before. The beautiful and the nasty.

There were ups and downs in our first year, wouldn't deny that at all. Adjustments, managing and meeting expectations, families, priorities and time management. Loads to get used to, loads to learn to accept and embrace. But I'm glad that more than just surviving, we thoroughly enjoyed every ups and downs (ok we definitely enjoyed the ups more than the downs hahah) in our first year. And that calls for a celebration :)

The husby made a point to be back in time from offshore just to celebrate our first year together. He said he would never trade anything for our first year celebration, even if it means earning less from his job by coming back earlier than scheduled, which really touched my heart :') So yes, celebrating our first year had been one of the things that kept us positive while we were apart for a month. And knowing that he had special plans for our big day made it even more exciting! :)

So the husby said that he would be back on Nov 2, Saturday and touch down at KLIA around 8pm, which the plan was that I'd pick him up from KL Sentral. He reached Kuantan on Saturday morning but the only flight available was at 7.15pm, so he had no choice but to wait for the flight. So to pass time, I went to Pyramid to do my mani and pedi, and set the appointment at 6.30 so that I can pick him up straight after my appointment. 

BUT, he kept telling me that his flight had been delayed time and time again, from 8+ to 9+, from 10+ til 11+ to 12+. I planned to actually shop and walk around in Pyramid til the mall closes then go pick him up, but when he told me that his flight had been delayed til 12+, I sorta had no choice but to return home to wait for him instead of wandering aimlessly. And to top it off I was already on the way to KLIA to give him a surprise and thank God he called before I reached the toll house at Puchong. Frustrated and slightly upset, I drove home from there. It kinda spoiled all the mood and excitement after all the delays after delays :(

Reached home, opened the door, and I saw the fan turning and a white figure sitting on the couch with a silly grin on his face. It was the husby! At that point I didn't know how to feel cos I was still feeling upset but then I shouldn't be feeling upset cos he gave me a surprise. Such mixed feelings! But more than anything, I was just really happy to see him after such a long time :')

Apparently silly boy couldn't wait for the 7.15pm flight which he already bought, he took a morning bus and reached PJ at 6pm, which was when I went to do my manicure :') No wonder he kept asking me to tell him where I was doing my mani pedi, and what time I start and finish. Hahah I actually suspected that he was up to something, but he proved me wrong by showing me his flight itinerary, which I believed him and hadn't doubted at all since. Sneaky fella.

So yea the husby went for dinner with his family, then back home to wait for me from 8 plus til 11 plus on the couch hahahaha!! No wonder he kept asking me to go home instead of waiting at the mall hahah! Well, it was all just really sweet and I'm touched that he went out of the way just to come back and see me few hours earlier than he should have. Something I'll never forget.

So the next day was our anniversary! It was on a Sunday so our plan was to go to church, and then proceed with the surprise that husby had planned. As usual, I have trouble waking up early and when I do, I'll usually be pretty grumpy at first. Woke up to the husby saying, "Good morning baby! Happy first anniversary!". I opened my heavy eyelids and saw this.

I laughed like mad when I saw him and the flowers cos silly boy looked so funny! :') What time did this dude wake up to collect the flowers??! I immediately asked him to freeze so that I could take a photo of him in that same pose for remembrance hahaha :P

The beautiful flowers were from Sunny Days, our wedding florist. They never fail to deliver the best flowers and services. Knowing that this was for our anniversary, Alice told Boon that the bouquet was complimentary upon collection :') And this was not the first time she treated us with compliments!

Thank you, Sunny Days for the generosity! If you're looking for reliable and amazing florist to work with for your wedding or any occasion at all, go to Alice from Sunny Days. She made our wedding beautiful, and now, our anniversary too :') Grateful.

Thanks husby for the supplies suprise :*

The only hint that the husby dropped was that we would be putting a night at a secret location. So he asked me to pack enough for a night's stay somewhere. Knowing that whatever he packs for me would probably be rejected by me, he let me do the packing hahaha!

On the way to the secret location, he gave me all sorts of made-up stories and crap to cover up. One of them included him bringing me to Istana Budaya to visit the Nyan Cat exhibition. I'm impressed with his level of crapiness! Then, he said we actually aren't doing much cos we'll be yumchaing with his buddies at night at a mamak. On the night of our anniversary -.- To prove to me that he isn't kidding, he called up his bud, Joel and asked if they were indeed going to yumcha that night, and he said yes. Dammit I laughed so hard cos both of them are just full of crap. Joel didn't actual know that was coming but he just crap along anyway. Impressive real buddies -.-

Then when approaching KL, he said that he needs to go into office which is KLCC to settle some last minute work. He apologized and asked me if I could wait for him in the car for a while. After being with him for 9 years now, he cannot kid me la. I was laughing the whole time and he felt sad that I didn't believe him ahahha! Then, he drove into Grand Hyatt. Which was our secret location for our anniversary! :O

Our room was at the 32nd floor which was higher than most of our neighbouring buildings. Which was awesome! :)

Right opposite Sky Bar.

KLCC at my feet nyehehehe.

More flowers 

Special changing room without the aircond to dress up, with mirror and all which is great! So gonna have this little area in our next house :)

One really cool thing about the shower room is that there's a switch to turn the transparency of the glass on and off! So if you're staying with friends or family and wouldn't want them to see you butt naked, you can always switch off the smexy transparent glass! ;)

Husby said our dinner would be very filling so we decided to go for light/tea at The Loaf in Pavilion. And to adjust the strap of his new watch too! :)

He's always been pretty curious about Toy Watches so decided to get him one. Love how yeng it looks. The strap is actually made out of plastic so it's pretty lightweight. Glad he likes it :)

The choc croissant and mushroom quiche are highly recommended! Oh, do get them to heat them up first. They'll taste much better :)

Dinner taime!

Love this picture of us! Dress from Topshop 

These are actually our only couple photos of the night. Hahah totally forgot to get others to help us take photos. We only cared about talking and eating the whole night, which was nice :)

And some mandatory shameless selfies hahaha.

I'm pretty sure some of you can recognize this place just by looking at this giant iconic piece of curtain. It's Cafe Cafe!

Husby had Menu 136, and I had Menu 195. The number is actually the price of the set. Pricey, but we felt they were absolutely worth it. Afterall, we only get to celebrate our first year anniversary once.

Food pics! 

His: Escargots in Ratatouilles

Nice but too much garlic for my liking. But the husby loved it.

Hers: Pan Seared Foie Gras

SO SO GOOD. I salivate each time I think of this dish. 
OMG I can have this every single day man.

His: French Onion Soup

Hers: Hokkaido Scallop with Prosciutto

Nice too, but Foie Gras killed it. It was so much better.

Sorbet before the Mains

Apparently this acts as a tongue/taste buds cleaner/resetter. So that we would be able to fully enjoy our mains. Something new for us to have dessert in the middle of a meal O.O But it was nice!

His: Fettuccine Scented Truffles and Roasted Macadamia

It was really, really good!

Hers: Pancetta - Roulade of Cod with Frog Leg

They didn't have the Frog Leg on that night, so they served Fried Shrimps instead. Wonder how the Frog Leg would taste like though I hate frogs haha! But overall a nice dish :)


Overexposed photo but I love it. So pro la you bee :P 

Sweetheart. Man of my life 

White wine was goooood. *slurps*

Pre-dessert platter: Petite Four

Something new to us too! Pre-dessert which felt like a full dessert by then cos we were already stuffed. Hahah!

His: Creme Brulee with Espresso

Hers: Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

It was a rainy evening of just chilling, chatting and stuffing ourselves silly. Stayed all the way til their closing time at 12am :P

Nice, classic place. Romantic Ambience. Great food. Amazing service.

Perfect company 

Breakkie the morning after with a view. Very nice :)

Tea time at Thirty8, Grand Hyatt's in-house restaurant where we sat right across the Petronas Twin Towers! We had the Thirty8 Signature Cake which was really yummers! A wee bit too sweet for my liking but still super yumz :)

Thanks husby for the wonderful anniversary celebration.

You set such a high standard for the first one, good luck with the upcoming anniversaries to come :P *muax*

Looking forward to the many many many more years of being your wifey. The more I'm married to you, the more I know you and the more I love you.

You're the best. So blessed to be your wife. I thank God everyday for you.
Love you heaps.


love, yours.

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