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Monday, November 18, 2013

My New Collection: Triumph Sexy Cushion Maximizer

Hey guys! :)

This year-end holiday season is proving to be a little challenging for me to update my blog regularly! So many events, happenings and vacation posts that I can't wait to share about!

But first, I checked out the Triumph store at Midvalley about a week ago for some lingerie shopping, and thought I should share about this amazing range that I just bought! Triumph is one of my favourite lingerie brands. Superb quality all the time.

I love lingerie shopping! I can literally stay there for hours just taking my time to look through all the collection and to try them on one by one. After all, inner wear does a lot to one's outer appearance. So it's definitely worth spending some time and thought with investing into good, quality lingerie.

Here are some of the pretty lingerie at Triumph, Midvalley.

I tried out their new Autumn 2013 range, the Triumph Sexy Cushion Maximizer collection, and I LOVE them!


Getting a right bra size is very important. If you're not sure which bra size you belong to, always consult the sales assistants as they know best which ones would suit us. Different bra comes with different fitting, so it's safer to always measure before you pick your bra size!

So I tried on 2 styles from the Autumn 2013 collection: The Multiway-Halfcup and the Non-wired Push-up. Both of these styles are from the Triumph Sexy Cushion collection, where they have super soft cushions made from advanced memory foam that gently cradles the breasts, eliminating unnecessary gaps and providing incredible support and a super lift.

Style #1: Triumph Sexy Multiway-Halfcup

Style #2: Triumph Sexy Non-Wired Push-Up

Their lovely fitting room. 
So pretty and comfy I could really take my time in there...which I kinda did. Hahah!

Not because I was busy taking selfies though :P

It's my usual thing to try on the bra, adjust nicely, then put my top on to see how it looks. Sometimes, the bras look good but when they're worn with a top over, they look weird. So it's important to try it with your top over as well before you make your decision to get it.

Fortunately for me, both styles from the Triumph Sexy Cushion collection looked and felt great so I got them both! :))

They're retailing at RM169.90 each and comes in a set with matching seamless lace panties too! I feel they're absolutely worth the investment. 

Here's why:

Let's start with the Triumph Sexy Cushion Non-Wired Push-Up bra.

It is the first ever non-wired maximizer! A non-wired bra with a push-up feature! :)

I got my Triumph Sexy Cushion Non-Wired Push-Up bra in Passionate Purple. Oooo ;)

One of the things that I really love about this bra is that it is a lace bra *hearts* Makes you feel instantly more feminine and sexy. Most of the non-wired bras I see in the market have 1) No push-up feature, 2) No pretty designs. They're mostly plain, sporty and dull-looking. 

And the great thing about the lace is that the prints don't really show when you wear your top over, even when it's fitting! Let me show you later on :)

These super soft cushions are made of advanced memory foam that gently cradles the breasts, giving them a natural push-up effect without going OTT (over-the-top).

The intelligent, lightweight pads have a unique shape and recall function, facilitating a perfect fit and supreme comfort every time, resulting in a fantastic push-up effect that is completely natural.

Non-wired. Absolutely comfortable.

Some wired bras have a tendency to poke right into our ribcage, leaving us feeling suffocated after wearing them for a few hours, but not for this one as it gives the same support that wired bras can, minus the wires! :)

And here I was wearing the Triumph Sexy Cushion Non-Wired Push-Up bra in this photo. It could even be worn with fitting tops and the lace details wouldn't show. Amazing!

And the second style that I got was the Triumph Sexy Cushion Multiway-Halfcup bra.

Every girl needs to have at least one multiwear bra that could be worn multiple ways to suit different types of outfits for different occasions. I got mine in Pretty Mauve.

Lovely lace.

The cushion shoulder straps are especially comfortable and soft on the skin.

The Triumph Sexy Cushion Multiway-Halfcup bra can be worn in 5 different ways!

Photo courtesy of hahaha!

Look #1: Classic
For that weekend party

Look 2: Halterneck
For a fun weekend out!

Look #3: Toga
For that romantic date

Look #4: Crossback
For a day trip to the beach

Look #5: Strapless
For the weekend dinners

The Triumph Sexy Cushion Muitlway-Halfcup bra is versatile and fun to wear with so many looks to play around with! If you want to just stick to the Strapless look even while wearing a halterneck, toga or strap top/dress, you can too as the straps and buckles for this bra is secure enough to hold the bra, give you the push-up effect and support that you need, even without the straps! :)

Another 2 amazing bras added to my lingerie collection! 

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love, Careen


  1. very nice .. i mean u had a great body so everything pulled off easily, dun mention that Triumph had this great collection. tq for the posting.


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