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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Girls' Generation for Baby-G!

These girls are not strangers to most of us!

Girls’ Generation as a highly versatile girl pop group whose members not only sing, but also appear as models and actresses on TV, in commercials, and in films, is the ideal match for the Baby-G brand. 

Also known as SNSD among their fans (who are called ‘Sone’) the group is adaptable yet tough, active, sporty, healthy, beautiful and complemented by the individuality of each of the nine members’ fashionable lifestyles.

With a huge following in Asia and beyond, it’s no wonder that Girls’ Generation have been the face of Casio Baby G in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia since 2012.

Members of Girls’ Generation:

Taeyeon aka Kim Tae-yeon born 9 March 1989.
Jessica aka Jung Soo-yeon born 18 April 1989
Sunny aka Lee Soon-kyu born 15 May 1989
Tiffany aka Hwang Mi-young born 1 August 1989
Hyoyeon aka Kim Hyo-yeon born 22 September 1989
Yuri aka Kwon Yu-ri born 5 December 1989
Sooyoung aka Choi Soo-young born 10 February 1990
Yoona aka Im Yoon-ah born 30 May 1990
Seohyun aka Seo Joo-hyun born 28 June 1991

Casio Baby G timepieces are renowned for their toughness and cool designs and feature a compact version of G-SHOCK’s shock-resistant structure and the same high-level water resistance, Baby-G is perfectly comfortable in hard-use environment.

Here are some features that make the Baby-G a much loved watch the world over:

Baby-G Protectors
Your Baby G is touch and equipped with special protectors to guard the case enclosed by the bezel from external shocks. Both shock resistance and attractive styling are realized by the use of protectors of various types, including unique wire protectors.

Shock-resistant structure
Bring it everywhere with you as its robust G-SHOCK-like case and bezel structures protecting sensitive parts from all-directional dropping shocks, Baby-G supports women’s active lifestyles, including sports and various outdoor activities.

Water resistance
Swimming? Diving? Not a problem as all Baby-G models are equipped with 100m or 200m water resistance. This prepares them for use in a wide range of environments, from sea and pool to skiing and snowboarding, as well as in all sorts of daily life activities.

Wire protectors
In case you always wondered – the special wire protectors are designed to guard the case not only play a role in enhancing shock resistance but also contribute as a design accent to Baby-G’s sporty look.

Solar Powered
Don’t bother changing batteries every two (2) years as the solar panel on your Baby G converts even weak illumination from fluorescent lighting into electric power. A rechargeable battery with a large power storage capacity supports stable operation of various functions with high electricity consumption. You never have to worry about the battery running down because it’s a solar battery.

In my post about MHB’s visit to G-Factory I highlighted the latest Girls’ Generation Casio Baby G commercial and here’s a look at some behind the scenes footage from that video.

And here are the members of Girls’ Generation with their Casio Baby G timepieces!

All the girls are just so pretty! Everyone of them with a different style and look, with different preferences of Baby-G watches too! 

Whose style do you like the best? :)

And guess what, you'll get a Free Girls' Generation Towel with a purchase of Baby-G watch from G-Factory! For a limited time only, so don't miss it!

This is my dear Baby-G watch that I got from G-Factory!

Introducing a new Baby-G Series that packs the popular G-Shock GA-110 Series into a compact configuration with cool designs that are totally new for the Baby-G line-up. These models are available in black, white, semi-transparent and silver!

Absolutely love it!

Follow Casio Timepiece Malaysia on Facebook to get the latest updates on all G-Shock and Baby-G collections! You can also find out more about Casio timepieces below:

You may find the G-Factory outlets in the following locations:

G-Factory Suria Sabah
G-Factory Isetan KLCC
G-Factory Fahrenheit 88
G-Factory Sunway Pyramid
G-Factory Dataran Pahlawan
G-Factory City Square
G-Factory Gurney Paragon
G-Factory East Coast Mall
Casio Corner Pavilion 

Til then!


love, Careen

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