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Friday, October 25, 2013

SK-II Blogger Ambassador on

Hey guys! :)

Some of you have probably gotten this news way earlier from my Instagram and Facebook account, but let me officially announce a project which I'm very excited to be involved with!

Floral Crop Top from

Yours truly have been more than blessed and extremely lucky to be chosen as one of the bloggers from Malaysia to be the SK-II blogger ambassador on!

And here's my profile! :) If you are already on Clozette, you should follow me here!
Currently, I am slowly compiling my looks, outfit shots and styles on my Clozette account

If you're new to, it is a social networking and shopping portal for ladies. They have lots of beauty, makeup and fashion tips for us to check out! You can also create your personal online closet, and share with others your fashion and beauty inspirations! 

Create a Clozette profile of your own and start following all your favourite personalities! :)

The Video Shoot

Clozette flew me to Singapore some weeks ago for a day of video shoot! It was my first time flying in and out of the country on that same day as I wanted to catch a prom at night back home, and it was quite an adventure! Travelling alone can be pretty therapeutic. But, it was quite a dramatic day too...missed my flight in the morning. Let's not get there T-T

Anyways, here's the relieved (happy that I finally landed in Singapore in one piece after a dramatic morning) and excited me posing with a fraction of my closet which I brought together with me for the shoot! Realized that I DO have a lot of floral and pastel outfits!

And here's my little corner. 
Shoot was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel suite conveniently connected to Changi Airport Terminal 3. Nice place indeed!

Look at the super spacious bathroom!

Some of you have asked me what videos were shot during the entire day. Well, I'm not going to spoil your surprise, but all I can reveal is that my videos will be released in November HERE! So do stay tuned to the Clozette site for the videos that I put so much effort into. Must make sure you watch ok! T-T

Some behind-the-scenes photos!

We had a huge TV of live feed for us to see how the results came out to be. Super efficient video crew behind these videos.

And some candid shots that I like (out of the many candid shots that CMI).

If you're wondering what I was holding and doing in those pictures (why would I be holding a...shoe padding?), make sure you watch the videos to find out! You'll definitely love them as they're super helpful and informative :)

Thanks to Jessie from Clozette for this pretty BTS photo! Photography skills Level Asian!

And guess what, I didn't expect this but I received a bottle of the much coveted SK-II Stempower Essence! The whole world is talking about this miracle essence and I actually have it right on my dresser! Thank you SK-II and Clozette for loving my skin :))

Been trying this precious product for a few weeks since I received it, and I've gotta say that SK-II IS renown for a reason. It is because their products are top notch and they're miraculous.

Decided to do a little beauty review about this little miracle worker!

This is a side of me rarely seen on my blog, eh?

And please pardon my horrible red, tired eyes. Stayed up all night to rush up some work, thus the dark circles and redness of the eyes.

One of the things I love most about the SK-II Stempower Essence is the texture of the product. It has a clear, slimy texture which glided easily onto my face, and absorbs really well into the skin. It has a real pleasant scent too!

How to apply:
After applying your usual clear lotion, put an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) of Essence onto your hand/palm. Smooth onto entire face and apply extra drops onto your concerned areas.

Look how fast it absorbs into my skin! Just within seconds and it is fully absorbed :)

The SK-II Stempower Essence is made to give us pore-less, bouncy skin!

Been using the SK-II Stempower Essence for a few weeks now, and I love it!

That's all from me for now. Stay tuned to my updates on the upcoming videos!
Til then, I shall see you at ;)


love, careen

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