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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Legally Married

365 days ago, 
we made our decisions, black and white, to be with each other forever.

28th of October, 2012

That's right, it's been a year since our ROM! 
Which was precisely a week before our wedding day :)

Time flies wayyyy too fast. Too fast when you're having a great time.

I guess we should take it as a good thing? Imagine saying, "Whattttt, we've only been married for 1 year? Gosh it feels like a long journey!" Hahahahaha that would be pretty sad :P

Our officiating minister explaining what we were about to get ourselves into. Heaven on earth, of course. What are you thinking! Hahaha!!

We had our Registration of Marriage (ROM) in a church in Kota Damansara. It was nice and cosy, attended by just close friends and family members.

The moment of truth.

You sure you won't regret this, bro? Heheh

And, the deal is sealed! Legally Mr & Mrs Ng Boon Hock :)


Our reactions when our photographer asked Boon to give me a kiss in front of his buddies.
And he looked like he had itchy backside. Great la great :/

Actually if you noticed, Boon looked super shy in all the pictures. Blushing bridegroom :'P
Love the epic reactions from his buddies.

And we had the most awkward kiss. Ever.

Buddies from church!
Thank you all for being there.

Our new family :)
Only 3 men hahahaha!


I can still recall all my feelings on that day. It felt as nerve-wrecking as our wedding day, because I knew that by putting my signature on that piece of paper, I'm telling the world that I am legally married to this amazing guy. 

Nerve-wrecking not because I had doubts and was unsure, I couldn't be more sure about my decision. But because I knew that decision would change our lives, forever. And it did. So much better.

The feeling after we legally sealed the deal?
Even more excited.

One step closer to our wedding day, where we officially give our lives to each other in the presence of God and everyone dear to us.

Will be blogging a full, complete post on our wedding day almost a year ago (whattttt!). Brace yourselves for lots and lots of pictures and emotions in the blog post hahaha. It's gonna be a longggg one.

For today, I just wanna say, thank you for making the meaning of marriage so wonderful for me, darling. You make me excited waking up to being your wife every single day. 

Come home, and we shall celebrate ;) 
See ya after 6 sleeps!!!

love, Yours.


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