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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exclusive Blogger Preview at Longchamp, Pavilion!

Hello weekenders!

Yours truly is excited to share with you about the exclusive blogger store preview at the newly launched Longchamp store at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur!

 No plans for the weekend yet? Perhaps this gives you a good reason to take a drive down to Pavilion to check out the largest Longchamp store in Malaysia at 1500 sq ft.

I totally love the concept and design of the store.
It's spacious, bright, colourful, elegant, classy, all in one.

Step in.

Most people I know associate the Longchamp brand with the iconic Le Pliage bags- the foldable design in bright colored canvas with leather trims being possibly the world's best-selling bag, with more than 26 million sold to date! Almost everyone I know owns a Le Pliage bag!

But last Tuesday, we were introduced to a new range of Longchamp collection:
The Le Pliage Cuir range.

The Le Pliage Cuir has been carefully designed and crafted from African m├ętis leather, so that it retains the ability to fold in exactly the same way as the nylon original, and show absolutely no creases on being folded to its full size.

The limited edition Longchamp velvet range.

Aside from the bags, the Longchamp apparels and shoes were gorgeous.


What I Wore:

Crop Top & High-waisted Skirt-
Heels- Aldo

With fellow bloggers- Kelly, Meisze and Cheesie holding various Longchamp collection!

And look what I found! The small sized Le Pliage bag!
Isn't it just super duper cute!!


With Cheesie, one of the first bloggers I followed since a decade ago, who inspired me to start blogging. She's an inspiration to many bloggers and non-bloggers alike. So glad to have met her in person! Super nice and friendly :)

Also one of the first blogs I first started reading. Also an inspiration. Love her daring and loud fashion sense which not many can pull off. And she's so nice to chat with! :)

With Jac the young, amazing mummy to a super cute baby boy!

Karen Kho the fitness junkie!
Looking at her Insta abs photos makes me feel flabby and unglam. Hahaha!

Chenelle Wen the little pretty one!
Her skin is flawless. One of the best skin I've ever seen and I'm not kidding!

Desserts and treats for the ladies.

With Belle & Cheesie.

Crazy and fun Nanabwincess!

Bloggers unite!

In conjunction with the opening of the new exclusive store, Longchamp is offering its personalization services, Sur Mesure, for a limited time in the month of November 2013.

It's your chance to create your very own Le Pliage with a selection of colours, shapes and sizes that you can tinker with to your heart's content. Especially for you who love to stand out in the crowd ;)

While the Sur Mesure service is previously only available online for certain countries worldwide, Malaysian fans can now rejoice as we have the service right here in the Longchamp exclusive store at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Loveeeeeee this colour combination.

May Sze & Derek from Longchamp demonstrating the features of the Sur Mesure personalization services.

And guess what, all the bloggers were given the liberty to choose a Longchamp bag of our choice! :))

It took me a good whole 2 hours to touch and feel, look and look again in front of the mirror and asking around too many times for me to finally decide on which Longchamp bag to bring home! Too many pretty options to choose from!

So yes, after hours (literally), I told the Longchamp team my choice of bag, and they quickly and efficiently packed it for me.

From the lovely Longchamp team. 
Great customer service, wonderful hospitality. Thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Longchamp store :)

Anddddddd, here's my new Longchamp!


Chose the beautiful medium-sized Le Pliage Cuir in Bilberry. Seriously cannot wait to use it for my upcoming vacations at the end of the month!!

And this is how it looks like.
What do you think? :)

All the girls walked out of the all-new Longchamp store with a new bag of our choice! Thank you, Longchamp Malaysia for the love and generosity :))



love, Careen

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