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Monday, October 14, 2013

Current Love: Casio Baby G

I had never really been a fan of watches. Some of my friends are willing to spend hundreds and thousands on a single watch that they love, but I wouldn't. I always thought that spending money on other stuff like shoes and bags would be more worthwhile cos well, a watch is just....a watch.

But since my husband himself is also a great fan of watches who stops at almost every other timepiece outlets in the mall, I slowly became influenced by him, especially for Casio G-Shock watches (which he has plenty!). He ALWAYS purposely throws them on the ground hard just to prove to me that they're shock resistant. -.-

And recently, I had an absolutely pleasure to receive a brand new Casio Baby G watch courtesy of Casio Malaysia, and boy, did they know my taste! I always thought I loved all things white, and was secretly hoping I'd get a white one but I received something far better than the usual white.

But before that, some OOTD throwback!

Top- BKK
Shorts- Chiq Fliq (
Flats- H&M
Bag- Charles & Keith
Watch- Casio Baby G
Bangles- BKK

And here's my new love!


What's better than white? Semi-transparent! Loveeeee how it goes so well with just about anything. Thought that I'd have trouble matching it with my outfits but turns out, semi-transparent goes so well with pastel colours.

I never used to really wear watches because I have very small wrists. And most watches would look too big or masculine on me. However, this one surprisingly fits my hand just nice! :))

Aside from the color and fit, I absolutely adore the little details of the watch. I'm all for simple and clean designs, and this is nothing more than stunning to me.

More deets!

Did you know that the back panel of the watch (which states the day and time) is actually reflective? I can literally see myself in there haha.

Introducing a new Baby-G Series that packs the popular G-SHOCK GA-110 Series into a compact configuration with cool designs that are totally new for the Baby-G line-up. These models are available in black, white, semi-transparent, and silver.

The faces of these models are layered for a multi-dimensional look, and metallic elements provide a touch of gorgeous elegance that allows them watches to double as fashionable accessories. The result is a collection of designs with powerful visual impact in a size suitable for the feminine wrist.

Totally love everything about this piece :)

For more info, head on over to Casio's Facebook Page!

love, Careen


  1. Totally love your top and your watch!
    Congrats on your new shop btw.
    Hope that you would bring in more sizes. haha.
    Missed seeing 'May' in action, hopefully there is a season two of This Is Why :)

  2. How much is this transparent baby G ?


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