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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Evening at G-factory

Visited the G-Factory a while ago with some of the blogger babes from MHB! I always visit various G-Factory outlets in different malls cos the husby is a huge fan of G-shock watches, so the G-Factory brand is no stranger to me!

This time, we popped by the one at Midvalley, which is on the same floor as the cinema. Globally, the number of stores in the G-factory network is growing rapidly, reaching 355 stores in July 2012. The distributors of Casio, Marco Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd aims to have 12 G-factory stores by the end of 2013, with this latest store in Midvally, along with existing 8 other G-factory stores in Malaysia.

Aside from Baby-G, G-Factory also carries 4 other major brands such as G-SHOCK, EDIFICE, SHEEN and PROTREK.

With the iconic G-Factory logo and bright set-up, it is really hard to miss!

What I wore:

Knitted Top: Topshop
Leather skater skirt: BKK
Heels: HK Station, Sungei Wang

What I love about Baby-G watches is that it has different styles to suit different personality and preferences. I for one am attracted to the white, pastel colours, matte texture, and square shapes. Hahah very specific, I know.

So many varieties to choose from! I literally stared at the display trying to look at the details of the each of the watches.

From what I mentioned, I guess you can pretty much tell which ones I eyed on :P

Casio also has a premium luxury range called Sheen! Super pretty all the designs!

The babes who were there with me.

Picked out some of the watches that I love.

Ok I know I didn't mention that I love black and gold, and erm, round shapes. But this one is just so cool! 

And this one is EVEN cooler! Love itttttt.

Lookieee at itttttt. It's so nice! Love the black and gold combination.

And this one is bronze/light gold. Love it.

Hahah I didn't mention I like bright colours but this one is just so chic! The yellow isn't the annoying type of yellow, but the very pleasant and sweet type. Love how plastic-y it looks :P

Ahhhhh thisssssss. This one stole my heart right away. 
It's white, it's clean, and it's square.


And this!!! Pastel orange how rare is this colour you tell me! 
Makes this boyish design so pretty all of a sudden! 

A million thanks to the Casio team for a pleasant surprise too! We got ourselves a bag of goodies from G-factory. Let's take a look at what's inside.

Guess what is in this pretty little stainless steel capsule?

It's my brand new Baby-G watch! The Casio team personally hand-picked for us, and I'm just so happy that they got me one which suits my personality totally. So much thoughtfulness!

Will reveal my new Baby-G watch in a bit ;)

Guess what else came with the watch?

A limited-edition Girls' Generation Towel!

Girls' Generation because they're the newly appointed Baby-G ambassadors, and they also have their own line of Baby-G watches! :) 

Girls' Generation have been the face of Casio Baby-G in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia since 2012.

Girls Generation embodies the "tough, cute, cool" concept of Baby-G, Casio's shock resistant watches for women.

Here's the 2013 Baby Video faith Girls' Generation!

And here's a compilation of Girls' Generation's biggest hits!

I think Girls' Generation is pretty cool, but I'm not really a fan. So, I'm planning to give this exclusive original Girls' Generation Towel away to my readers who are fans of GG.

If you're interested, leave a comment with your e-mail and I shall contact a random, lucky winner, aight? ;)

More selfies!

All the bloggers who made a visit that evening.
Special thanks to G-Factory for the invite, and the gorgeous gifts!

Wanna know which Baby-G watch I received? Read this post to find out all about it ;)

Follow Casio Timepiece Malaysia on Facebook to get the latest updates on all G-Shock and Baby-G collections! You can also find out more about Casio timepieces below:

You may find the G-Factory outlets in the following locations:

G-Factory Suria Sabah
G-Factory Isetan KLCC
G-Factory Fahrenheit 88
G-Factory Sunway Pyramid
G-Factory Dataran Pahlawan
G-Factory City Square
G-Factory Gurney Paragon
G-Factory East Coast Mall
Casio Corner Pavilion 

Happy mid-week everybody! 
The weekend is getting day closer! :)

love, Careen


  1. I want that towel!! :D

  2. Ohmaigawd!!!! Careen you are so pretty in the white watch! And and and, I am a great fan of GG!!! I am collecting all GG products! Hopefully I am lucky enough to be the winner :D

  3. Opps sorry I forgot to enter my email address: *finger crossed* :)

  4. Hey Careen! I really like reading your posts and you're really a pretty person! I wish one day I can have such a blessed marriage like yours too :) Hope I can get the towel too! :) ♥


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