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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sisters-Surprise from Alexa's Playground!

So three days ago, the husby and I made a trip back to my parents' and gave the 3 little sisters a surprise gift that we got from Alexa's Playground- an all-new online toy store for both babies and fur babies (pets)!

As usual, we would make them close their eyes to add to the suspense. It's been a tradition in our family for years. This would usually make them super gan jeong :P


Hahaha I love how the parcel covers almost the whole of Evangeline's body :')

With 3 pairs of hands at work, it was a real quick unwrapping process! 

They literally went "whoaaaaaa" after seeing the colour of the box (their favourite colour- pink) without even knowing what the toys are all about. Hahaha girls.

So yes! We got them a whole set of LEGO DUPLO Cinderella's Castle! :)

So prettyyyyy. 
Gladys and I were saying this was like, our childhood dream toys when we were little! Before the days of the Internet and iPads. We could only marvel at them in Toys "R" Us. Those were the days :')

Seeing what can be done with the whole set of LEGO DUPLO Cinderella's Castle got my sisters (and me) super excited! 

Check out Evangeline's colourful fingernails ;)
Which I was forbidden to have until I was like, what, 14? And my mum was the one who helped her with the nail colours. And she is just...5. Times have changed...

These girls grew up watching Spongebob Squarepants on YouTube, and playing Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies on iPads. They have never actually really played with LEGOs up until now, which is something really fresh to them!

For those of us who grew up with LEGOs, we know how meaningful it is to play with LEGOs than Minion Rush on iPads. 

That's why I was super excited when I knew that Alexa's Playground offers a wide range of LEGO DUPLOs at their website. Glad to know that my sisters love them too!

All set...

...and ready to build the castle!

Each LEGO DUPLO set comes with a simple and easy-to-learn instruction manual, as it is made for kids aged 2-5 years. Even Melody and Charity aged 8 and 10 respectively are interested too!

Cinderella's detachable skirt! Hehe

The little details of the castle are really adorable.

Cinderella's mirror. It IS a real, mini mirror! :)

Funky personalised castle by designer Charity :')

One fun thing about LEGO DUPLOs is that though there is a guide on how to build the castle, kids always have the freedom to be creative and explore new things! Such as building a totally new castle structure, or simply mix and match the LEGOs around and build something totally different. Like this one. Hahaha!

As opposed to adult's instruction manuals, kids' manuals are just sooooo much simpler and straightforward. They'll know what to do with just one glance!

And after 20 mins, the Cinderella's Castle is ready for the royalties!

Here's where the fun starts.
Placing Cinderella & Prince Charming at different parts of the castle to tell a different story :)

Just married!

Tea time with berries and cakes by the fireplace.
Check out the chandelier! 

Star-gazing at the balcony before the clock strikes 12.

It's past midnight. Time to sleep :)

The next thing to get to add to the collection: 

Loveeee the details! Check out the glass slipper! :))

And guess what, LEGO DUPLOs are not the only toys available at Alexa's Playground! Go check out their website and you'll know just what I mean.

Alexa's Playground has the widest range of LEGO DUPLOs available online in Malaysia. Toys for both girls and boys at different ages. And recently, they have books available as well!

Aside from just fun stuff for kids, they also have toys in store for your fur babies!

A wide range of KONG toys specially for dogs! Now they have something to be occupied with rather than your socks and shoes! Toys for cats and other pets will be made available very soon, so stay tuned! ;)

Other than products offered at the website, Alexa's Playground has a special Blog section which features videos + fun articles, personality interviews and heart-warming stories of motherhood, babies, and pets.

It is more than just a shopping website, but also a lifestyle blog where we could take a moment, read up and learn a thing or two :)

The posts were all written by founder of Alexa's Playground, Natalie Sia. She literally meets up with each of these inspiring moms, have a chat with them over coffee before putting together meaningful write-ups.

Video interviews that will be up soon on the website!

Her recent interview with Subang Jaya Assemblyman, YB Hannah Yeoh! Can't wait to read all about her story :)

I've known Natalie for close to 6 years now. We've always been involved in drama performances in church together, and she's without a doubt, an amazing and talented individual. How Alexa's Playground came about was truly personal for Natalie.

Alexa is the name of Natalie's late-baby daughter, and this whole project is dedicated to her. You can read more about her inspiring story in her blog HERERead, and be blessed.

Alexa's Playground to me, is a very meaningful project. And I, for one, am in full support of it. You can also be sure that their customer service is top-notch :)

Find out what you can get for your kids/siblings/kids' birthday or full moons parties. FREE DELIVERY to all parts of Malaysia!

You'll also receive a RM20 OFF your total purchase if you enter this code before checking out:


Available for a limited time only, so get make your orders quick quick! :)

Find out more about Alexa's Playground here:

Have fun at Alexa's Playground! ;)

love, Careen

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