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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Rainbow Wedding: Gordon & Jaslynn

I love weddings

I love attending weddings, watching wedding videos, seeing wedding pictures, hearing wedding stories. Weddings are just beautiful :)

One of our closest church buddies, Gordon Ling who was also our wedding videographer got married last Sunday! His bride, Jaslynn loves rainbows, colours, and unicorns, so that was their wedding theme.

Enjoy the pics!

Look at those genuine happy smiles!

Her rainbow wedding dress was truly unique and pretty! Not everyone has the guts to go for it. The outcome was just really beautiful :)

Familia. Us with the sis, Gladys and her bf, Sung.

All the bridal party wore rainbow colours! Check out their candy corsages :)

Now that we're married, we see weddings in a totally different light.

We understand that in order for weddings to be go smoothly and beautifully with all the decor and details requires a lot of HARD WORK.

I think we can safely say that beautiful weddings = hard work.

And also, we now know that it is indeed an honour to be invited as wedding guests. For me and Boon, we have lots of friends and people we thought we needed and wanted to invite. But the space for both our matrimony and dinner reception just didn't allow that. The dilemma of who to invite is a BIG headache for every couple. We stressed about the guest list more than anything else. Dramatic stories another time ;)

We especially enjoy small, intimate weddings like this one, as everyone invited were close friends to the couple. I think that's what weddings are all about anyway. Having only those who truly matter, those who truly are happy for you.

I love attending weddings with the husband, especially now that we're married. Every wedding brings back memories of our own, and reminds us of where we started this beautiful journey. I love how he'll always hold me while we witness weddings. I love how he's always reassuring :)

So it was a rainbow-themed wedding, Boon and I came in the most colourful outfits we could find in our wardrobe! Thank God for my colourful Love, Bonito dress which suited the occasion :)

If you guys didn't know, Boon is one of Gordon's many buddies/bfs/gayfriends/lovers. Jaslynn and I are just so used to this scene, we literally just let them love each other.

In the pic above, Gordon said now that he's a married man, he would have to break up with all his bfs. I was making sure, while Boon was totally oblivious.


Cheryl was trying to show me where the giant lizard went. Random I know.

Honoured to have a photo with the boss of Appetit Online ;)

Rainbow moustache, anyone?


We were trying to do some harmonization stuff for the wedding videographer which failed miserably.

Glam shots!

Secret: We were standing right in front of a portable aircond leh.

Weddings are the best times to take photos cos everyone is dressed up so nicely, and the locations are always beautiful. So we took advantage...

Post-wedding photoshoot

Cheater hid behind me to look thinner. Hmmph..

With buddies Pat & QQ.
Love the colours in this photo!

Beautiful leafy arch.

Nice erm...stairs.
For the record, Boon was the one who asked us to pose there, and directed us for this shot!

My husband is a seasoned #ootd photographer. Hehe

Took advantage of the sunlight while we could. Sunlight pics are the best.

With the golden couple!

Congrats Gordon & Jaslynn. Welcome to the club!

love, Careen

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