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Thursday, July 25, 2013

My new shades from Glasses Online!


Been working from home for almost 8 months now since I got married and moved into my new crib. For those of you who also work from home, or have worked from home before, you'll understand when I say that sometimes, you don't even feel like stepping outta the house for anything. 

Anything, including eating. Yes, you heard me right...coming from me, the ever-hungry big eater.

Working from home allows me to dress in whatever I want, look like an auntie wearing oversized shirts, glasses, and hair tied into a ponytail while working at my desk. To know that I need to get dressed just to go out for a meal just makes me feel really lazy, that sometimes, I'll just eat whatever that's edible at home or order food deliveries online. 

Being an avid online shopper, knowing that more and more daily essentials are being made available online never fails to excite me! These days, almost everything we need is attainable just with a couple of clicks online.

So far we have online fashion stores, online food deliveries, online gadget stores, online grocery stores (yes, my friend actually owns one), and recently I just discovered that we now have an online eyewear retailer right here in Malaysia!

I've been checking out quite a bit these days. I'm really excited because this is relevant to me. I wear glasses with a power of -4.00 (it's scary), sunglasses and contact lenses. Plus, the husby is a huge fan of sports eyewear like Oakley's, so we've been checking out this site together over these past few weeks.

Glasses Online Malaysia is the first and leading online retailer for eyewear launched early this year, offering a large selection of brands and styles, with over 150 brands and 3500 styles

One of the things that really captured my attention was the cheap prices they offer for all their products! They have this lowest price guarantee where if you find it cheaper anywhere in Malaysia within the 30 days of your purchase, will return you the difference. Sounds like a great deal for bargain hunters like me! ;)

Free delivery. Free returns within 30 days. 100% original brands.

Let's begin with my daily essentials- contact lenses!

 I love that they have a drop down menu of all the brands, lens types and even frequency. Makes the shopping process sooooo much easier.

My usual lenses- Freshlook, Grey.

The usual price of a Buy 2 Free 1 at the usual eyewear retail outlets is RM120, which comes down to RM40 for a pair of Freshlook contact lenses. But at, I can get it at RM39 for one pair without having to buy 3 at one go! Definitely gonna buy from this site from now on.

And now, I also know where to get cheap glasses from the next time I want to change my pair of glasses!

All of these prices stated are way cheaper compared to the ones sold at the usual eyewear retail outlets. Plus, they're having a 40% off for the Malaysia Mega Sale, so it's a really good time to grab all the cheap glasses and contact lenses!

The products are arranged from lowest to highest priced, so it's easy to shop acoridng to your budget. You can also shop according to brands, styles and so on.

On to the husby's favourite section- sports glasses!

Oakley's at much cheaper prices!

And last but not the least. Sunglasses!

Been wanting to get myself a Ray Ban for the longest time, but haven't come across any good deals until I found out about this site. 

Lots of originals from Ray Ban Malaysia to choose from!

Decided on this pair of Ray Ban.

Love the vintage look that it has!

The shopping process cannot get any simpler than this. My brand new Ray Ban's arrived at my doorstep just within a few working days!

After I received my package, the staff at Glasses Online called a couple of times to ensure that it has reached me, and to make sure that everything was a-okay. Amazing service.


Mad love!

Good stuff are meant to be shared!
Visit, and have a fun eyewear shopping experience! ;)

love, Careen

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