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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is why I'm a part of 'This is Why'

Some of you would have known by now that I'd been involved in a recent online webseries by TheMingThing called, 'This is Why'.

I'm pretty sure most of you would have watched at least an episode or two by now (hmmm actually, if you watched one episode before, you would have watched all of them since it's really addictive!). If you haven't managed to catch any of them, here are all the episodes of 'This is Why' :)

As much as it was only 6 short episodes, the work put into these webseries was crazy! I must say that only true passion can generate something as genuine and heartfelt as This is Why. My involvement in the webseries ws pretty minimal, but the other cast and crew put in so much more than I, and I must say, I myself am impressed with this team I worked with! ;)

So yes, here's why I'm a part of 'This is Why'.

I've known Ming for about a year and a half ago when we worked together for The Class Clown by JinnyboyTV. One of the days some months ago, we came out for lunch and started to share with each other what we had in our hearts to do and achieve.

Upon hearing what Ming had in mind for his YouTube channel, I knew that he was one of the rare homegrown YouTubers who does YouTube videos purely for the purpose of fun and inspiring others, rather than motivated by virality and money.

One of the many reasons why I love NigaHiga is because from the day he started YouTube until now (being one of the top in the YouTube scene), he has stayed true to who he is, and the style and identity of his videos remain consistent. The contents of his videos are all so...him. As audiences, I'm sure you agree with me that we can tell when a YouTube video is made purely for fun and entertainment, or for the sake of virality and advertising. People want to watch what's genuine these days, too much money-making gimmicks put off the audience. These are just my honest two cents.

I personally see value in collaborating with Ming, because I believe in what he believes in, that is, to use whatever gifts that He has given us to bring him glory and credit. And this is why, I'm a part of This is Why.

Listen to what the director has to say!

I had fun working with this team. Their commitment inspired me!

They're definitely some of the most genuine people I know.
Watch out, Malaysians. TheMingThing will go far because of their passion.

And Ming, here's your supporting actress saying,
"Thank you for being so awesome!"

love, Careen


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