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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seven things I never knew about him

Me: Hmmm. Should I blog or just laze around tonight?
Boon: Blog la...go blog!

And so, here I am.
Not that I don't want to blog, but after such a busy time, I really don't know where to start blogging from! *guilty* 

Just braved through a busy busy weekend, and travelled 3 hours in the car chatting with the husby about anything and everything that we haven't got to update each other with.

You see, he's been attached to a project here in Kuantan for a few months now, another 2 months to go, and only goes back to KL on the weekends. I follow him here only maybe once a month due to my work and commitment back home. We've been coping well...being apart helps us to grow individually and get all excited to see each other every week. It sure does help keep the flame alive. Only thing is that our lives are so fast-paced that once we don't update each other for a while, it turns out to be a verbal diarrhoea the moment we get to just sit in the car for hours and just talk and discuss and talk some more.

3 hours never seemed to pass by so quickly! I love chatting with this guy :)

So, it was the 3rd of June
It also means that it's the 7th month that we're married. Yay!

7 has also been my favourite number since I was like, 12. That's because 7 is a holy number (hahahahaha act holy last time), and also, 7 was Beckham's Jersey number back then. Beckham was my first love, then Johnny Depp, then Boon, then Ryan Reynolds, then Ryan Gosling, then...

 So in conjunction with our 7th Monthsary, I'm going to reveal 7 things I discovered about Boon only after we're married. *thinks hard*

Okay here we go.

Discovery #1:
He is ridiculously disciplined.

Q: After a late night, especially when you're back from a few drinks with friends til maybe 3-4am, what time would you wake up the next morning? I'll assume on average, 10.30-11.30am approximately?

Guess what time he wakes me at?

8am-9am. On a Saturday. On an off-day. On a holiday. On a REST day.
While I'll wake up just in time for a late lunch.

That reflects very very badly on me because I'll look like a lazy wife, so I try to get him to sleep in with me so that we'll wake up late together and I won't feel so bad :P

But that always doesn't work because he said he's just biologically wired that way, and his body is used to waking up early regardless how late he sleeps. HOW IS THAT HUMANLY POSSIBLE???

Sometimes I'll wake up to the sound of him washing our bathroom. This morning, I woke up to the sound of him drilling the wall to install our new bookshelves. HE'S A MACHINE! And I'm just so amused by him. I find it so cute and attractive :)

Discovery #2:
He is a clean freak.

When many people heard this, they're like, "He doesn't seem like a clean freak! I really didn't know that".

You know what? Me neither. I don't know why in the 8 years that we were together, I didn't realize that.

I'm not implying that he looks dirty or sloppy la, but he just doesn't seem to be the super hygienic type. These OCD peeps have a certain 'look' to it, but he just doesn't.

He MUST shower before he goes to bed. Never failed. Never once.
I think his ultimate hobby could be showering.

I, on the other hand who hardly really sweats (I'm serious. I think it's a gift) would try not to shower too much cos you know when girls shower + wash hair + blow dry hair, it really takes a long time. And it's A LOT of trouble. Sometimes if I come home from a harmless, sweatless, heatless yumcha session at some air-conditioned cafe, I can just wash up and go to bed.

But he can't. He'll still shower (and wash his hair).

Which is actually good for me la. I don't have to face a spouse with undesired traits like BO, bad breath and such. Hahahahaha blessings from God.

But him being so clean and hygienic does sometimes make me feel so dirty and lazy. Over these 7 months, he did inspire and motivate me to shower more (though I feel I don't have to). He has this weird theory about dust sticking to your body after you return home from outside. I know I'm no science expert, but that just sounds too funny to me. Hahaha at home, on the bed, in the shower also got dust what!

The debate never ends...

Discovery #3:
He is patient AND impatient.

We humans are such enigma. 
Although he's an angel, he's also like one of us. Wah cheh ahhaha.

He's patient.

He can wait for me while I shop for hours, and occupies himself by chatting with his gay guy friends on their whatsapp group and play some fighting game on his iPhone.

He never complains about why I took so long. 
He never complains about how long I take to dress up before going out. 
He never complains about how slow I eat. 
He never complains about how long I take to finish up a blog post.


He's also impatient at the same time.

When he calls me from across the room, he expects me to respond within 0.5 seconds. Okay, not that extreme. Maybe within 2 seconds.

There are so many times when before I could even churn out a reply from my vocal chords, he already called for me a second time. And a third.


Boon: Dear?

Me: Y...

Boon: Dear??

Me: Ye...

Boon: Dear I'm calling you!!!

Yeah. We have yet to match our pace.

Having said that, I find that really funny. Like, he's such an auntie :P

Discovery #4:
He loves watching brainless videos.

His favourite source of YouTube videos are not from JinnyboyTV, DanKhooProductions, TheMingThing, Joseph Germani, Wah Banana, etc, but some random Facebookers. Like, seriously random.

The first is a page called Brainless Driver. This page posts real random videos. Well, that's okay because it's still a Facebook Page.

The second one is a random Facebooker (who might not even know that he has such a loyal fan) called Chan Tiong Ming. He's not a celebrity, not a blogger, just a dude with a public Facebook profile who shares real random and funny videos according to him.

He would visit these 2 Facebook pages everyday and laugh all by himself in the living room. Sometimes, he would stop me from whatever I'm doing, call me from across the room (and expects a 0.5 seconds reply) to watch these videos with him.

Discovery #5:
He talks to himself.

Sometimes, you really find out something about a person only after you live with them long enough. Though 7 months aren't too long a period, but I got a revelation that I never knew.

Many times, he would talk to himself when he plays his PS3, replies emails, texts, etc.

He would say things like,

"Wah....damn sui lo...."
"Wah...yao mou gao chor..."
"Wah seriously...I don't know what to say about this fella man..."

and get not reply from me.

But one day, I got really curious and just randomly asked him this question:

"Dear, usually when I'm not around and when you're all alone, would you talk to yourself just like what you did?"

It was really just a playful question and I expected, "No're here ma so I just think out loud lo...". But apparently NO! He said he does, and that's his way of thinking out loud. 


I don't know how many people does this, but when I'm alone, I don't talk AT ALL. It's so spooky. Like I'm talking to some imaginary friend. Just cannot do it.

But he does, and I'm just sooooooo amused. Hahahahah :')

Discovery #6:
He is a great son-in-law

If I have a daughter in the future, I would want a son-in-law just like him.

His philosophy is simple: 
We're married, so your parents are my parents, and my parents are yours. And he has been living up to his philosophy. 

To all of you who are married, I'm sure you can identify with me about this. One of the most difficult adjustments in marriage are the new 'titles' to address your in-laws. I've been calling Boon's parents 'Uncle' and 'Aunty' for the past 8 years. To suddenly call them, 'Dad' and 'Mum' was just pretty awkward. So I took some time to adjust and now it's becoming easier and more fluent :P

But for him, he made a point to call them 'Dad' and 'Mum' since our wedding day, and he deliberately makes a point to do so EVERY TIME they meet and speak, whether on the phone, in person, text or email.

Knowing that my dad has been reading online articles from his small little Sony Ericsson phone screen, one evening, he arrived at our family dinner with a bag. He asked me to go outside of the restaurant to meet him, and told me to tell my dad that it was a gift from me. And it was none other than a brand new iPad mini :')

Of course, when I passed it to my dad, I said it was from Boon. I didn't even know he bought it for my dad, and I didn't even suggest.

It was the evening when the election results was to be announced, and he said my family could see the results from the iPad mini instead :')

My dad was so happy and proud that day. And I was too.

I don't meant to brag, but he's amazing.

Discovery #7:
He loves babies. A. Lot.

I always knew that he was good with children, and he loves babies and babies love him.

He's been asking for a baby profusely since before we got married (which was of course a joke and he wasn't serious then), and even more ever since we got married (which is no longer a joke. he is damn serious about it). His requests would constantly and consistently be turned down cos well, I'm not ready yet though I adore kids. But he's just super onz...and his paternal instincts seem to increase by the day :')

And when I said he loves babies, he's not the moderate type that would just play with a baby for a while type. His case is quite severe.

Babies would actually turn his head when we walk in the mall or on the streets. He would actually play with a baby in a stroller sitting across our table in a restaurant. He would actually pick up our friend's babies and really carry them, play with them, and talk to them like a father does.

And that truly assures me that he would really love our children like mad in the future. 


So there, 7 new discoveries in 7 months. They say that the first year of marriage is usually the nightmare year, but for me, it's still a beautiful starting point. Sure, there have been arguments and quarrels, but we're still doing good.

To commemorate this special day, here are my 7 favourite photos out of thousands of favourite photos from our wedding day. Will be posting our wedding day blog post up soon (so many photos to choose frommmm), but for now, I hope you'd enjoy these :)

Final touches.

At the altar.
The moment I always dreamed of since I was little.

We never held our hands together this tight before. Throughout the Holy Matrimony, I held his hands tightly to remind myself that I was truly there and that I wasn't dreaming. It was truly hard to believe we made it after all these years.

During our wedding dinner reception.
I thought he didn't prepare his speech, but he truly surprised me. It was so sincere and so himself. If you know what I mean :')

I think we never held hands that much in a day before :P
It felt surreal. 

It was a happy and beautiful day.
It was perfect for us.

More details will be up in my full wedding day post. Will be spending some time carefully selecting the photos and writing down all that I felt and experienced on our special day, so that I can read back 50 years down the road and still feel the same way :)

Darling, this post is for you, to tell you how much I adore your weird habits and antics. You make married life beautiful.

Love you much!
Happy 7 months :)

love, 猪猪虫


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