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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How he delivered our baby

Talks about getting a new camera went on since months and months ago. We've visited all the camera shops there possibly are in 1U, and even sort of settled with which camera we would be getting. A camera for our little family of 2 :)

Yes yes, I have a few cameras. But they were all sponsored, and they all serve different purposes. For example, I use my Casio TR150 when I want to look all dolly for selfie purposes, and my Casio JE-10 when I feel tourist-y :P

But we need a camera that is able to serve us for all purposes, under any kind of weather. A camera that produces high quality photos with sharp and vibrant colors, and at the same time, one that isn't too bulky with huge, protruding lens as the husby feels it would be too inconvenient.

We settled with iPhone pictures during our 'contemplation', and I personally got very tired of my grainy and low quality photos especially when it's posted on my blog. So, we decided we should get a cam soon, and short-listed our camera options down to these two!

Left: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 | Right: Fujifilm X20

Initially, it was only Fujifilm X20 that was in the picture. We were pretty much sure that we would be getting it, just a matter of when. Reasons being: 

1) We loved the look and feel. 
It's pretty lightweight, and it just looks really classic and vintage.

2) It's pretty manual and flexible.
The Fujifilm X20 allows me to adjust the white balance down to the very detail. I personally love my pictures to be slightly de-saturated and not so vivid, so it was perfect for me. Saves the effort of editing my photos afterwards.

3) It's really fine.
The photos are really fine and you can hardly spot any grains even to the maximum zoom, unlike many others cameras that you can spot the noise when zoomed in.


At the very last minute, we decided to go with this.

After reading quite a number of reviews, I chose to go with the safer option.

Ultimately, I want my photos to look sharp, especially for my outfit photos which shows the color and details of my clothes. Secondly, it produces better and clearer low-light images. And thirdly, it's faster and more user-friendly as compared to the Fujifilm X20.


Last Friday night while Boon was having a drink with his friends, I spent the entire night with them at the same table but researching on these 2 cameras with my phone (yeah...they had their guy talk so I spent my time wisely while they're at it heh). There were many reviews comparing these 2 models, and honestly, I was really torn between the two. Both had their advantages, and it was clearly a tough decision.

At the end of the night, Boon asked me which camera I finally decided on, and I said I wasn't sure. Told him all the pros and cons for each of them, and he asked me to pick one if I had to. After thinking for a little bit, I went with the Sony RX100.


That night itself, I had a horrible dream! I don't know what's up with me these days, but my dreams are no longer about things of the future or stuff that might not happen anymore, but what IS indeed going to happen the very next day.

The next day, I was supposed to host some announcements live in my church, rapping style. Firstly, I ain't no rapper, and I ain't got much swagger. Secondly, I haven't memorized anything yet. Thirdly, I didn't know what to wear yet. I was anxious deep inside, and it was translated into my dream. Guess I was REALLY anxious. I hate being unprepared.

So my dream was pretty much a nightmare of what COULD possibly happen. I dreamed that I did not know what to wear up until 5 minutes before I was supposed to go on stage, and then I misplaced my lyrics sheet, so I panicked cos without it, I wouldn't be able to rap anything.

Then, I woke up to Boon all dressed up nicely in his usual polo tee and jeans with his hair spiked up nicely, and told me that he was going to get coffee from Starbucks cos our house ran out of coffee. Usually, he doesn't go get coffee from outside. He's damn lazy one. Secondly, IF he does that, he would just go out in his casual tee and shorts, and just wear a cap or leave his hair un-styled. After such a seemingly real nightmare, I really couldn't think straight. So I said okay and continued to sleep.

Then, after don't know how many hours, I woke up to him coming into the room. Told him I had a horrible nightmare, and he said there is something in the living room that would make me forget about my nightmare totally.

So all blur, hair messy and breath smelly, I walked into our living room, and I saw a random black paper bag on the table. Peeked into it, and saw this!

I was so thrilled!!

I took out the box from the paper bag, opened the box, and the camera was missing. Searched the whole paper bag and the camera was still no where to be seen. So after hitting him a few times (hehe), he finally revealed that the camera was being charged so that I could use later in the day :')

You can see the camera on our TV table charging in the picture :')

The night before, he actually suggested that we go buy the camera together on the next morning at 10am once the mall is open, since we had a long, full day ahead of us and that was the only possible time to get it. But I said I wanted to sleep in cos we had a long day ahead, so we rescheduled it to the next day. Manatau he went to get it for me while I was sound asleep. Worse still, when I woke up, the laundry is already being done and hung nicely at the balcony.

I feel like the luckiest wife ever. He really knows how to sweep me off my feet. That morning, I felt so fluffy I really didn't know how to react. In fact, I still feel it now when I think about it.

It's not only the fact that he surprised me with the camera, but the fact that he planned all these just the night before, and did all these just to make me a happy wife. Sometimes, I really don't know what goes on in his mind! He IS good at surprises.

Plus, he did laundry in the same morning :')
Best husband award.

I told him that the FIRST photo we take with our new camera will be of the both of us. Unfortunately, that happened when we were on our way for brunch, and I still looked all sleepy, swollen-faced and hideous, so I had to do myself and everybody a favour by deleting the photo photos (I gave my face a few tries but it didn't step up to the game that morning).

So this was our first, nice photo together.

All I can say is, 
he is amazing, and I am blessed.

Love Tank status: FULL

love, careen


  1. aw... you guys are so sweet! <3 may God bless you both with the warmest love forever!

  2. RX100 is good! It's like a mini version of Professional DSLR, I love the outlook too! An award winning camera last year, if i'm not mistaken. :)

    1. Really? Didn't know that actually! It's so far so good :) Thanks sweetie!


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