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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Since Father's Day just passed, I figured I should blog about it first amongst all the many many other posts that are pending.

So, the Parents' Days have passed! How did you celebrate both mum & dad's day? :) For us, it's the usual warm & cosy family dinner, and for this year, I brought the parents shopping as their gifts. I think the only time our parents really shop for themselves is before Chinese New Year, so it was real practical to bring them shopping to add some new additions to their wardrobes ;)

It's gonna be a photoblog tonight, and let's start with a picture of someone whose smile never fails to brighten my day :)

She's become so seasoned to posing for us, that her standard smile and peace sign are automatically up the moment we ask her to face the camera. 

Hi, I'm Evangeline
And this is my standard smile and favourite pose. I haven't reached the age where I feel this is a lame pose yet. All my sisters have already grown past that age.

Okay, maybe not Melody.

How bout some cool shots?

I always buay tahan (cannot stand) her clothes. They look like pyjamas :')

While we shopped for daddy, they made themselves at home.

Had our dins at Delicious, one of my favourite diners.

The parents.
My dad can never take a proper pic.

Prayers before meal.

Duck Confit Spaghettini
Sho nais...

Hainanese Chicken Chop
It has this buttery taste which was really good.

Beef Meatballs Spaghetti

Green Curry Chicken
The Green Curry is pretty kao and spicy. But I still prefer it My Elephant style.

My all-time fav- Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik
I still can't tell if this is better than the one in Serai. What say you?

A very normal scenario.

The sissies!

Oh my daddy...

Oh, Delicious had this 50% off all desserts promo after 9pm. We went shopping and came back just for these :)

Red Velvet
Requested for the waiter to reserve this one last piece, and he did! The Delicious staff at the 1Utama branch are really friendly :) About the Red Velvet, it wasn't the best I'd tasted. The one at Upstairs Cafe is better.

If I'm not mistaken, this was called the Chocolicious Pudding with Ice Cream
 Not too bad la. Not my favourite cos it has got nuts in it.

Classic Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
This is my favourite of all! No nuts! :D

Dad & I :)

Husby & me.

Just to side track a bit. It was after this day that I told myself I had to get back in shape again. I love wearing simple tanks with high-waisted pants/skirts. But...the sad thing is that all the flabs and fats ooze out so effortlessly when I sit down and let out my breath a little. So depressing. Such is gotta work hard to look good. Determined to slim down to my pre-wedding figure (and beyond). 

I really wanna work very very hard for my figure for once (it has always failed you see), get nice abs and biceps and triceps and hamstrings and any other parts than look smexy, and see the results at least before I get preggers. I know after I get preggers, I'd have to work twice or thrice as hard to get toned. And no, no, not gonna get preggers anytime soon. 2-3 years. 2-3 years.

And as usual, we gotta endure poorly taken, shaky and blur family portraits taken by restaurant staff. This is the best shot out of all 3 :')

Oh my husband...

This was taken just last Sunday, while the rest were taken two Sundays ago. Celebrated Father' Day a week earlier, but managed to make it back to have a short meet-up with the family anyway :)

Sissies had a little fun with the Monsters. Their sweet bro-in-law held them up to have the photos taken cos they were way too short :')

This year's parents' day gifts were shopping spree, hopefully, next year it'll be a trip for 2 for their second honeymoon somewhere nice and far away :) *hopeful*

Since this week I'm away in Kuantan with the husby, the only thing I can do is to face the comp to complete all my work. So no excuses for me not to blog, which is realllyyyyy good.

Will be updating tomorrow, and the day after, and hopefully the day after too. 
Hahaha tryin'a be good, y'know.

Signing off! xx

love, careen

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