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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Comfort Ultra Pure: A Simple Act of Love

These 2 months being Parents' Months, many of us would be cracking our heads on how to pamper our parents on their special days.

When I was little and penniless, my options were limited. All I could give to my parents back then were handmade Mother and Father's Day cards, drawn and prepared with loads of love and details (note: girly stickers and heart-shaped cut-outs). To my surprise, my daddy still keeps them nicely in his drawers and safe! :')

As I grew older and started to work part-time as a dance teacher, then slowly getting freelance modelling gigs and TV commercial engagements, I had more options, and could afford to buy them nice stuff and bring them for nice meals that they would never think of splurging on themselves, ever.

I find joy in pampering and showering my parents with these acts of love. To me, it is a way of showing them how much I appreciate them for all they've done for me and the family, and a way of saying Thank You.

It always makes me happy to give. Sometimes I feel that I'm even more excited to show my parents what I have in store for them, than they are being excited to receive the surprise. Hahah! But the saying is true, that it is better to give than to receive. It is always a joy to give, especially to our parents, and I'm sure most of you would know what I mean :)

However, as much as we're busy planning on how to celebrate these special Parents' Days, there are many out there who do not have the chance to show their parents how much they love and appreciate them. You're right, I'm talking about those who have lost their parents along the way- the orphans.

In my lifetime, I have visited the orphanages for quite a number of times, and for every visit, it would be a bitter-sweet feeling. Sweet feeling because these kids are such lovelies and joy to hang out with, be it little toddlers or grown-up teenagers. Some of them are so cheeky that they're just so fun to debate and joke around with. 

Bitter because while we know that they're just like us, we know that they're not fully like us at the same time. At the end of the visits, I'll always feel like hugging them tight and bringing all of them home with me. 

Some of you may think that just one visit may not mean much, but trust me, it does reassure these children that there are people who still care, though we may not be related to them. I know some of us may not always have the time to drop by for a visit at the orphanage, but there are many other ways by which we can show that we care. One of the most practical ways to do it is none other than giving.

Let's face it, money IS important. Without sufficient funds, the centres wouldn't have enough to cater to the needs of the children.

With that in mind, Comfort Malaysia started an initiative to give to the Rumah K.I.D.S. orphanage. You can read more about this meaningful campaign in my previous post HERE.

For every 10 users, Comfort Malayia will donate RM10 to the children who never experienced the bliss of Mum's pure love. It was previously RM5 as stated in my previous post, but it's now being increased to RM10, all thanks to Comfort Malaysia!

So go ahead and invite all your friends to join this app!

I personally am not a mother yet (obviously. not in the next 2-3 years: standard answer), but I too, can do my part for the children of Rumah K.I.D.S., simply by getting myself a pretty cover photo about my mum! :)

It's really that simple!
They've got many cute and creative Cover Photo designs to choose from too! :)

Besides, Comfort now has a NEW feature! At the Comfort Malaysia Facebook Page, you'll be able to see different Cover Photos by all the participants of this initiative rotating every 15 minutes

15 minutes later:

Another 15 minutes later:

I personally have not seen anything like this before. Rotating cover photos! :))

Keep a lookout at Comfort Malaysia's Facebook Page. Who knows, your Cover Photo may be displayed in front of all 117k of Facebook fans of Comfort Malaysia!

Not only is Comfort Malaysia contributing RM10 for every 10 users of the Mum's Pure Love app, Comfort also wants to reward YOU for making it all happen!

These are the prizes for the participants who have invited the most people to join the app! :)

This is charity and giving made easy by Comfort Malaysia
Do your bit, and spread the love.

Go to the Comfort Ultra Pure: Mum's Pure Love App, and get started! 
Detailed step-by-step guide on how to participate in my previous post HERE.

For more info, visit:
Comfort Malaysia's Facebook Page
Comfort Ultra Pure: Mum's Pure Love app

Have fun, all! ;)

love, Careen

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