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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5: Fun with Art Filters

Hey guys! 

Remember my previous post on the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5? Tried out the Touch AF Shutter feature for most of my photos. You can check out the link HERE. Promised to have a post to specially show you all the beautiful pictures captured with its Art Filters, so here it is! :)

The Art Filter feature is definitely one of the many best selling points for the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5. There are altogether 13 different Art Filters to choose from, and all of them bring different moods and feel out of the pictures.

Pop Art
Soft Focus
Pale & Light Color
Key Line
Light Tone
Grainy Film
Pin Hole
Dramatic Tone
Cross Process
Gentle Sepia

Having used and experimented with quite a few cameras with Art Filter features (I loveeee playing with cameras! Give me a new cam and you can see me fiddling around with it for a long while), I can say that one of the weak points about using the Art Filters is that it usually takes a few seconds  for the photos to process after hitting the 'capture' button. 

However, the same isn't true for the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5. This camera has an impressive processor that could process all the photos captured with the Art Filter feature super quickly! I can safely say that it is almost immediate! You can capture photos after photos without missing any moments :)

I'll show you what I mean through some of the photos I've taken later in this post, but first, let's see all the beautiful pictures that I captured using the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 Art Filter feature over these few weeks!

Soft Focus

The Soft Focus art filter definitely gives a soft and dreamy feel to the photos.

Perfect for couple shots

And when you want to give a 'glorious' feel to the photo. Hahahahah!
Oh, this is my new range of skincare btw! After hearing rave reviews about Laneige, decided to give it a try. Will update on that soon ;)

Pop Art

The Pop Art art filter brings the photos to life by giving a heavy emphasis on the colours!

The photo above this one was shot without any Art Filter (normal auto mode). See how it brings out the colours so vibrantly? :)


The WaterColor art filter is really cool! It is almost similar to using a 'Negative Mode'.

Pale & Light Color

As the filter name suggests, this filter creates a pale and light feel to the photos. Useful if you want to tone things down a little bit.

Key Line

The Key Line art filter creates a 'cartoon-ish' and 'comical' feel, which is really, really cute!

Looks as though it is one of the images from a comic strip! :)

Grainy Film

This filter creates a grainy black and white feel to the photos, 
creating a dark, monochrome image.

Gentle Sepia

Sepia is always classic-looking!

Dramatic Tone

The Dramatic Tone art filter creates a dark and mysterious mood to the images. Something outside of the ordinary!


The Diorama art filter gives users a miniature model photo feeling by narrowing the depth of focus and enhancing color and contrast.

As you can see, the fries are the focus while the rest are slightly blurred out.

The word, 'Coen' was the main focus of the photo. Nice!

Cross Process

This filter makes the photos look...well, cross processed! :)

Light Tone

Remember I mentioned earlier that the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 can capture photos in the Art Filter feature very quickly? 

I never missed a moment even while I was using the Light Tone art filter. I love all these photos of Boon and Evangeline's bonding time :)

Check out that cheeky face!

My two loves. 

The Light Tone art filter is truly one of my favourites out of the lot! It makes the photos look softer and lighter in colour, which is my kinda filter :)

During one of our Sunday hang-outs at The Red Beanbag @ Publika.

Love this photo of Li-hsia and Vincent :)

Baby sis, Evangeline at Coen's birthday party, excited about the snacks counter :D

Baby sisters who are slowly becoming not so baby-ish anymore :'(

Pin Hole

Pin Hole is also one of my favourites out of the 13 art filters! It creates a vignette around the photo which emphasizes on the center of the image.

My favourite from The Red Beanbag. Eggs Atlantic!
Poached eggs rawk!

Baby sis checking out the sweets :)

Art BKT (Art Bracket)

Last but not the least, the Art BKT (Art Bracket) function which is truly impressive!

There are 13 different art filters altogether, and it could get a little troublesome if you might wanna capture the same image with all 13 different art filters, correct? Gotta keep changing the filters, and by the time you're done changing, the shot that you wanted to capture would have already been different.

With this in mind, Olympus has created the new Art BKT feature which is able to generate multiple pictures with all 13 different art filters with just ONE click! 

Yes, ONE single shot, freeing you from having you to decide which art filter to use and surprising you with "unexpected discoveries" in ordinary, everyday scenes!

The first shot on the top left is the normal, auto shot without art filter, btw.

I think this is a really smart and convenient feature! If you don't like the photos captured with certain art filters, you can simply delete em. But if you wanna keep em all, you can! ;)

So there you have it! You've read about how amazing I personally think the Art Filter feature is, and seen for yourselves just how beautiful the images shot with the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 are.

Olympus OI.Image Share, an easy and fast instant photo sharing function at your finger tip. It works with a FlashAir WiFi SD card by just slotting the FlashAir WiFi card into the SD card slot in the camera, take pictures, and switch connection to ON. 

Before that, you would have to download OI. Image Share app which is available on App Store (iTunes) and Play Store (Andriod). Simply turn on the WiFi on your smartphone and launch the OI.Share application on your smartphone. It allows you to browse through the pictures in the camera to manually transfer the pictures. It is able to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and share instantly using your smartphone! 

The FlashAir card now comes FREE when you purchase the camera, so don’t miss the great opportunity to have one now!

You will be able to view thumbnails of the pictures in the camera on your smartphone display, allowing you to select which pictures to import. After selecting which photo you would like to transfer to your smartphone (or you could just select all) you just click “Save” and the camera will start transferring the photos.

After that you can choose to edit the photo with one of the Art Filters and/ or upload it to Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Amaze your friends with high-quality photos while you’re out and about!

The Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5 comes with Body, Flash FL-LM1, Li-ion battery BLS-5, Li-ion battery charger BCS-5, USB cable, AV cable, Shoulder strap, OLYMPUS Viewer 2 (CD-ROM), Instruction manual, Warranty card, MCG-4 (Changeable Grip).

If you wanna find out more about Olympus cameras, visit

love, careen

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  1. Hi there! Would you please tell me what filters you used for your profile shots (both you holding the fan and just your face)? I am planning on buying an olympus and would like to know. My email is! Thanks....!!!!


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