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Friday, May 31, 2013

Comfort Ultra Pure, Mum's Pure Love

I love my new Facebook cover photo, especially the one that includes my entire family. The love I felt in it was unexplainable. And it’s all thanks to Comfort!

Mother's Day weekend was just few weeks ago, and it was truly heart-warming to scroll through my Facebook and Instagram timeline which was filled with happy photos of Mother's day celebrations.

Mothers are such precious people. They're always full of love, sacrificial, and always ready to give, and give, and give. Mother's Day is the one day that all of us affirm our love for our mums, to remind them of how much we appreciate and cherish them for all they've done for us.

This is my beautiful mum, a.k.a. my role model/super heroin/pillar of strength/sista/BFF.

Being only 22 years apart, we can really talk and share about ANYTHING under the sun! Feels great to have a mum who's cool and understands you like your peers :)

Not only is she a BFF to me, but also to all my 6 sisters too!
They watch Voice of China and Boys over Flowers together on Youtube. Yes, including the youngest sis of mine at 6 years old :') hahahaha. 

This was taken during Mother's Day.
We practically took every deco there was available! Hahahah :')

While we were happily celebrating Mother's Day with our mums, most of us hardly realize that there are some out there who aren't able to celebrate Mother's Day. Came across this Facebook status by Ryan Higa which really rebuked me personally.

Realizing this, Comfort Ultra Pure has started an initiative to reach out to children who do not have their mothers with them today.

This initiative is open to all mothers with children under the age of 3, for mothers to shower their love upon children from Rumah K.I.D.S. who are without their mums today.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Create a FREE Facebook Cover Picture

Participants can create beautiful Facebook cover pictures for FREE to display 
moments of pure love with their baby and to celebrate the love of motherhood.

Step 2: Invite Other Mothers to Join the Competition

Participants will then be invited to do their part for charity by inviting other friends 
to use the app as well. For every 10 new users to the app, Comfort will donate 
RM5 in cash to those who have never had the chance to experience mother’s 

Step 3: Receive Rewards!

Comfort Ultra Care makes sharing a rewarding experience! Winners will be awarded based on the number of friends who end up as users of the Mum’s Pure Love app. This is to give users the 
recognition for spreading the Pure Love of Motherhood. 

These are the Rewards awaiting mothers who invite the most friends to be a part of this meaningful initiative. 

To help you better understand how it works, 
here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Mum's Pure Love App! :)

Step #1: Click 'Start Now' and Create a New Cover Photo

Step #2: Choose a Cover Photo Template

Step #3: Upload your Mom-moments Photos

I'm not a mom yet, so I chose 3 photos of me and my sisters together with our mum :)

Step #4: Caption your Cover Photo

Step #5: Have a Sneak Peek of your New Cover Photo

Step #6: Fill in your Particulars

Step #7: Use your New Cover Photo + Invite Friends to Join You!

And this is how my brand new cover photo looks like at my profile! Love it! :)

The Mum's Pure Love campaign runs from 6th May - 9th June 2013, and all the proceeds wil go to the Rumah K.I.D.S home.

To all the mums, this is an opportunity for you to spread your love not only to your own children, but also to the orphans by giving them an opportunity to experience and enjoy mother's love.

If only I could qualify for this initiative! Hahaha I will be in a few years' time :P

Mums, go to the Mum's Pure Love Facebook app HERE and start inviting your friends to join you! Enjoy! :)

love, careen

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