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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be the next Malaysian Astronaut!

Fly me to the moon
Let me swing among those stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

I'm sure you're familiar with the song above by Frank Sinatra. Most of us just enjoy singing to the lyrics dreamily cos well, as much as flying to the moon sounds real incredibly exciting, most of us know that it is just a song and would remain only a fantasy.

Well, if you're one of those who think that you'll never ever get a chance to travel out of this world (literally!), you're mistaken then! Because today, in this post, I'm gonna reveal the golden opportunity for you to get yourselves a chance to...


Of course, this is made possible only by AXE, as it launches a search for the next Malaysian Astronaut! And that could be you ;)

Read on.

AXE is going where only a few have gone before: a trip to space. To recruit cadets for this epic journey, AXE is creating the AXE Apollo Space Academy (A.A.S.A) with space legend, Buzz Aldrin.

By joining the A.A.S.A at, guys and girls will have a chance to compete for a trip to space on a flight with international space agency, Space Expedition Corporation (SXC).

AXE Malaysia has embarked on a nation-wide search for the individual who inspires to be something more - a national hero.

Inspiring Malaysians to go beyond their boundaries, the potential space traveller will have the opportunity to (literally) be with the stars, and return heroically as the pride of the nation.

Why space, you may ask? Well, there's no bigger hero than an astronaut, and AXE wants to give fans a chance to experience an adventure like no other! In the biggest product launch in its 30-year history, AXE is asking guys and girls from 60 countries around the globe to sign up for the A.A.S.A by creating their astronaut profile on and telling the world just why they deserve to go to space.

Here are some of the really creative AXE Apollo commercials showing you just why

Nothing Beats an Astronaut. Ever.

Hahah I know the commercials cracked you up, cos it did for me!

More info about the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest later in this post. Attended the launch of this incredible contest offering individuals a chance to travel to space (still sounds surreal!) on March 14, 2013 at Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental KL.

The whole venue was fully transformed into space! 

I picked an outfit that most suit the theme. Wore the Jessie Gold Block Mesh Dress by Chiq Fliq as it was the most 'futuristic' outfit I had in my closet. Hahaha.

The smell of the AXE Apollo deodorant body spray really turns heads. It has a really refreshing yet strong scent that would increase the 'manliness' of whichever guy who wears it ;)

Sexy space assistants ;)

The launch started with finger foods and drinks served in an outer space ambience, leaving us guests feeling as though we were literally in a space academy! Think Star Trek ;)

The launch was hosted by the gorgeous TV Host Julie Woon. She's such a funny person...really love to watch her host :)

Speech by Herry Budiazhari, Marketing Director of Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Then, Daniel Lim, Brand Manager for AXE, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd gave us the insights to the previous campaigns that AXE had launched, as well as the current AXE Apollo campaign which is also the biggest amongst all the previous campaigns carried out.

Buzz Aldrin, the legendary astronaut and pilot of the historic Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon in 1969.

"Space travel for everyone is the next fronteir in the human experience."
"I'm thrilled that AXE is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I have encountered in space." - Buzz Aldrin

It's true. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the winners should feel really really lucky! :)

And look who landed from space to say hi!

Mr. Astronauts!

Astronauts together with Herry Budiazhari, Marketing director of Unilever, Ashlee Ng, Brand Building Director of Unilever, and Daniel Lim, Brand Manager for AXE, Unilever Holdings Sdn Bhd for the launch of AXE Apollo.

Mr. Astronaut with his pretty space assistants!

How could I miss out of the opportunity to take pictures with an astronaut? ;)

The astronauts had a busy busy night taking photos with everyone who couldn't wait to have a picture! Was lucky to get meself a picture too. No wait, make it 2 pictures!

Photo credit to Andy Kho!

Met many familiar faces that evening as well!
Meet Ho Li Sha, the girl with a sunshine smile :)

Megan Tan from 8tv Quickie!
She's a real sweetheart both on and off-screen. 

Andy Kho, whom I have to thank for all these amazing pictures, 
together with the gorgeous MC Julie Woon!

As promised, I'm going to reveal just how SIMPLE it is for you to take part in the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest!

First of all, go to,
and follow these 8 simple steps!

It's really a simple, fun and fuss-free registration process!

More information and details about the contest at:

Here's a golden opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't miss this chance to travel to space a man, and return a National Hero ;)

Log on to now!
All the best, fellow astronauts! ;)

love, careen


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