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Thursday, April 4, 2013

WeChat Party 2013 @ Club Neverland

I'm sure the word 'WeChat' is no stranger to many of us who are active smartphone users! For those of you who have been reading my blog long enough, you would remember my previous blog post in July 2012 on WeChat's Launch at Velvet, Zouk KL! :)

Just 2 days ago, yours truly was one of the many many many bloggers and media invited to attend the WeChat Party 2013 at Club Neverland, KL.

It was truly a huge party thrown by WeChat to celebrate the introduction of their 2 new WeChat Malaysian Ambassadors- Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam! :)

If you don't already have the No. 1 Social Networking app on your smartphones, go download WeChat now, add Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam up, and start chatting with them! :)

Yes, even Whatsapp is 2nd in line now!

It is no wonder that WeChat has very quickly climbed up the ladder as the No. 1 Most Downloaded Social Networking app, as it is so much more than just a chatting app. 

You gotta download WeChat to experience the convenience and understand why they're so popular yourself ;)

That's me (technically) taking a picha with the 2 WeChat Ambassadors. Hahaha!

This is the second WeChat event I've attended, and I must say that when it comes to WeChat events, you can expect lots of familiar faces, generosity in food, drinks (free flow all night long!), lucky draw prizes, door gifts, and many many more.

Look at these WeChat cupcakes cuties!

There's also a selca photobooth at the party which we had to queue up pretty long just to take these shots! But it's all worth it because the quality of the photos were awesome, and we were also able to see our own pics in the WeChat Malaysia Facebook Page! :)

Normally photobooth pictures turn out blurry and color makes you look ugly, but this one is really good, I must say!

With (L-R): The sister Gladys Tan, Adele Chow, Fibiee Liew, Tziaaa, and Tzia-E!

There were so many people crowding the stage as there were endless performances, games and exciting stuff happening on stage the whole time!

Rudy was the MC for the night, and he was just hilarious!

Malaysian songbird- Vivian Chua.

Song performance by Henley Hii.

As I mentioned earlier, WeChat was real generous with the food that night!

Met soooo many familiar faces throughout the evening! 
It was like a massive gathering of bloggers under one roof. Had a great time catching up with so many of them :)

My super creative friend, Lihui Tey. Go watch her shortfilms! :)

Us again! :)

Denim Top - HK Station, Sg. Wang
Long Skirt-
Wedges- Charles and Keith

Tan sisters shot! ;)

Was doing some live updates. The photographer sure was awesome ;)

Another sisters-shot!
Tan's and the Wang's ;)

Sarah May Low and Magdeline Wang.


Glad-the-sis and Casey!

Stephanie, Casey, Magdeline, Sarah and Adrienne :)

Yet another sisters-shot! With Patricia, Jacklyn and Glad-the-sis.
The Gan's and the Tan's ;)

Long time old old fwen, Samuel Chew!

With Sam-the-roach-eater, Sam Insanity.
He lives up to his name, really! Hahahaha go watch him eating a cockroach on Youtube! :P

A few lucky peeps walked away with expensive prizes and gadgets such as headphones, speakers, and even a spanking brand new iPad!

Hahahaha love the words on the screen. So cheeky!
As usual, I don't really have the Lucky Draw luck. Haha :P

Oh not forgetting, they also showed the new WeChat TV Commercial! Here it is:

Domino's Pizza was one of the many giant brands that have joined the WeChat bandwagon! 

Here's the deal: 

WeChat users who follow Domino's official account, will, upon redeeming a coupon code at Domino's website and iPhone app (online) be entitled to purchase a second regular pizza for RM1 with the purchase of a regular pizza at standard price!

Find out more perks of using WeChat here: 

love, careen

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