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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Sneaky Sweetheart

So one fine day (which was only yesterday. hahaha one fine day sounds nicer) while I was bumming on the couch selca-ing halfway, the doorbell rang.

But wait, before I move on further, Boon who's currently working outstation told me that he bought a new power bank online which he was quite excited about. I personally cannot comprehend what is so exciting about buying a power bank, but I didn't question cos well, maybe it's a guy thing.

So he arranged for delivery, and it fell upon the day that I would be away in Penang for work. So he rescheduled several times, and kept making sure that I would be home to receive the parcel. Seeing that it was so difficult to arrange, I suggested that he told them to deliver to his parents' place cos they'll surely be able to receive the parcel for him. But he said it can't be done cos he's already assigned me to be the receiver and they need my signature, so there's no way we can change that.

So the noob me just accepted that and didn't think about it any further. The delivery guy called yesterday afternoon and said he'd arrive in a few minutes' time. So while waiting for him (and also because I just returned from an event all dolled up), I decided to selca a bit before I wash off the makeup.

I dunno why I looked so thin in this picture!
Getting the right angle rawkkksss.

So while selca-ing halfway, the doorbell rang (ok the story continues hehe).

The delivery guy passed me the box which was quite surprisingly lightweight, and got my signature. While signing, he said to me, "You punya abang banyak baik ah..bagi apple."

I was like, Apple?????? Hmmm suspicious...takkan he bought a power bank from Apple?? Shouldn't be cos my husby is buyer who only buys the best deals in town :P

So since he's been awaiting his "power bank" (at this point, I became suspicious), I give him a sneak peak of his apparent new toy.

Unboxing event??

If that is HIS power bank, why do I need to have an "unboxing event"?
Hahahahaha suspicion x10.

Oh this pic was to show him how big the box was in comparison to the size of my head.

Since he said "document the opening", the only thing I thought of was to video record it. Cos takkan I take pictures of my every move? Like stopmotion? Hahahah but apparently he really meant taking pictures -.-

So I recorded my "Unboxing Event". Felt so awkward. I don't know how people can do vlogs cos it's just so awkward talking to yourself :') Wanted to upload this video straight to my blog but couldn't, so the only way I know how is to upload onto YouTube. *shy*

 My camera was placed on 3 pillows and yet it was still too low for me. Had to keep bending down and sometimes cut away my eyes. But oh wells, what to expect from a vlog newbie right?

Anyways! Yeahhhhhh it really did turn out to be what I suspected! It was an Apple! :D

Awwwwwwww :')

Been eyeing on the iPod Nano in Mint cos quite a while cos I'm determined to work out regularly, and since Boon would be away most of the time, I'd need to work out alone, and that's kind of demotivating sometimes. Figured that having music would help me to work out better, so was deciding between iPod Nano and the regular Sony MP3s.

I loveeee everything about the iPod Nano except the price. It's retailing for RM549 if I'm not mistaken, and besides the prettiness of the iPod and the fitness app installed, I really can't do much with it. I can't even change the background photo -.-

The regular Sony MP3s cost at least half the price. But, they're not as pretty as the iPod Nano definitely. So I told Boon to give me some time to deliberate cos it's a life and death decision hahahaha.

This is to prove to all of you that I can act cute too okay!
But no Gwiyomi please...I can only do it exclusively for the husby when I wanna annoy him. 
I love annoying him. Oh no I miss annoying him. See why did you guys bring this up... T.T

Look at just how pretty it is! Everything about it is so pretty! 
The color, the packaging, everything! :)

It's so light and tiny! Feels like a newborn baby :))

The best part of all is this:


Bee, I promise you that I'll produce THIS for you k!

Huh? You don't like?

Ok ok...then this k? :P

Ooooyeahhhh ;)

I love you, my sneaky sweetheart. Thanks for always always thinking of new ways to surprise me and make me happy. Seeing how happy you are when I'm surprised and happy makes me even more happy :) You're truly the best husband in the world. I love you to bits.

So yeah, that's the story of my pleasant surprise :')

Now, it's time to learn how to insert songs into the playlist hahahah *noob*

Til then!

love, careen

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