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Friday, April 5, 2013

My New Second Home + My Favourite Look

Love this denim top I got courtesy of HK Station, Sungei Wang!
More about that later on in this post ;)

This is the only B&W pic in this entire post as all the pictures that follow are gonna be full of blue hues- my favourite shade of colours.

Greetings from the peaceful land of Kuantan! :)

Ths husby has been assigned to a project in Kuantan which could last for a few months at least, and since yours truly is freelancing and most of my work can be done anywhere as long as I have my phone and my laptop. So whenever I can, I'll follow the husby here to keep him company after his work.

adidas Originals.
Loveeeee the Originals.

Each time anyone asks me if I prefer the highlands or the beach, I'll answer without a shadow of doubt- the beach baybehhhhh. I'm not too fond of cold weather cos all I wanna do in the chilly weather is no hide in a blanket and drink hot choc. So it's no fun if I go for a vacation in the cold unless I'm fully wrapped up in thick fluffy clothing. Hahaha.

I love everything about the beach. The sun, sand, sea, warm wind, and the sound of waves. I can't explain the zen-ness of being at the beach...just lying on the sand and looking at the waves. The best word that I can think of is that it's truly liberating.

Having said that, few things I'm not too fond about most beaches in Malaysia (not too sure about other countries...but I know Bali definitely isn't like that) is that people stare at you when you're in a bikini, IN YOUR FACE. Even the service staff in the hotel. I really don't like it.

Another thing is that while lying on the beach, you can easily find a bottle cap next to your face, and a cigarette butt in between your toes. I don't understand how people can just pollute the beach so ignorantly. I love the beach that's why I'm so upset. 

How to truly relax when you're concerned if you're sitting on a wet tissue or a plastic bag? Really wanna see the day when everyone would be just a little more civic-minded.

Nevertheless, I still had a nice time with my husby. 
Found a clean spot so I ain't gon' move anywhere.

Spot the husby!
Sometimes Most of the time, I really think I married a little boy hahahahaa. When we arrived at the beach, he immediately jumped into the water while I was still looking for a clean spot to lay. The next time I know, I couldn' really find him anymore hahahahaha!

By the way, I wanna kill my husband because this picture was the last time I had my shades on.

As much as I love the beach, I don't really fancy playing in the water as I don't like the feeling of rough sand on my feet, and the rough waves that always so easily push me back and forth, which could potentially cause me to be drifted away in the sea. The worst thing is, I can't really swim :')

BUT, the husby still heavily persuaded me to join him, so I did, with my shades on cos I was wearing contacts. The moment I got into the water, a huge wave come upon us, and my shades got washed away.

SIGH. RIP, shades.

But he made it up to me by bringing me to have the best satay I ever had in my life (okay to be fair I hardly eat satays la cos most of them are just so hard).

We had the chicken, beef and mutton satays (and some perut too but it felt yucky to us...not our thang) at Terminal Satay Zul. Apparently it's award-winning and super famous! You can google it, and even find it in instagram with the hastag: #satayzul.

We also found a food court which had a very nice Char Siew Wan Tan Mee at 888 Food Court! The noodles were so niceeeeeee :))

We're on a hunt for good food in Kuantan cos we'll be here quite frequently from now's really gonna be like a second home for us for these few months. So if you're a Kuantanese or if you know where's good to makan, drop me a comment below k! :)

The very nice and homey Hyatt Regency.

Breakfast by the beach every morning :))

I've always wished that I could wake up to the beach every morning. 
Looks like God knew it!

Sunset time. 
But can't see sunset cos the beach is facing the sunrise...which I'm too lazy to wake up to watch.

My view when I lie on the beach and look backward.
Haahahaha I know la I'm sampat like that.

Oh btw, remember the contest that I'm currently participating in?

Have you voted for your Top 5 favourite looks yet? :)

Voters stand a chance to win a RM100 Shopping Voucher at HK Station, Sungei Wang! Don't miss this chance of getting yourselves some new fab clothes for FREE! ;) 

Modelled for HK Station's Lookbook. 
These clothes were all from the shops at HK Station, Sg. Wang :)

Do vote for my 2 looks if you like them, and if you love me ;) *bribery*

It's very very simple. Here's how you can do it!

Every week, a lucky voter will win a RM100 Shopping Voucher at HK Station!

We still have got about 3 more weeks to go, and you could be the lucky winner! ;)

Get voting, guys!
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Til then! ;)

love, careen

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