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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Latest Obsession: My Bakery Story

Hello there! Today I'm gonna share with you my latest obsession. And no, it's not Candy Crush...though it is STILL one of my obsessions, but my main priority since Sunday morning has been nothing but this.



Okay okay...I know what you're thinking...that this is some lame, girly cafe decoration game. Actually I had never been a fan of games like this, and also games like Smurfs and Plants vs. Zombies. They just never interest me. I'm more of a puzzle like Candy Crush, Diamond Dash, Bejeweled and Zuma are my kinda thing.

BUT, I was being enticed or rather, sort of peer pressured into downloading this game last Sunday by my dear dancer friends Cheryl, Sarah and Cindy. So I downloaded, and now I'm hooked! In a good way cos it's surprisingly pretty fun :P

Seriously, this has taught me one thing- Never say never!

Ok if you're wondering why I'm showing you 3 of the same photos. Actually no, they're all different. I'm just proud to show you how happy and satisfied my customers are with all the hearts above their heads :D

Except that my cafe actually looks really ugly now. One day I received a Whatsapp from Cheryl Ho, telling me that she's been visiting my cafe and that my cafe is ugly, especially the wallpapers. Such a great friend :') 

That has motivated me to work on my cafe, earn more money, 
and decorate it nicer than hers hahahaha!

Some of the factors why I kinda like this game is because:

1) It's real-time!

You gotta keep making sure that your cafe has food and drinks supply, cos after certain minutes or hours, if your cafe is empty, your customers will have broken hearts and your rating will drop. And if your food is being kept there for too long, it'll rot and flies would be infested there!

Besides that, this is actually quite legit! Cos I tried to fast-forward time by changing the time on my phone (the same way how we all cheat with Candy Crush hehe) cos some pastries take a longggg time to be ready, but it just wouldn't work! This thing is legit! :O

So this makes me feel like I'm really, seriously running a cafe full time. Bad if you don't have the time to spare for this, but if you do, it's fun and can be pretty satisfying :)

2) It's Interactive

I like the fact that we can visit our neighbour's cafes (which are our own friends) to see how they're doing. In other words, we can go and kepoh la. That's how Cheryl found out that my cafe is ugly anyway.

And the fact that we can tip our friends, and get rewarded with coins for tipping, and even visiting! :) Speaking of neighbours, let me show you how beautiful my friends' cafes are. After seeing their cafe, mine just looks like shyt. But these crazy girls have been playing religiously la...they're like super high level edi. 

To buy real nice furniture, you need to have super a lot of coins and even diamonds. To gain diamonds, you either buy them with a super big amount of coins, or spend super a lot of time on this game.

Those yellow shiny stuff on the tables are tips :)
This is Cheryl Ho' cafe which has no windows hahahahaah!! Not like mine has any anyway.

This is so nice! Look at all the pastries! If I'm not mistaken this is Sarah Goh's :)

This is Cindy's cafe! Still a work in progress like me, but 1000x better than mine. My food sucks! They're all the same cheap food cos I'm still an amateur. 

This, my friends, is the ultimate. I think this is Pearl Tan's.
It's sooooo nice! Music-themed! She must have spent all her life playing this! *inspired*

So yeah, if you thought that this post is about me starting to bake, I'm sorry it's not. It's about my new obsession which might be your new obsession too ;)

If you're playing, add me up at careentxy or Care Cakes (hahahaha I know it sounds so cheesy), and let's visit and tip each other ;)

Ok that's about it. Bye!

love, careen 

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  1. lol i tot bakery story is another bakery shop or what. who knows is a game. =.= lol


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