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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hair-pampering by Shawn Cutler

It may not appear to be very obvious, but my black roots have all grown out unashamedly since my last hair dye 2 weeks before the wedding, which was last October! Which was 6 months ago! O.O

Can't believe I survived 6 months without hair coloring! The husby must be so proud of me :P

At one point I was crazy about coloring my hair with different shades of brown and red (not the crazy obvious kinds though), and that also meant lots of retouching of hair roots too. I personally have very low tolerance towards black roots growing out especially on my own hair, so I decided that the only way to skip all of these trouble (and high maintenance!) is to colour it a darker shade of brown. Which sorta worked!

However, my dark brown locks have lost its shine too. And that coupled with the black roots, I knew it was high time I get a fresh hair dye! Luckily for me, Shawn Cutler was truly kind to offer me complimentary hair services! :)

Many of you must have heard about Shawn Cutler before. They have 3 branches all together- in TTDI, Damansara Heights, and Bangsar Baru.

The one I visited was the one at Bangsar Baru, beside Bangsar Village 2 at Jalan Telawi 2 (same row as Antipodean and Yeast), which has been operating since 6 years ago!

They have this really cool, inspiration corner filled with photo frames of black and white photos, magazines and a Mac for customers waiting in line for their hair-pampering sessions.

Love the 'unpolished' concept of the hair salon. 

So I was totally clueless about what color I wanted to have this time around, I just knew I wanted a  fresh shade. I'm not for crazy hair colors that require me to bleach, and I don't really fancy super bright colors for fear that I might appear la-la hahaha. 

So my stylist, Emily recommended me to go for Mahogany Brown. She said my looks suit this color as it's really feminine, and the colour shines on its own.

With an explanation like that, who wouldn't be convinced? So Mahogany Brown it was!

Went for the B5.05 shade.

My stylist, Emily was really nice, warm, friendly, you name it. We hit it off immediately when I asked her if she works out. One look at her arms and I knew she does! Oh, she was also super willing to help me take photos! Hahahah.

Oh on a separate note, allow me to point out that those lashes, were real, hunny ;) 
Hahaha ok self-promo time is over.

They use the Rollerball to quicken the hair-coloring process on most of their customers, which is awesome cos most people are always on-the-go these days, and this saves them so much time.

After about an hour or so of hair color and slight trim of the length and fringe, 
I was good to go! :)


Absolutely love the layers of my hair. And the new color too! Bye bye lacklustre hair!

Check out Emily's toned arms! If you visit Shawn Cutler, do look for her as she really made me first visit a real enjoyable one. 

The owner of Shawn Cutler, Shawn Loong was also there to personally attend to customers while sparing some time to come over and have a chat with me. These super down-to-earth stylists over at Shawn Cutler truly made the experience a real good one :)

And this is how my hair looks under the sunlight! :)

Went home a satisfied customer :) who also continued her selfies at home hahahaa.

Oh did I mention that they're opening yet another branch called The Cutler by Shawn Cutler just across the road at Telawi Sqaure? This branch is to accommodate the overwhelming number of customers they have over at the branch along Jalan Telawi 2. 

It's been under construction but I heard they'll be operating real soon! Go check it out! :)

Shawn Cutler operates everyday:

Mon-Fri: 10.30am - 8pm
Sat-Sun: 10.30pm - 7pm

Shawn Cutler
10 Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur


For more info, visit their Facebook page HERE!

love, careen

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