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Friday, April 19, 2013

[Ad] Safeguard Your Phone with Norton Mobile Security

And I, am one of the 35% of adults who have had their mobile phone stolen. 
Literally snatched away from my hands.

I made a point to not talk about this unfortunate incident as much as possible, because it was truly a traumatizing experience for me. But I figured, since I've pretty much overcome my trauma from the event which happened about 8 months ago, it's time for me to share the painful lessons I learnt from it.

So I was one of those smartphone users who only cared about what games and photography apps to download the moment I got my phone. I guess it's a typical girl thing, but I realized that many guys around me also take one very important thing for granted- mobile security.

It never crossed my mind that one day, I might be one of the unfortunate people that I read about in the news who accidentally misplaced their phone, or have their phone stolen or snatched away. It never occurred to me that I should secure my mobile, just in case it happens to me. I hate to admit this, but I seriously took things a little too lightly. 

At the point of the snatch, my smartphone was literally vulnerable. Open. No safety features at all.

No mobile security, no apps that could lock my phone, no "Find my phone" apps, no "Shut my phone" apps, not even a passcode required to access my phone! Now you see what I mean by taking things lightly? Looking back, there's so much regret. There are so many precautions that I could have taken...if only I was a bit more aware of what a stolen phone could cost me.

The moment I lost my phone, all the nightmares and 'what ifs' flooded my mind. 

What if they did something to my photos? 
Yes I had about 4000 over photos in my phone at that point. Good luck to can slowly take your sweet time going through my life's moments

What if they did something to my contact list?
I had my parents' contacts labelled as 'mum and 'dad', and my husband's contact romantically labelled with a cute heart shape on the side of his name. If they wanted to do something, they could!

What if they accessed my email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram???
Now, this was the one I dreaded the most. It would be sooooooo troublesome if they decided to hack my accounts. Oh the trouble to create a new email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account! Besides, all the important info were all in my emails and stuff. Imagine the horrid I felt. They're really not being dramatic when they said that your life is in your phone. It is true.

Realizing the potential threats users could come to face, Maxis has teamed up with Norton, one of the leading cyber-security companies to increase the protection of our mobile security.

Norton Mobile Security is an application for Maxis customers that is designed to help protect mobile devices from digital threats, as well as enabling users to remotely locate, lock and even wipe data from your lost or stolen mobile device.  

Here are some of the key features that Norton Mobile Security offers for the protection of data:

1) Anti-Phishing Web Protection
Protects and reports malicious sites that may contain malware. Through this feature, users are protected from malicious websites that offer quick access via the link or QR code.

2) Call & Text Blocker
Allow users to block specific people or phone numbers so that users are not disturbed by unwanted calls or SMS.

3) Lost Notice
In the event of a lost phone, the user may send a customised message to the person who located the device through this feature to have it returned.

4) Remote Lock
Users are able to lock the device remotely via the web or SMS to prevent others from accessing the data and information on the device.

5) Remote Locate
Pinpoints lost of stolen phones or tablets on a map to help users find their devices fast.

6) Remote Wipe
As an added security data and information in the device, both of which are stored in the internal memory or external memory, can be removed via SMS or the web.

Here I am right now, wondering why had I not done myself a favour by subscribing to this helpful feature, especially cos I, myself amm a Maxis user! *le sigh*

Norton Mobile Security is available for Android devices, and Maxis subscribers can easily subscribe to the service weekly for RM1/week, or monthly for RM3/month. The good news is that Maxis is offering a one-month free trial! So if you're interested to test it out before making a decision to subscribe to it long term, this is your chance!

To subscribe to Norton Mobile Security, all you gotta do is
dial *200# from your mobile phone and choose 'Maxis Secure'.

To subscribe via SMS
SMS ON NMS7 to 20088 for 1-week protection, or
SMS ON NMS30 to 20088 for 1-month protection.

There you have it! Simple steps to get your phones protected.
Learn from my mistakes, get your mobile secured today.

For more information on Norton Mobile Security from Maxis,
go HERE.

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